September 2013 Igloo Catalogue Coming Tonight – New Igloo Sneak Peek!

Spoiler alert! Club Penguin’s igloo catalogue is going to be updated tonight. In the meantime Polo Field has posted a sneak peek of the new igloo that will be found in the catalogue. Of course, this igloo is medieval related. It’s called the Treehouse Hideout. This is what it looks like:


It looks awesome! I wonder if the unreleased Gymnasium Igloo will be released tonight too. Has anyone else noticed that all of the new igloos are never an actual igloo anymore? :P

The following page has been updated:

24 thoughts on “September 2013 Igloo Catalogue Coming Tonight – New Igloo Sneak Peek!

      • Train, do you have a friend who never log in anymore? Can you remove those who do not log in and add me ? And by the way what time in PST is train Thursday or whatever it was called ?

        • I do remove inactive friends from time to time but because the limit is 500 friend and I have over 800 friends I still can’t add even if I remove a handful of penguins who quit.

          And I’m not sure on the time yet.

          • No, I don’t hack. There was a cheat last October where you could anyone/go past the 500 friend limit. (and I had 499 friends, waiting until I hit the max of 200 friend requests, and accepted them all) I told everyone who wanted to add me to do the cheat. As a result I was able to get all the way up to 800 friends.

    • As Club Penguin has changed, it will probably be impossible. Unfortunately the Spike ruined everything! Billybob picked the wrong people to run the CP, don’t you think?

  1. Hey, heres the next parties from this year

    October (next month): Halloween Party 2013.

    November: 50% probability of The Fair 2013.

    December: Holiday Party 2013.

    extremo5410, you can’t stay angry with Club Penguin, the Medieval Party its a tradition too, Iron Man 3 interrumped the parties and now here its the consecuence, not for my opinion, but The Fair ever have the same games and articles, never going to change, but the paties ever change, i’m sad for this too but the same time happy, that Club Penguin not have Fair does nots it means that is a ClubNOTPenguin, without the Puffles, Medieval, Music Jam, Summer, Halloween and Holiday Party now yes its a ClubNOTPenguin, thanks you to the Club Penguin Team that made spectacular parties like Monsters University, Star Wars, Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam and Marvel Superhero Takeovers, they are now muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch tired, they made a lot of fun for us.

    And the others, if you think that this is good comment, comment it on each post that talk about Not Fair Party 2013, thaks you for everyone.

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