#WaddleOn Episode 3 Released

Because it is Friday Club Penguin has uploaded their third episode of #WaddleOn! For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, #WaddleOn is Club Penguin’s recently launched sketch comedy show with a new episode being released every Friday. You can watch the third episode above.

Compared to the first and second episode, which one do you like the most? What was your favourite sketch in this particular one? You can watch the first episode here and the second episode here.

38 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Episode 3 Released

  1. 1st reply yayyyy, Trainman1405, I don’t understand the Cute Red Puffle joke and the Just Wanted Penguin joke.What they mean those two jokes?

  2. Great episode, I don´t understand everything because my inglish is not excellent, but great episode, I liked more the second episode, I liked the “No way I´m drinking this” sketch, was epic, and the red puffle sketch.

  3. This one was actually funny :D Especially when that penguin said “No way Im drinking this…” XD

  4. The wanted poster made me chuckle. But everything else on this episode sucked. Especially the first one. The “Tilted” iceberg was poorly edited.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE EARTHLING! Actually I’m not an earthling! HAHAHAHAHA What would you like to order? EARTHLINGS! And Pie. Coming right up!

  6. This is just like Despicable Me when Gru is reading a book to the kids about some kittens and says “Wow, you read this garbage??”. If I could change it, it would be like this, Kids: Gru! Watch this! -Gru watches WaddleOn- Gru: Wow, you watch this garbage??

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