Exclusive 3D My Penguin Interactivity Sneak Peek Video (Updated With Spike Hike’s Response)

We were recently given a sneak peek of the 3D design coming to My Penguin, first in last week’s #WaddleOn episode and then again just the other day in a blog post by Spike Hike. I do not know how true the backstory to this is, but a video rumoured to be from an ex (or still possibly current) Club Penguin employee has appeared online showing multiple bits of the 3D interactivity. It looks very realistic to me. I was first told about this in detail by Chilly0ne several days ago and then today Pen50gi and Shane904 sent me a link to the video and it turns out it’s the video Chilly0ne was describing to me! See for yourself – and enjoy the catchy song!

UPDATE: Thanks to a message from Spike Hike I now have the full story on this video and its origins. Here is what he said:

The video is sort of legit. Its from an animator we hired to do some animations for what has become My Penguin. For technical reasons. The work had to be redone and we believe the new animations are a ton better than the ones in this video. Also, that Puffle is not the 3D puffle in My Penguin. We are not sure whether Puffles will be 2D or 3D yet in the app.

So there you have it! The video is indeed real but is more or less Club Penguin’s early artwork concepts with the 3D My Penguin animation style. I’m curious though – do you like 2D or 3D Puffles more?

27 thoughts on “Exclusive 3D My Penguin Interactivity Sneak Peek Video (Updated With Spike Hike’s Response)

  1. Wish they would work more on CP than making MP so AWESUM!!!!
    So many actions, items, they should try more for CP. Looks cool.

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