It’s Been a Year Since I Last Asked: Are You Happy or Unhappy With The EPF? [Discussion]

For those of you who have been visiting Club Penguin Memories for over a year (or like to read my old posts) you may recall a Club Penguin discussion post I did relating to the EPF. I asked you all if you were unhappy with the EPF and which you preferred, the EPF or the PSA. Seeing it’s been a little over a year since I last asked this question, I figured it would be fitting to see if anyone’s thoughts have changed on the EPF. Since making the original post a year ago I’ll point out the following EPF updates we’ve had:

  • Operation: Blackout
  • New EPF Spy Phone
  • Spy Drills
  • Operation: Hot Sauce
  • New Everyday Phoning Facility Look
  • Field Ops have been retired
  • You could say the Star Wars Party with Darth Herbert, but that wasn’t EPF related

For those of you unfamiliar with Field Ops, they were similar to the Spy Drills game. You got your orders from Gary at the EPF Command Room, had to find the room/area he was referring to, then played one of the mini-games that are now found in Spy Drills in order to receive EPF medals, which you can use towards elite gear. For whatever reason Club Penguin removed Spy Drills on Thursday however…

In my post last year I included two polls. These were the results from them:

  1. My poll question “Are you happy with how the EPF is?” received a total of 264 votes. 221 of those votes were for “No, it’s boring how it is now”. The other 43 votes were for “I don’t care what the EPF is up to”.
  2. My poll question “Do you prefer the EPF with its weekly field ops and clothes or PSA with its infrequent missions and clothes?” received a total of 262 votes. 95 of those votes were for the EPF. The other 167 were for the PSA.

I won’t be surprised if this year the PSA wins in favour of the EPF again, as I still personally prefer the PSA. There’s been hardly any EPF related updates since Operation Blackout, mainly because the weekly Field Ops were removed. That’s fine with me though, as they were very repetitive. The weekly EPF messages we receive nowadays are absolutely pointless, too. Spy Drills is cool if you don’t have all the EPF gear, but for a player who has had a long time to collect all of the items like me the game serves no purpose unless I want to improve my skills. Operation: Hot Sauce was cool and unexpected, similar to the PSA missions but shorter and around the island…but unfortunately we’ve had nothing like that since then. Operation Blackout was fun too, but after that big event hardly anything has been happening. Club Penguin’s big EPF missions are at random, months apart, don’t last a while, and to try to fill that long gap they cover it up with the random messages each week, claiming to “be on the lookout just in case” when nothing is going to happen.

So let me know, what are your thoughts on the current situation of the EPF? You can say what you think in the comment and/or vote in the polls. In my opinion it’s just gotten worse, it’s pointless to exist. Yes, the PSA randomly had missions like the EPF does now, but unlike the EPF it wasn’t everywhere you went on Club Penguin, it was just sort of a thing that was there. With the EPF we were initially led to expect something new all of the time, something that has fallen short of the expectations of many overtime. There’s also the fact that PSA missions were very long compared to the EPF. I do enjoy the EPF’s missions when they’re released, it’s just that there is too long of a wait for them and they are short.

Do you want the EPF to be more active?

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Do you find the EPF fun?

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Which was more fun, the EPF or the PSA?

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Would you care if the EPF was removed from Club Penguin?

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With everything considered, which was better: EPF or PSA?

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79 thoughts on “It’s Been a Year Since I Last Asked: Are You Happy or Unhappy With The EPF? [Discussion]

  1. Yah, i really enjoyed back in the day when the PSA existed before the whole popcorn incident alot more than i like the EPF today.
    Oh and when did the popcorn thing happen that kinda ended the PSA? like what month/year? Cause i forgot :o

  2. I personally think the PSA is better than the EPF.

    The time on waiting for the next PSA missions might be long and missions might be fewer but the storylines were all very interesting, and longer then the EPF one’s, which really had us brainstorming.

    Herbert should return by now. He has been hiding since Operation: Hot Sauce, excluding the Star Wars Takeover returning as Darth Herbert, which has nothing to do with the EPF.

    I don’t know why but I think the gear in the F.I.S.H. were better, and cooler. And one thing I don’t really get is the reason they increase the amount of medals to earn the EPF gear now. Did you know to have a complete set of Elite Gear, we need 336 Elite Medals, and to reach that amount 326 times of Operation: Hot Sauce must be played?

    1. Give better EPF messages – The messages doesn’t even relate with the EPF, mostly are, to be honest, pointless messages nothing but related to the party going on that time.

    2. Increase System Defender levels and Herbert’s appearance

    3. A smarter Herbert(?) – Since Herbert hides for a very long time, shouldn’t his plan be .. better?

    4. Make more missions – Interesting and original ones.

    *This is just my opinion

  3. Most of my votes were for both the PSA and the EPF. When it came to say ‘would you care if the epf was romved from CP?’ I would say yes because it is all we have left. I undertand some other people find the Epf cool with new items and games, but it lasted rarely 2 years or less for Herbert to blow it up once again. I personally prefer the PSA, becayse the small missions we had every 2-3 weeks were awesome. Misterious Tremours was also fascinating. The good thing is you can still replay those missions to understand why the EPF is where it is now. Another thing would be. The Elite Penguin Force building has bren destroyed nearly 5 times. The doom mission with the hydras, OP. Blackout. etc. I understand fhe point if the game is to never catch herbert, or else whats the fun for incoming new penguins? But there is something they are doing wrong. They delay things too much. As you can see in this years medieval party THERE IS NO KNIGHTS QUEST! That ultimately dissapointed me. But I am thankful enough its not a Takeover. Back to the EPF, I would like to see more missions, more operation blackouts and hot sauces. Or else what is the EPF for? As Train explained the messages we get lately are completely useless! They just explained a small point for example, the chickens going around. I hope CP wakes up and activates more missions party items and quests. Thank you for your attention.


  4. during the 2010 times i found the EPF kinda boring and hard to win medals, so i missed the PSA, but since 2011, 2012 and more in 2013 i think the EPF got more, fun, action,cool. it’s only that as you said, it’s big events takes long to happen, PSA was very cool but, i think i had much fun with EPF

  5. I love them both, I basically want both EPF and PSA and the island! Gary can run the PSA (Like always) and some other famous penguin like Rookie or dot or rookie AND dot run the EPF and penguins can both become agents for the EPF AND THE PSA

    Do you see what I’m getting at?

    And they can be at different sides of the island (Snowforts, forest Or something like that)

  6. I joined CP just after the end of the PSA, beginning of the EPF. I think that Club Penguin stopped the PSA because PSA also means Public Service Announcement. It would be funny if in the Newspaper, the PSA wanted to give an announcement so they wrote PSA PSA! Lol

    • I wouldn’t agree with that. EPF has featured in 2 video games, therefore the EPF would be made out as a ‘fake’ penguin spy service, with no mention in it in game. Club Penguin made the popcorn explosion so they could roll out the EPF in game with a reason, as well as creating something new in the storyline.

      I think they’re going to discontinue the Medals currency as they’ve discontinued Field-Ops and Spy Drills (which was hard, unfair, annoying and stressful). If Club Penguin want to make an exciting spy agency, do what Bin Weevils have done, 2 missions for non-members and the rest for members, and sometimes they make member missions for nonmembers every so often. The missions shouldn’t be mini games, but in game rooms like Operation Blackout, but harder and required teamwork, skill, a mash up of Operation Blackout and Operation Hibernation (mainly because of the maze and ‘blend’ with The Great Snow Race).

      A spy agency should be exciting, active, and always something to do. At the moment, Club Penguin are SO lazy with the CP, I question it’s existence.

  7. EPF is in a long, long downfall. Since the PSA was destroyed by Herbert, the things started to worsen. The time for wait the PSA’s misions maybe were really long, but the missions of the PSA are more best and more long of the EPF misions. The time for wait the EPF’s missions were very,very short, but not have really fun and are more easy to complete.
    The EPF tried to make a new design to the every phoning facility, for make more penguins enter to the room, but the attemp failure. Today EPF is going to the bankrupt, nothing can replace the EPF, and for this reason for the year 2030,if CP it continues to exist, the PSA and the EPF not will be more of a rumor.
    -End of my opinion,Rop123 :P .

  8. I have a little bit of mixed feelings towards the EPF. I really love it, but I don’t think CP is taking it to it’s full potential. I love it when the EPF takes place almost like a party with deep story lines, for example Operation Hibernation, Battle of Doom, and Operation Blackout (which is my all time favorite party). However, when those types of events aren’t around for a while, I feel like the EPF is almost forgotten. I wasn’t around when all the PSA missions came out, but I did see when the last one did. I loved the PSA a little more than the EPF, but I still love the EPF too. The EPF could be one of my favorite things in CP if it was used to it’s full potential.

  9. Oh hey, thanks for a sequel to my original post. :P

    As for the EPF itself…it hasn’t really gone anywhere again, but I haven’t really been bothered to say it lately. I thought they were going somewhere with Operation: Hot Sauce, but it took two steps back as the months progressed. Oh well. I just hope the EPF gets a proper retirement or finale if CP is just about done with it.

  10. I’d REALLY like if the EPF was more hidden for example when I was smaller I didnt even knew about the PSA now its everything about the EPF… its supposed to be more hidden then the PSA but everyone knows about it…

    • I agree in the sense that i liked it when it was way more hidden in the days of the PSA. Alot of people didn’t even really know it existed and/or how to to get to headquarters by the changing room in the sports shop. Nowdays being in the EPF is not special at all, and i liked the F.I.S.H. alot, and i really liked the clothes. And i wish that we could still do the old PSA missions in-game so that we could still get the awards etc.
      And i wish that we still had the awards that we had from the missions that we had completed before they took away the missions, even if we cant get awards now, i wish we could have kept the ones we had earned.
      Ok lol i better stop or ill go on forever XD
      I seriously should write a persuasive essay about this…. but my online writing teacher wouldnt know what i was talking about lol shes not a CP geek like we are hahaha…

  11. I just thought about something. When the PSA and Sport Shop was destroyed, no one tried to fix it. Gary just said it was “out of commission” and “finished.” Gary didn’t try to fix the Sport Shop or the PSA HQ. But when Herbert destroyed the EPF in November 2012, plans to rebuild began soon after. Isn’t is kind of far fetched how they would repair the EPF almost immediately but not the PSA, which they didn’t even try to repair at all? It doesn’t make sense.

    Also, even though I think the EPF has improved just slightly I still like the PSA a LOT more.

  12. Train i known this not have nothing to do with the this but i was looking the book of potions and in the final page after the one of the dragon theres a image of garianna and in the bottom you can see a GOLDEN PUFFLE!!!!!!!!! check it to see and you would see it too.

  13. ok heres my opinion…

    The EPF has to end.
    the PSA ended, and I think the EPF’s time is up. Field ops were ok, operation blackout was beautiful, system defender is good, operation hot sauce was OK. The EPF has had a good run, but I think its time for it to become an augmented reality on some screen in a new spy organization’s HQ. CP is making some nice changes, but I feel like they’re ignoring the EPF, and giving us things like operation hot sauce and the star wars thing to keep us at bay. I think that in a new agency it would be cool to have missions like operation hot sauce but as long as a PSA mission.
    thats all i can think of right now but ill probably add more later

  14. I liked the older Agent stuff on Club Penguin. I loved the weekly Field Ops because it was a little like a mystery. I liked the cool outfits and gear because we can wear it and use our imaginations with it. I loved the missions because the animation and stories within them were funny and fun. I am old enough of a penguin that I got the black agent sunglasses, black agent suit and black bow tie. Good times. Good times. :)

    • I have every item in the F.I.S.H. and the black agent sunglasses and the suit and tie (and the other couple items) are some of my favorite clothes still. good times indeed. :)
      Oh, and i dont really like how they brought back and put the night vision goggles that were hidden in the F.I.S.H. , in the list of stuff you can get from doing field ops etc. I mean those were rarer than the suit glasses and tie.

  15. I would really rather the old EPF with these secret missions. If the PSA could have existed, players who have the CP EPF Game could have also get rights to play with super secret EPF missions, missions like Battle of Doom, Op. Hibernation, Op. Blackout, and Op. Hot Sauce like it happened like out of nowhere! With exclusive items to unlock just like how they have done it with Innocent Smoothies, My Penguin in iPad and other exclusive UK Items.

    I just wish there is more EPF related events nowadays…I hope there is some sort of Op. Blackout in November…

    Also, seeing on…it is probably that he MIGHT return in Puffle Party 2014 because there seems to be some sort of a Puffle or something…heck that is like ALMOST ONE YEAR AWAY!

    Also like Shurow said, it is just pointless that, just some FEW popcorn filling up the rooms they were too lazy to even eat it! With a TOTAL madness and destruction, the EPF is still up? How is it even possible?

    I mean, REALLY…the last EPF related mission would be since April 2013 during Op. Hot Sauce (excluding the EPF Rebuilding and the Star Wars Takeover with Darth Herbert)

    We could do secret missions like Op. Hibernation during the Great Snow Race, let’s use some examples….

    *During the Card-Jitsu Party, Herbert could have stolen some of the Ninja stuff, trying to have control over ALL the elements, messing up with the time and weather…So Ninjas team up with EPF to stop Herbert controling the weather.
    *During the MU Takeover, Herbert could have attacked stealing some DNA of the monsters, transforming himself into an ULTIMATE MEGA Monster scaring all the penguins, then we could do something like Op. Monster, we could have gone into Herbert’s HQ, examine Herbert’s Machine, then Gary do an antidote (Like Op. Hot Sauce with the TraceTracker) or something like that to stop Herbert.
    *During the Holiday Party 2014, Herbert could have attacked and then, in Christmas Day, just when he was about to win, he sees some penguins sing some Christmas Carols, the bells, and all the sounds and noises of those happy penguins…then Herbert stays thinking of his past childhood life, revealing all his life. That he was an orphan and he never met his parents, his ONLY wish was to encounter once again with his real parents…but it didn’t…he was the ONLY orphan back in the Orphanage, then the orphanage closed and he had to live miserably…then he started to hate cold because he was very cold back in the Arctic Circle, freezing himself, then the iceberg and blah blah…He actually wanted to do this to show all the other polar bears who bullied him in the past on his childhood to prove that Herbert could do anything. The bullies making fun of Herbert because he was fat, alone, and he was an orphan…and Herbert thinks that he is a fat, alone and orphan guy, missing his family…Imagine it if it was a real video…it would really be sad like as seeing Pikachu cry…

    • The Club Penguin Team does frequently visit this website so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the team members have already read over this. :)

  16. I don’t mind if the EPF is inactive or active. When it’s inactive there’s less blogging for me.

    Club Penguin is a sandbox for our imagination. We can make our own missions with friends. :D But that’s only my opinion.

    ~Perapin :)

  17. This is a super interesting discussion and thanks for posting the poll Train!

    The CP team and I are no happier with the state of the EPF than you guys are – believe me! The problem we created for ourselves with both the PSA and the EPF is that both were based on the idea of new missions or ops coming out on a regular basis and we just didn’t have the tools or people to deliver that content as frequently as we wanted. The PSA missions took a very long time to make and we stopped making them because we wanted to find a way to get things out more regularly. Field Ops was supposed to solve that but the experience wasn’t very fun frankly. Very few people actually played them and those who did mostly did it for the medals. Field Ops just really underdelivered on the whole spy idea, and we felt we needed to come up with something that was really awesome because it wasn’t worth doing Ops we weren’t proud of and very few people actually played.

    Operation Blackout and Operation Hot Sauce were tests of some new concepts for what EPF could be. The idea behind Hot Sauce was to bring back the PSA style missions but in the world instead which also has the benefit of getting Penguins playing together. Hot Sauce was a little smaller than we wanted but people really liked it and said it had the feeling of the old missions which we were glad to hear. The problem has been that we don’t have a way of keeping the new missions around so they come and go like parties and we really want to keep them around so new players can play through them.

    We have a lot of cool ideas for where EPF could go, we just need time and some of the technology we are working on to do them right! First we had to get CJ Snow out the door and then the next focus was Puffles which you are seeing now. After that, hopefully we can give EPF the focus it deserves.

    What I can tell you is that the EPF will be back this year in a big way with a brand new mission – and its one that the audience has been asking for a long time. It will also unveil one of the biggest mysteries in Club Penguin – something that has been right in front of our eyes the whole time, but that we’ve never seen before. Trust me, it is going to be EPIC!

    As for EPF vs PSA – I’m a PSA Penguin myself! – but don’t take that to mean the PSA is necessarily coming back…or is it? What I did like about the PSA is that it was originally a clever way to get Penguins to help keep the island safe. Whatever we do in the future, I want to make sure we bring that element back because its been lost a little and its super important that it be at the center.

    Waddle On and as The Director said “The EPF will return!!”
    – Spike Hike

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