Blog Brainstorm – New Horizons Documentary Part 2

Remember that New Horizons Part 1 Club Penguin documentary that was released on October 24th last year? A second part is not forgotten about! Check out Polo Field’s post on the blog.

We’ve heard from some of you recently that you want to see a “part 2” to the “New Horizons” behind-the-scenes video we made last year. A few of you asked why we haven’t made another one. The answer is simple — we only have time to make a few videos each month, and other videos we make tend to be more popular than our “behind the scenes” videos. However, we do know that some of you are really interested in these kind of videos, so we’d like to hear your thoughts….


It’s time for a little blog brainstorm! If we were to make another “New Horizons” behind-the-scenes video, what would you like to see in it? We’d love to hear what would be most interesting to you. Do you prefer “New Horizons” or the “Behind the Scenes” video below? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment as a reply to this blog post!

In other news… You’ll be stoked to know that I’ve invited a bunch of the other Club Penguin mods to post your comments, so you should see your comments published quicker than ever before! Keep an eye on the comments to see if you spot any familiar penguin names…

This is the suggestion I gave on the blog:

“I’d love to see different employees from different department interviewed in which they talk about their job and what it’s been like over the time they’ve been working for Club Penguin and talk about their memories, sort of in a way combining Club Penguin’s history (New Horizons documentary) with the behind the scenes video.”

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