Puffle Surprises Coming In November

Club Penguin’s membership page has been updated teasing new Puffle surprises coming in November! Here’s what the section on the page shows – there’s a graphic of all the puffles and a big question mark in the middle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 11.27.10 PM

It reads:

New For Puffles

Get ready for all new surprises coming this November.

What do you think it could be? A new Puffle colour such as the Golden Puffle?

The page also now mentions we can be vampires, werewolves, and zombies at the Halloween Party.

23 thoughts on “Puffle Surprises Coming In November

  1. Well, since it said something about us exploring the wilderness in November, and some people said the party could be about finding the golden puffle. Now it says ”puffle surprises”, it has to be the golden puffle.

  2. it’s probably where they can turn into bat piffles. because in the commercial there is a lot of puffle bats flying around.

  3. Hmm…I think it can possibly be a…new expedition! The ‘Spooky Expedition of ’13’. As for the puffle thing, I can see a PUFFLE EPF HQ? For the Elite Puffles? IDK. I can’t even decide on a correct POSSIBILITY! GAAAAH!! I FEEL SO SAD. D: D: D:


  4. Ok, heres our options
    A grey puffle considering that u can buy grey& black beds in the puffle catalog (they r hidden though)
    A golden puffle because the featured ingredient in Sept. was a goldenberry
    OR… Something totally random !! Wasn’t the rainbow puffle a huge suprize?! Maybe Club Penguin is doing color combos now!!

  5. maybe it is a puffle mixer to make a different with different colors like a blue puffle with red well maybe i can’t wait so trainman1405 do you know what it is gonna be

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