How To Fix Club Penguin Not Working In Google Chrome

Recently Club Penguin has been receiving an increase in reports from players being unable to play the game in Google Chrome. After doing some investigating the team discovered it’s an issue with Flash Player built into the browser. Until it’s fixed they have posted a workaround on the blog.

Another workaround not mentioned on the blog is just to play Club Penguin from another browser such as Firefox or Safari. (but Flash Player has to be installed on the computer with instructions below)

1. Open a browser other than Chrome and download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

2. Once Adobe Flash Player is installed, open Chrome and type chrome://plugins/ in the URL bar.

3. Check to make sure there are two versions of Adobe Flash Player installed.

4. Click on ‘Details’ in the top right corner. MINOR DETAIL BY TRAINMAN1405: It says August 19th in the top right corner…what?!


5. Scroll down until you see ‘Adobe Flash Player’.

6. Disable the Google Chrome version – this version will have “Google” in the “Location:” 


7. The Google Chrome version of Adobe Flash Player should now be grayed out.


8. The new Adobe Flash Player will now be active, and you should be able to log in to Club Penguin.

As always if you need additional help or still can’t play Club Penguin you can contact them at and they’ll be happy to help you.

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  1. I tried this, but the Google Chrome version doesn’t appear, and everything still doesn’t work. I have cleared my cache, updated flash, and secured my connection numerous times, but everytime I login I still get a “Connection was lost” error message. Is there anything I can do, or will I need to contact support?

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