#WaddleOn Episode 6 Released

Club Penguin’s sixth episode of #WaddleOn is now out! This is a special one, as if you look at the ending you’ll see something VERY different… There is My Penguin app footage and the penguin avatars are in 3D!

Here’s a full list of the sketches in this week’s episode:

  • Santa Soccer
  • Sled Racing
  • Mad Scientist
  • Underwater Fire
  • Meeting the New Neighbour

36 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Episode 6 Released

    • It says My Penguin Footage so…

      In that case, it will be in My Penguin 1.2!!! Igloos are out and so is waddling around ”in” the igloos!!!! We will be able to visit people’s igloos by waddling around!!!

  1. Hi there trainman1405 so will the next waddle on be out next Friday or earlier
    Which will then lead to the my penguin update the week after or the same week ?
    What do you think

  2. Er, did you mean to put #MyPenguin instead of #WaddleOn or is that a hint of the new igloo feature in MyPenguin?

  3. I hope CP doesnt turn 3D. on the IPad i dont mind not on the real dame D: will they Train? do you WANT it to be 3D?

  4. In the “meeting the new neighbor” segment I noticed in the top right it says “My Penguin app is shown” hope others see this :D

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