Club Penguin #WaddleOn – Episode One

Club Penguin has been teasing their #WaddleOn sketch comedy series for the past few weeks and they’re pleased to say that the first episode is now out! Here’s the full post from Spike Hike:

For the next couple of months we’re going to try something new — and you’re an important part of it!

We’ve gotten great comments from you about our videos, including the epic Star Wars preview video that we debuted last week. But there’s one thing you always ask us for – MORE! Well, there’s one thing we’ve always wanted to try… and that’s a sketch comedy show!

So starting this week, we’re launching #WaddleOn, a show made in Club Penguin itself about the random funny things that happen in our community everyday. Here’s the first episode!

Now here’s where you come in. We want to hear what you like, what you don’t, what you think is funny, and what isn’t. We also want to know what you’d like to see in future episodes. This is your show, so let’s make it awesome together!

For each episode we’ll incorporate your feedback and if you like it where it’s headed, we’ll keep doing more!

This is going to be fun!

Until next time… #WaddleOn!

-Club Penguin Team

How do you think they did? Did the Club Penguin Team do a good job or do you think it could be improved some?

67 thoughts on “Club Penguin #WaddleOn – Episode One

  1. It is pretty pathetic. Specially with the pookie part. Even Dunk Contest from Tazboi made me laugh more than this excuse for a comedy act.

    • Im not a troll I play cp and its not funny at all. They need a asdf movie kind of show. If they do that it’ll be awesome. Here’s one (Star Wars Takeover Theme) X-Wing pilot to X-pilot hey piliot you can’t fly over there. who says I can’t? (Gets vaped be imperrial ship). I would like that better

  2. This is my favorite video from CP ever. I liked the part at the end when the guy’s angry face turned into a happy face. I died of laughter.

  3. I hate the production and animation of the video it sucks I bet that the other episodes with be a real drag :l

  4. just plain! no comedy in it! and the pookie part?! i agree with with Vicyorus even tazboi can make a funny vid instead of this

  5. They need to make it longer and have funnier skits. They should make one with logic about people when the meet a mascot. “CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?” “OMG IT’S ______” “CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND?”.

  6. I really loved this show! It was a great start. Sure, it can be improved, but for the first show, an amazing start! :-)

  7. the video is terrible I have to agree with Vicyorus. Tazboi makes this video look like chum. If you want to continue this then hire a professional…

  8. Hey trainman,
    You know in the school if you stand where the trophy is there’s this really cool trick (actually it’s not that cool but I’ll tell you)
    Stand where the trophy is, when you throw a snowball in the class you thow a spitball but when you throw a snowball in the cafeteria it becomes pizza! :P just found it now!

  9. I didn’t even smirk. I expected it to be like those music videos or stuff like Puffle Trouble. I am not amused. It needs work.

  10. I saw a little GameOn thing in Disney Channel about the Star Wars Party on CP. I don’t think I can record it. Lemme try. Train, keep your eyes peeled on Disney Channel :P

  11. Some bits I laughed, some bits were just bad…. The last sketch with the guy on the stadium and the king guy made absolutely no sense… The tree and ornaments was funny though. And the sneeze. And the pookie bit.

  12. Just pointing out that the first seconds of the video you can see a penguin in a fish costume in the bottom left corner who was being used to film it ;P

  13. I think they should do an asdf kind of thing because as i said earlier its not funny asdf is super funny I want to see that from cp

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say new, but rather we’re being introduced to them now.

      And not all CP staff penguins have moderator capabilities.

  14. I like waddle on and I see what some people are thinking, remember guys that this is Club Penguin’s first attempt! They want it to have suggestions sent in from other players, I bet when you first played a game like Jet Pack Adventure, you never got the ending first time around. Sometimes it takes PRACTISE and TRIAL AND ERROR to get these things right. Don’t diss club penguin because it turned out to be a flop first time around, the next one might be better!

  15. dude that was the best parts were where the tree ran and the part where pokkie spawned out the mine and the girl was like my pookie and the pookie was mwa mwa

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