Better Picture Of Beach Party Igloo + Second Unreleased Igloo!

In the Party In my Iggy music video we caught a glimpse at the Beach Party Igloo and I got a clearer picture of it! Not only that, but I found a second unreleased (and unnamed) igloo!

Here’s the Beach Party Igloo…ignore the weird background colour.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.40.23 PM

Second of all, here is another unreleased igloo! I won’t be surprised if this is in the My Penguin 1.2 update. It doesn’t have a name, but looks like a new water/running gym combination.


20 thoughts on “Better Picture Of Beach Party Igloo + Second Unreleased Igloo!

      • It’s going to be unlocked in the magazine? Alright, they either gotta start putting stuff in america…. or…. i’ll smack them until they gimme all codes. They should send codes in parent newsletters, too.

  1. It makes me sad.
    it was hard enough to get enough money for a membership so i could get the nice things and now all they advertise is stuff to go with expensive phones
    boy Disney sure wants money
    my family likes to eat instead of buying a silly expensive phone
    i guess that makes us bad
    you don’t have to post this trainman i just wanted to say before i left that i have loved your blog a lot
    i guess i will quit reading your blog but its not your fault this makes me sad instead of happy
    have a good life trainman

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