My Penguin 3D Avatars Sneak Peek

Yesterday on the Club Penguin Blog Spike Hike published a rather important post about My Penguin and its upcoming 1.2 update. As first teased in episode 6 of #WaddleOn, the My Penguin update will feature 3D penguins. It’s a really big update, so I’ll just paste Spike Hike’s full post below where he explains this huge update:

Hey Penguins!

Last Friday we debuted our sixth episode of #WaddleOn and many penguins told us that they noticed something…. different.

You guessed it – full 3D avatars are coming to My Penguin 1.2 for iPad!!

We’ve completely rebuilt the avatar from scratch to take full advantage of 3D. All your items from Club Penguin are available with this new 3D avatar. When you change your avatar on, your outfit will show in My Penguin, too! And if you change your outfit in My Penguin, you will be able to see it on the web. They are completely synched up so it’s easy to go back and forth. We’ve also re-done all our animations in 3D!

Below is a video that gives you peek at how cool these animations look in 3D. The team worked on these for over a year and did an amazing job! You are going to have a ton of fun playing with all your special dance items and seeing the cool, new animations. Check it out:

In other news… this new avatar also gives us a LOT of opportunity down the road! I don’t want to spoil it now, but let’s just say that this will let us take animations, special dance items, and interaction with the world to an entirely new level! I hope you are as excited as I am about My Penguin 1.2! Pay attention to the blog for even more sneak peeks about what’s next! Until next time…Waddle On!

It sounds and looks awesome! I hear My Penguin 1.2 will be out by the end of the month. :)

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34 thoughts on “My Penguin 3D Avatars Sneak Peek

    • It’s possible, but I won’t be surprised if Club Penguin makes it so all of the 3D stuff is done through their servers so it doesn’t take up tons of space on the iPad.

  1. I like how Conductor dance was in the video. I actually wouldn’t mind a make over like this for CP. It would definitely bring more alot more life into the Penguins.

  2. I hope this new 3D avatars will be at Club Penguin on web soon. They look amazing and have moooore animations (even when they are staying in one place without dancing!). What do you think?

  3. train! you finally added ads on the first page! plz save that money 4 colledge or invest it so i dont feel guilty when you give back during the holidays

  4. Train, Club Penguin has always been in 3D. It just looks more 3D than it did before. Most people don’t know that the Penguin Avatar was made in a 3D modeling program, Rocket Snail made them. The only reason they don’t look 3D is because the clothes were made in flash.

  5. Remember how some of the speculation for the Prehistoric Party included a ‘Future Dome’ room which also included something which made your penguin become 3D? Yeah. Maybe it wasn’t just a scrapped mascot line…

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