Are You Happy With The Current State of the EPF? [Poll/Discussion]

Towards the end of August, Sadas, a regular visitor of Club Penguin Memories, made an interesting remark on this post and I figured we would have a discussion on it. As you may have guessed by the post that was commented on by Sadas, the topic is about the Elite Penguin Force, or EPF for short. Here’s what was said:

Anyways Train, I had an interesting blog topic if you wish to make it…

“Do You Like The Way The Current EPF Story Is Going?”

Well, my answer would be…no. And prepare for the longest post I’ve written on this site…lol..

Now don’t get me wrong, I liked how the EPF story was last year. I liked System Defender and how Herbert and Protobot teamed up, Battle of Doom, and the whole Operation: Hibernation mission. Then it seems like CP got bored of the story after Herbert went into hibernation, and gave us a bunch of pointless messages and field-ops in late 2011-to present 2012.

See, the problem with the current story is that it is too inconsistent. For the first 3 months in 2012, we were tracking down Herbert, and we still have no answer as to how he escaped. Well yeah we can assume that Klutzy broke him out, it’d be nice to see it explained in-game. But the investigation was dropped so shortly and abruptly. Then we just got more boring field-ops and pointless messages.

Well yeah, we did have Protobot return recently, it was only for a few Field-Ops. But where is Herbert? We haven’t seen a hide or hair of him since the breakout (minus the Puffle Trouble short). If you ask me, this is how they can make it more exciting..

1. Give us more messages instead of weekly ones – I felt the EPF communicated better when we had messages every 2-3 days.

2. Add more System Defender levels – we know CP is planning at least 2 more.

3. Bring Herbert back – he’s hidden long enough.

4. Launch Operation: Black Out – I don’t know what is up with it, but it’s been planned since at least…December 2010? Though something tells me the Shut Down in June 2011 delayed the Black Out..

But yeah, overall, I think this could make an interesting blog post. What do you think, Train?

I couldn’t agree with you more, Sadas. With how the EPF currently is, I’d definitely give Club Penguin a thumbs down about it. It’s just so boring now with the weekly field ops in my opinion, and it’s not like they’re anything important. They either have to do with a lead that nothing is done about afterwards or some current event going on the island. System Defender was fun, I liked it when things were hyped more, etc. Herbert has to be somewhere, and yeah…I miss the PSA. Even though the PSA had infrequent missions (1 or two, maybe 3 max in a year) they were big, they were fun, and the story was definitely consistent.

Please vote in the polls below – I’m curious as to what you think.

Are you happy with how the EPF is?

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EPF with its weekly field ops and clothes or PSA with its infrequent missions and clothes?

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What’s your opinion and assessment of the EPF? Discuss it as much as you’d like to in the comments.

Update: Club Penguin saw this post several days ago.

Here’s an email about it from Popeye88636 that was received after emailing Club Penguin:

Hi Agent Popeye88636,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback about the EPF.

It seems EPF Field-Ops replaced PSA Missions when Herbert popped the PSA HQ to pieces with popcorn. If there was another Mission what do you think would happen in it?

The latest we’ve seen of Herbert indicates he likes smoothies because penguins have actually served him smoothies in Smoothie Smash! Play the game and see if he orders a specific kind of smoothie. Let us know if you learn anything interesting in your investigation.

What kind of games would you like to see in the Field-Ops? Which if your favorite game of the Field-Op ones?

I like System Defender too and I’d like another level to work on. Have you earned all the stamps for that game?

I haven’t heard anything about an Operation Blackout? Where was this announced? What’s supposed to happen during it?

Agent, your input is appreciated!

41 thoughts on “Are You Happy With The Current State of the EPF? [Poll/Discussion]

  1. I can’t really vote because I like the EPF, but I wish they added new stuff. I liked the PSA missions, but that got boring having to wait for missions. So that’s my opinion. But once they release Operation: Blackout, it will be EPIC. (and it better be, or else theres gonna be a riot)

  2. I hated the P.S.A., because they never updated the missions. At leas we have field ops. To be honest I hate when people “complain” about the new CP.

  3. I totally agree Sadas and Train. It seemed the EPF was a lot more involved last year, especially with the Great Snow Race Party. I ttally think CP should let herbert out of hiding already..

  4. To be honest, i agree with train and sadas also, i mean, i remember GOOD the message from gary when we finished operation hibernation, it said it would be ready in 10 – 12 months, look here! ITS SEPTEMBER ALREADY! Nothing with Herbert is here! Plus, the field ops got boring, i mean, Club Penguin should have more EPF classes, and i know thats all, but they can STILL do more, i mean, we can scroll it down to see the next classes or update the EPF catalog, i think i didn’t even do a SINGLE FIELD OPS since the Marvel Super Hero Takeover i think, and the messages nothing, i hope the Blackout is in October instead of yet another storm because that would make sense of Card Jitsu Snow and Card Jitsu Shadow, plus I hate how cp is delaying awesome stuff, and its not that little kids told cp by email, phone, or something like that to hide Herbert for MORE time than usual just so we dont have violence, still, with Herbert it doesnt give violence, just gives more fun, and cp gets more fascinating due to the missions and stuff, and at least if the EPF Recon Team was true, the EPF would get more Epic than ever although it was false already, i miss that polar bear ruining stuff and we defeated him everytime, i bet they made the EPF more quiet for those activities like Rockhopper Quest (although i liked the quest) the April Fools Party to look for more dimensions (2 actually…not much)which wasn’t even a party, the marvel party to advertise Marvel and the Avengers, and i bet there was more but thats the main part i guess, cp even promised us MANY stuff, the white color, many unreleased items (even the life jacket RETURNING but when its going to happen that?), and many stuff of the EPF, like the EPF doors from the Cove AND the Beach, more System Defender levels, and i dont care if they do many EPF stuff but off-topic, like the 4th magazine of UK in April, the EPF card jitsu deck cards,awkward and non-sense field ops which there boring also, the messages, off-topic, ENOUGH CP! REVEAL IT! WE HAD MANY MONTHS OF WAITING! ITS TIME TO REVEAL THE SECRET! RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS? WHY NOT HIRE MORE PEOPLE FOR THE IDEAS? We didn’t even had a color vote this year! (Man i wanted Maroon color to return and win) although we would have the white color already, its like the EPF is NOTHING! NOTHING OF MISSIONS! THE EPF DOESNT MAKE SENSE NOWADAYS! I bet many people even quit cp this year because they wanted to see how the EPF finished, they could had make the EPF end and start the EPF Recon Team or something like that, WE WON’T WAIT LIKE IN THE YEAR 2029 FOR THE SECRET TO BE UNLEASHED! To be honest, this was the most boring year ever (since October 2011 – September 2012) of the EPF of course, the only thing they made about the EPF was about Protobot returning and Protobot’s assistant, Destructobot, i bet if the Underwater Expedition DIDN’T START AT ALL, THE ISLAND WOULD HAVE ALOT OF ACTION!

    Sorry if this was a long comment, and btw Sadas, i just beat at ya! :D

  5. I agree with you completely. I think Herbert disappeared when Club Penguin was sinking (I think that happened at the Underwater Party). Rookie made a mistake as we saw in the Rock-a-bye Herbert video. I have asked Club Penguin about new EPF gear and the reply said that the team was focusing on Herbert at present. Hebert made a split-second appearance in the Party Starts Now Music Video, which made me think Operation:Blackout was going to take place during the Music Jam but as we found out, he didn’t make an appearance during the party. Now that warm weather is in the forecast Herbert will probably appear, especially since he is in Smoothie Smash.

  6. I agree with you. PSA was much better. In fact, just the other day I was thinking how boring the Field-Ops were compared to the PSA missions ~ I want something new to come to Club Penguin not just some message and going to a place and playing a small game ~ we don’t even use any equipment we just stand on the spot and then it’s done! It would be nice if CP would get rid of the old field-ops and add new ones, don’t ya think? I’d rather they got rid of them all as I have no idea where the story is going with them.

  7. I have always been in favor with PSA. The only thing I really like about EPF is the new headquarters. Thats pretty cool also. But PSA is was so much better. Missions where more fun and I really do miss the F.I.S.H. too. The New Spy phone is better in just about every way. The PSA missions are obviously better. I also really miss the Sports Shop…I know there is a smaller catalog at the Stadium now, but the Sports Shop was better and had more items.

    Really, what I think the main problem is that there are no more missions. If we could have the weekly field ops + a mission every few months,that would be great.

    Or one of my ideas is that we have to unlock a mission by doing field ops. Say we go to one location and solve the puzzle and that gives us another location to go to. Repeat this into you have a mystery and you report it to G, then the mission is unlocked.

    Anyway there isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said already so I’ll just leave it at…”I miss the PSA, and Club Penguin could easily make the EPF more interesting.”


  8. (First off, this is me Sadas – I’m switching to my regular CP name as sadas was getting a little weird to use..:P)

    Oh wow, I’m surprised how much posts this received…thanks for posting this Train. I’m not necessarily hating on new CP though. I kind of liked the EPF at first, but after a while, all the recent activity with them has gotten forgettable and pointless.

  9. Hey train! I totally agree with u! I only joined recently (May 2012) and I spent a lots of time on CP wiki. So I know a lot about cp! But I’m jealous cuz it’s like since I’ve joined nothing exciting about EPF happened. But I have a theroey that there might be something big for the 100th field op! 13 more days! But if nothing happens train plz email cp about Operartion Blackout. I did like PSA missions better (from playing in the in the tube transport place) since they were longer and actually made you think. Plus FISH has awesome clothes. If the whole EPF Recon Team does come true (it’s August release date is super fake) that would be awesome and better then PSA. And if EPF can put some awesome clothes from PSA they would definitely get somewhere in Club Penguin except for taking money from Advertisers and giving them dumb parties that don’t make sense. Really why would Rockhopper bring fruits to club penguin. I think club penguin should go and hire some new and fresh young people that might have logical ideas than a pirate’s treasure being fruit. Long post!

  10. well they should incorerate herbert with teh new game… he is in it. and whats the point of having herbert in the party starts now nothing happened during the party

  11. Okay This is why I hate the EPF:

    FIRST OF ALL The EPF AND the PSA was supposed to be a secret group of penguins. The PSA was hidden VERY well and it was great so it was more “Secret” but July 2010 ruined the whole secret. Then the Everyday Phoning Facility. Okay if you went there it DOES NOT look like Phoning Facility. It looks like a computer room. The sport shop made sense and it was cool opening the secret door. Even we wait long, the Missions WERE WAYYY better then the same boring field ops. They can’t get creative for once. Plus the EPF is not a secret since there are parties, posts about it and they call it “Super Secret”. The EPF do have more gear, secret agentish gear. The PSA gear was too cool and it look like more for the fashion party and that stuff. If we had BOTH field op and missions it would fun. Like I remember completing missions because it was fun and getting medals :’) Now they do have medals and it was creative since you can use it to “buy” stuff but they need to have a new gear after every 4 months. Also now CP Logic is to make ugly hair and if they can’t make ugly hair they take old items and change the colour. CP needs to improve with 500+ people working there. They start to got worse after rsnail and screenhog left. They hardly improve the game much any more but I have more reasons why I prefer the PSA but I think its too much already. PS: I think it was cool with the 15+ screens of all the rooms and when you click 1 you will be there :’) Well that’s it bye! I hope you enjoy reading this :D

  12. You know, I never have understood why the EPF and PSA couldn’t coexist. I’ve always looked at them as two different organizations with the same cause. The PSA was the “hands on” “out on the field” squad of the two while the EPF is more of the intelligence gathering, technological agency in my opinion.
    For those who have lost all hope for missions I have a fairly simple idea on how the PSA could be brought back without losing the EPF. Club Penguin could move the Sports Shop back into the Ski Village by putting the Sports Shop on the opposite side of the Everyday Phoning Facility, by the Ski Hill like was rumored to happen a few months ago along with the whole EPF Recon thing. I think that they could then bring back the “how to be safe online” quiz, that could be taken when you clicked the Moderator badge back when the PSA was still going, in order to join the PSA. You could then enter the rebuilt PSA HQ and do the original missions. Fifteen days after you joined the PSA, you could then enter the Everyday Phoning Facility and find the phone blinking (which would not happen before this time) allowing you to take the EPF test. After passing it, you could then enter the EPF Command Room and do the same things you can do now. This would then allow you to use the cabinet in the HQ as a short cut through teleportation or a tunnel.
    With this, things could get exciting with the two agencies’ story arcs combining. For example, after a string of Field Ops and possibly System Defender levels relating to one of Herbert’s plans, we could get a mission from the PSA. With two secret agent activities to spend our time with while waiting for another mission, things wouldn’t seem to take so long and stories wouldn’t have cliffhangers left unanswered for so long. All of this would bring back PSA Missions, The Sports Shop room, The HQ room, The Original Spy Phone, and The F.I.S.H. Handbook.

    Sorry for being long winded but I have been wanting to voice that option for awhile.

  13. Operation Black Out could be rearranged to Black Ops XD
    EPF has been losing base and the story is plunging into space– nothing is related. Maybe like during the BIG BIG KAHUNA thingy was going on but those didn’t have bases. What happened to our original characters? Even protobot is a bit of a sidekick. The story has been twisted. Also, PSA was slightly better. More entertaining and NEW challenges. in EPF, all the field ops just have a different message but the field ops really are just one or two repeating on and on… And even at the beginning there was some base leftover from PSA– even keeping in mind EPF was almost just out of the blue. Basically my point is they are simply not keeping the story straight. The beginning hadn’t ended yet and they simply sidetracked out of there. No fun left! By the way check these photos out! BTW GCRef means Green Commander glitch from reference from CP Wiki.

  14. Another thing that bothers me is how repetitive the mini-games get for the Field-Ops. I swear, every week now it is either Power up the Chipset, Crack the Code!, or Destroy the Targets. They could at least bring back some lesser-used ones (Target in Range!, Match the Frequency, Lock Detected)

  15. I’m not liking the way the EPF is acting now, why does not this have more emotion, well, would have to be them to create missions that neither the ASP, the missions were fun. And the minigames operations, I’m already sick, always discover the following codes … And the operation blackout, she’s long overdue, Hebert has to appear soon, and messages, there are times that not make sense. I think they should create more posts elaaborante, and got 3 or 2 times per day, equal to what freckles said, and also operations. I hope this month teja any special event related EPF will!

  16. Hey there,
    Nobody has commented that CP does NOT even bother adding more EPF Field Ops Stamps. Once you get the 50 Island Defender there is nothing for 75 or 100 which would be way cool and a reward for playing the real dumb weekly Field Ops (which we all seem to agree are pointless and ruined any story about Herbert). WE ARE PAYING MEMBERSHIP FOR THIS???
    Do you guys really think CP cares with their awful unimaginative catalog itmes (this Fair costume catalog was one of the worst), and the rest of their screwups: buddy list fiasco (nobody can find a friend anymore with this)), take care of your puffles (now takes a half hour & you can’t see them all) igloo edit (can’t see top of your iggy to place items), the lost/forgotten Snow Ninja element (3rd game & 3rd necklace piece), taking the numbered Treasure Books away while we still bought toys with specific level items (now they refuse to redeem those coins for the right items), the white color, etc., etc.
    If “kid bloggers” can peer into files and post about all the screwups that always happen, don’t have much hope CP will ever hire enough competent staff to create unfinished/new things and synch up to run the many game elements to make some sense and to run smoothly.
    Now they are pushing dumb characters like Cece & Rocky and stupid itune songs and are just looking for newbie players to spend money and leaving old time players who care about cool items, logical game themes (as mentioned above) in the dust bin.

  17. Club Penguin has definitely gotten lazy on making the EPF more suspenseful. Even though the PSA had fewer missions, they were more enjoyable and eventful instead of these EPF field ops that has tasks that repeat over and over.

    And Herbert has disappeared long enough that CP should start considering bringing him back into action before they start losing players.

    What I really think Club Penguin is up to nowadays is not making CP a better game for players, but spending time on making agreements with other companies to make these ‘partnered parties’ taking place.

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