Episode 2 of #WaddleOn Released

Club Penguin has released their second episode of #WaddleOn, their sketch comedy show! I’m sure they did the random scenes based on everyone’s feedback of last week’s episode. Just like usual some bits are better than others. Here it is:

LOL, I loved the last part! I definitely didn’t expect that! How do you like this second episode compared to the first one?

50 thoughts on “Episode 2 of #WaddleOn Released

  1. I think that episode is better than first one. There is mooore fun moments! My fav is penguin dancing at the Dance Club and turning his colours with dance floor ;)

      • You don’t have to watch it. No one is forcing you to.

        Nobody cares if you and your “friends” (if you even have any) don’t like it. There are others who do like it and want to watch it.

        So again, stop watchting it instead of telling them to stop making it, because noone cares what you think.

        By the way, english isn’t even my native language, and I have better grammar than you.

    I especially liked the Black Puffle Part. I ran around the room peeing in my pants.
    (It was that hilarious.)

    Also First!

  3. Hey Trainman1405, did you see some penguins appeared twice in the video? I spotted Cooki Rocket twice and Puff1e Dude.

      • Umm… I laughed more when I had my leg in plaster… :P Personally, I think it’s because we have a different sense of humour in the UK (basically we use sarcasm a lot and take the mick out of each other all the time) so I guess that I just don’t find this kinda humour very funny. I’ve got to admit, the ONLY bit that made me laugh was when the Christmas trees were taking revenge! XD

  4. Opps sorry train My computer lagged and it posted more than 1 post the second one that says Because that was`nt funny

  5. hi train can you tell me what happens please. I can’t because it use alot of data and I’ve used 85% in two weeks!

    • Sure!

      First one: A penguin is in the coffee shop and asks an alien what’s on the menu. He says “You are, earthling!” The penguin then asks what else they have and the alien says pie.
      Second one: Christmas trees chasing an ornament
      Third one: Cart Surfer with a Black Puffle directing the penguin…but then they mess up and crash
      Fourth one: A penguin dressed as pizza asks another penguin in the pizza parlour what they’d like and they say “a big slice of pizza”
      Fifth one: Penguin changing colour to the dance club’s floor
      Sixth one: overfeeding a Puffle

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