Is It Going To Be a Flop? Star Wars Takeover Trailer Gets Many Dislikes and Club Penguin Deletes Negative Top Comments

Is this one takeover too many? Since the dawn of the takeover parties last year they have always been two sided. There’s the penguins that are excited for the party and then the penguins that complain about the takeovers and dislike it. It seems like a very large amount of penguins are leaning towards disliking the upcoming Star Wars party! Looking at the Star Wars Takeover trailer video yesterday I noticed it had a rather large amount of dislikes compared to all the other Club Penguin videos. There were 760 likes and a rather large amount of 386 dislikes. Not only that, but both top comments were against it!


Let’s fast forward to today. The dislikes nearly doubled and the likes went up just over 200. As of writing this post the cinematic trailer sits at 963 likes and 650 dislikes. I doubt things are going to turn around anytime soon.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.12.59 PM

It was also pointed out to me by Danel5 on Twitter that the top comments appeared to be deleted. I really doubt both comment writers deleted their own comments…it appears Disney deleted them. I loaded every comment on a page and searched for them but it yielded no results.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.11.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.12.16 PM

So yeah, by the looks of it they’re attempting to cover up the negativity. I don’t want to make any false accusations though, so keep in mind I suppose it might be possible (although I doubt it) that the two YouTube users just happened to delete their own comment.

Plus, in eighteen hours the comment from Polo Field saying “Thumbs up if you’re excited about the Star Wars Takeover!” got no thumbs up…

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.13.07 PM

While you shouldn’t necessarily judge a book by its cover or a party by its trailer, I believe it’s a bit different this time. I think it’s just one takeover too many and Club Penguin needs to rethink their Disney tie-ins, either not doing them at all, doing them very infrequently, or spacing them out throughout the year rather than several in a row like Spike Hike suggested in the comments on this post I recently made. Either way, the message from the Club Penguin Community is loud and clear. While many are happy about the upcoming Star Wars Takeover, even more are unhappy about it.

154 thoughts on “Is It Going To Be a Flop? Star Wars Takeover Trailer Gets Many Dislikes and Club Penguin Deletes Negative Top Comments

  1. interesting…
    also, they prob. think its copyright from Lucasfilms LTD. when Disney bought Lucasfilms

  2. I’ve never watched Star Wars, so I can’t really judge whether I’ll like the party or not. However I know Club Penguin was excited over this party, and I feel like everyone is judging this party too harshly! I’m sure the Club Penguin Team has worked very hard on this party!

    • Sorry, but it IS original and so its story. Cadence as Leia, Darth Herbert, space battles, spaceships it’s all new in Club Penguin! And the trailer is original too with perfect effects.

      Grande Yoda

    • Sorry, but it IS original and so its story. Cadence as Leia, Darth Herbert, space battles, spaceships it’s all new in Club Penguin! And the trailer is original too with perfect effects.

      Grande Yoda

      • I think cookie facts means that the ‘takeover’ parties are getting old. I sort of agree with him!

  3. This would’ve never happened if Club Penguin just sticked to a regular Club Penguin not Disney- related party. I think it could possibly get to the point when the party is cancelled due to so much people being not interested in it, I also think Disney could think about girls- not much girls watch or have an interest in Star Wars- Star Wars wasn’t really targeting girls to be interested, mostly boys. If the party is cancelled, Club Penguin will really be behind in parties.

    • Hey some girls actully like star wars. I know this because I’m a girl and know most carachters without reading the books or watching the moive.

      • I think XxFizzyPopxX means to say,
        When the Star Wars movies, Tv shows, and merchandise were created, the creators of Star Wars probably thought that their biggest target of people would be boys. Girls do have an interest in Star Wars, but not as much as their target of boys.

  4. actually star wars is a bit ok but I don’t know whats wrong , maybe this year we have so much takeover parties…besides , since our beloved moderator leave CP such as Rsnail , billybob , business moose ,Happy77 ,CP was having so much worse. Maybe its time for Clubpenguin…The time is finally come….

    • Hey I am not saying this is true, but i think Disney is slowly firing all of the Club Penguin team and are replacing them with other people. Club Penguin should’ve never made a deal with Disney.
      P.S. I am not a hater to the Star Wars Party, it sounds fun.
      P.P.S. Sorry for the long comment.

  5. There are a lot of parties I did not like from not being original but I actually think this will be cool, at least you can explore new worlds!

      • Club Penguin would not do Disney Princesses, first off, there are boys that play Club Penguin, second, most people who play Club Penguin are not 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years old. If they did Disney Princesses, let me just say, they would lose a LOT OF PLAYERS.

        • They could add Disney princes too. Like Aladdin or Hercules. I’m sure poookies would like it. And preps would like roleplaying. I’m sure jocks would like to save the princesses.

  6. I watched Star Wars. It was terrible. But this party looks fun. It’s a really original idea, CP should do Disney princesses at the medieval party and a teen beach movie would be cool!! I kow they should be spread out though! Maybe those guys should quit. Or maybe they should give the party a chance and see how awesome it is? I mean Sensei as obi wan and cadence as Princess Leia? How is that not awesome?! Also it’s not unfunny because I laughed for ages in the video with the penguin trying to get into the ship and the soldier sneezing and then the guy beside punched him LOL!!!’ Overall rating: 9.5/10

  7. Those stupid You-Tube people… they always dislike everything.
    Well, I say… GO FOR IT, CP!! LAUNCH THE PARTY!! I know I’M excited for the party.

  8. I totally agree with you. The Takeover parties aren’t bad, and I like that they have more items for nonmembers to buy, and the party catalogs a nice, but… They really just don’t have that classic CP flare, like the Music Jam, the April Fools Party, the Fall Fair, the Halloween Party or the Holiday Party, and so much more… I wish CP would just continue making those ones better every year. I mean, I understand that CP only has room for 12 or 13 parties every year (in addition to the Anniversary Party) but I think they should devote their time to those, instead. Also, I don’t really get the whole Star Wars thing..? Theres no new Star Wars movie coming out, so why do they need a promo party for that? If anything, they should have a Despicable Me party. That would be more fun. I also agree that penguins would probably like it better if there were less takeovers per year. CP should limit the takeovers to 1 or 2 each year, and not in the months were there are always the same, beloved party every year. Like the Music Jam. UGH!!! Last year they ruined it with Shake It Up, and now this year they’re taking its slot away, altogether! I’m just hoping that they put it in August, and don’t use it as a promo for some new Disney Chanel crap. Also, if CP EVER takes away or ruins the Fall Fair, the Halloween Party or the Holiday Party with a takeover, I will personally lead an angry mob all the way across the United States ( I live on the West Coast), picking up more and more angry penguins along the way, across the Atlantic Ocean and all the way to the U.K. to take over Club Penguin’s headquarters. So yeah…

  9. I must say something to everyone! I mean this!:
    I know, all of us is different. This means that what we like is different. Somebody likes pie, somebody else likes cookies. Someone likes rock music, someone else likes R&B. So, somebody would love the Star Wars Takeover, somebody would hate it.
    In my opinion, I think this would an exciting party, full of adventure and mystery! On the other hand, Club Penguin is a game to ‘Waddle on and meet new friends’, as the motto says. You log in to play games, explore rooms, have fun with friends. I mean, that Star Wars has violence, something that Club Penguin wouldn’t promote. There are so many points for both sides, strong or not!
    To conclude, everyone thinks something else and we must respect this and don’t fight with the others to make them believe what we believe! In addition, we don’t know many things for the party! We only have a little sneek peek…

  10. I’m not even gonna play CP once this party starts. Why can’t they just have their own parties instead of all these takeovers first Marvel, then Star Wars and it looks like we might have a teen beach movie party on august. 2013 has been such a bad year for CP in my opinion..

  11. I agree, don’t need to trough it in Disneys’ face, but personalty, i don’t like Disney partnering with CP in the first place, ruins the fun. but its just me.

  12. Haters gonna hate.

    And people who hate when people hate on things are gonna enjoy it either way.

    And I’m gonna go slap some positive attitude into Youtube by posting a good reply on that video.

    Because I for one am looking forward too it.

  13. I kinda feel bad for the CP team. I think everyone hates the takeover parties because Saraapril does. I mean it’s just a game. Who cares if they advertise or not? I think a lot of people like takeover parties because it’s something they can relate to. I think it’s a brilliant idea that Disney made the Marvel Takeover and Monster’s University takeover because people love those themes/movies, I also think it’s very cool that Club Penguin transformed from a snowy island to a campus and will transform into a different galaxy. I’m very excited for all these parties and hope Club Penguin makes more takeovers.

    • To be honest during the MSHT 2012, I was just going in Sara’s way because I said to myself “She is famous!”. But now, I loved both years, and each one with its own opinion. I still visit her blog and like to read her posts but the sad part is that Saraapril only disables the negative comments. Sara should learn that its people’s opinions from everyone. She just can’t make the people change its idea and opinion. Also that its not right to make someone else change. Just let other people be.

      The only thing I hate of Sara is about her Marvel War Diary. It is simply ridiculous

      • I still read Sara’s blog to but sometimes she is just so, “STOP ADVERTISING! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” and all that junk. It’s amazing how much she acts up during the Marvel Party. I think the post I hate most that she made was when Happy77 went online for a little in the Pet Shop and then she went outside. Sara said “I walked outside and I saw war! I logged off because I was scared. Thanks a lot Disney!” HOW IS THAT WAR? It’s not like CP is trying to get people scared.

      • Yeah, she only posts comments that she agrees with. Like I said I liked the Star Wars Takeover, but she never posted it. I said I didn’t like the University, which she didn’t post either.

        • Thank you for this series of comments.
          I agree with everyone above 100%.
          All Sara really does anymore is sit them and whine and complain.
          One of the worst ones was the “DUBSTEP PUFFLE IS DEAD!” post.


  15. I’m pretty sure when someone deletes a comment on YouTube you can see “Comment deleted – author withheld.” under their name. I could be wrong, though.

  16. I like CP changing bit by bit every once and a while (it’s REALLY changed since 2008) but I think this is one step too far. It’s not even in Herbert’s storyline anymore! I think that Disney are just grasping at straws for more advertisements for their TV shows or movies. I can’t even watch the TV shows because I don’t have the Disney Channel, so it’s a little bit annoying that they are rubbing it in my face every time I go on my favourite online game. :( Why does everything have advertisements now?

  17. To be honest I believe this is either the best Takeover Party ever or Marvel is tied together. If the people acted like that for the Star Wars Party…Imagine if the Summer Music Jam is actually the so rumored Teen Beach Movie Party…then Club Penguin will be completely screwed…

  18. BUT WHAT THE???? according to CP this party was made because many penguins want it, and now they regret?? its too late to regret! i have no complains about this let it a chance!

  19. Its probably because many people who have not seen the movie are mad but I think everyone should enjoy this, the people who dont just judge everything plus thats how disney goes. I cant believe some think this is only for boys when I see a ton of girls in my area love star wars.

  20. Club Penguin moderates comments before they can be seen, so why do they need to delete them? The moderators should never have approved them anyway

  21. I think you forgot to tell other possibilities. It also can be Star Wars fans who doesn’t like Club Penguin, instead of Club Penguin fans who doesn’t like Star Wars. ‘Cuz do you remember that Star Wars tweeted that:

    So the Star Wars fans who follow Star Wars’s account think that CP is for children and didn’t like the idea!

    If you add it in your post, my penguin name is Grande Yoda and the twitter of my penguin is @GrandeYoda

    -Grande Yoda

  22. Wow, I feel so sorry for CP. They worked so hard to make this, and these are the results. I do think that’s enough takeover parties for a while, but I am excited for the Star Wars Takeover.

  23. You know if people say they don’t like a party they should stop playing CP for the period of time thst the party lasts for because they just get more nevative about CP parties and end up stop playing on CP forever.

  24. watch star wars 4 because the party will be around number 4. Train please agree with me.

    from you best fan Benny34

  25. Stuff like LEGO Star wars and Angry Birds Star Wars maks sense, since they work well together (AB Star Wars was a lot of fun BTW). But Star Wars and Club Penguin? How do these even remotely fit together??? Even MU and CP. Besides the fact that they’re both owned by Disney, how do the two combined make sense?

  26. I watched starwars and i did not like it but star wars in clubpenguin must be very fun u can get free item from party save the princes and alot of thing and trainm

  27. I watched starwars and i did not like it but star wars in clubpenguin must be very fun u can get free item from party save the princes and alot of thing and trainman is right dont jugde a book by its cover i hopping u guys who hate it will like it waddle on

  28. I’ll give it a chance. I mean, I do agree the amount of Takeovers are getting ridiculous, and I don’t see the point of having one this year if the 7th film isn’t coming out until 2015. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically diss it.

    Of course, opinions are opinions. If people hate it, that’s fine. I just feel bad the party seems to be getting a lot of hate on their own channel, where they can see all these comments. I just wonder how the CP staff all feel reading them.

  29. I don’t like Star Wars idea, but i think is actually original, and if Cp Team worked so hard to launched the party, then i will enjoy it forever!

  30. Can someone reply, r there gonna be any lightsabers!?!?!?!?!?, if not, it’s not gonna be fun, plz reply

  31. Eh I probably think kids everywhere find Star Wars annoying because most of them never say it and believe the movies are boring.

  32. In my opinion, I think they should not take it if you liked or disliked the party through the trailer. But I understand the revolts of them, for they are already tired of the CP only make takeover party. In the video I gave one liked, why I loved the video, besides it being in 3D, the characters of film’s estaram on “skin” of the island’s famous penguins like Cadence incorporating Princess Leia, as Herbert sendo Death Vader … And what could be Yoda, poderia ser o Sensei or a Puffle. Or could have his costume for the everyone penguins and principally to the Great Yoda to have the privilege of vistir a fantasy with your name = P. .. But honestly, I did not want another party takeover by the CP loses originality, as came from space Herbert from space, and still be running into the Death Vader, and Herbert hates party! And even with that noise there will be in the party (such as swords lights being used in a duel, throwing spaceships, expludindo things …). Hopefully at least the CP do not mix what will happen with Hebert, and all the famous penguins at the party, with the real history of CP. And if the CP not to mix the story that occur with CP true, it would be fun if the villain Tusk, were Jaba , right trainman? And I’m happy for first time the Penguins give their opinions on what they are thinking about the party cinematics!

  33. Disney, honestly, just stop. Please give Club Penguin back to the original owners, it was better back then.

  34. i HATE all the takeovers, BUT this party looks kick butt! cadence as leia herbert as vader, i bet therll be gary as c3po puffle r2d2 YOU will be luck or mabey one of the band members will idk franky will be han solo because franky and cadence are kindof a couple and so are han and leiah aunt arctic as Obi Wan?? rookie as Jar Jar?? jet pack guy as anakan?? dot as padme? thats probally al i got

  35. Why is everyone complaining? It’s just a party.. In my opinion, I am really excited for this party! Disney just wants kids to have fun. It makes me a little sad that people are starting to hate Club Penguin cause of these parties. =(

  36. A friend of mine said this: Disney is the owner of Club Penguin, they can do whatever they want and the player either sticks to it or scrams.

  37. I think that CP is getting old. Guys come on really STAR WARS? What is the point? I think they should really come up with there own Ideas instead of taking other Ideas. I feel like they r running out of ideas. Well I quit but I still check on news. I personally feel like the final takeover party should be minecraft that would be really cool. Your character can go into first person mode. :D that would be awesome. That would be the last party I go to

  38. I’ve never watched star wars, so it’s hard to judge, but I am pretty confident that it will be original. The rooms designs and characters may be based off Star Wars, but the party rooms, clothes, backgrounds, ect. are still creative and it makes them money.

  39. I quite like the takeovers. Disney have an empire of children’s brands, they have 1 brand which dominates the children’s online sector, so tie-in all their out of web successes and bring them to the web.

    I do agree, not too many in such a short period of time, but this summer is going to be tough for Club Penguin. Bin Weevils is claiming they’re number 1, when statistically, Club Penguin is better, heck even Fluzzity says their number 1 (not even released).

    Club Penguin have opportunities with Disney, they’ve only showed them now. Monsters Inc. was one of Disneys most successful films, having a takeover would raise awareness, there’s a new film to the series, kids, we will let you role play the film, have fun.

    Star Wars takeover – they use quotes from the film, they use characters from the film, but what most of you don’t see is that takeovers are original. CP does their own little twist on a well known Disney brand.

    Teen Beach Takeover – this is presently a rumour. But if it does happen, it’ll be fun, a beach party! Yes, we’ll have costumes of the characters, who cares. It would be CPs twist on them, CPs twist on the scenes. If you have a problem, you’re blind.

    So many just can’t see how many kids enjoy these, and that they are unique and FUN.

  40. I am actually looking forward to this party. The trailer looks sooo cool and I can’t stop laughing at how Club Penguin made Cadence Princess Leia. I LOVE STAR WARS!

  41. Haters Gonna Hate, and maybe I’m one of those haters. Club Penguin, will keep changing, no matter how much people say Disney! Stop Destroying Club Penguin, and start wars about it. Club Penguin will do nothing about it. Advertising Star Wars will get Star Wars more money, Star Wars pays Club Penguin to advertise them, since it’s getting them more fans. In my opinion, IN MY OPINION, 2012 was a bad year, 2013 is bad so far, IN MY OPINION. They’ve over-done it on Takeovers, just keep it to one Takeover a year! I mean, with all these takeovers, Club Penguin won’t be Club Penguin anymore. Club Penguin will be, Takeover World! Explore new Takeovers every month! No one reply to me and say, ”I hate comments like these”. This is my opinion, it won’t change, and your reply doesn’t make a difference to my opinion. Club Penguin was okay with the Temple of Fruit party, they weren’t really advertising. Marvel party was just like, really Club Penguin? Monsters University- STOP, CLUB PENGUIN, JUST STOP! Star wars is like-THIS IS AWESOME-STOP! NO MORE! One more takeover-Club penguin will be losing a lot of players… And with Polo Field’s comment, on YouTube, that said: Thumbs up if you can’t wait for the party, or something like that, well he just saved Club Penguin from not cancelling the party.

  42. I don’t think it will be a flop.
    Looks like 2 out of 3 kids like the Star Wars idea. That’s pretty good, I think the only party ALL kids like is the Christmas one ’cause even the Halloween one gets some kids upset.

    If the takeovers were spread out I think it would be fine, but they’re too close together and kids are worried Club Penguin will turn into Club Disney. Sounds like they heard us about that, but it’s too late to change it now.
    I DO miss our lovely snow, I hope they start listening to us about THAT…

    • Actually not every kid likes it. There are Muslims that play the game and Jews.m (sorry for being religus)

  43. In my opinion, 2 out of 4 people are looking forward to the Star Wars Party and 2 out of 4 people aren’t. I’ll be happy if they have the Christmas Party, Fall Fair, Halloween Party, and Medievel Party. I do get they are having a bit too much ”Takeovers” I think if Club Penguin just sticked to their parties like Fall Fair, April Fools, Halloween Party, Medieval Party, etc, I think everyone would be happy. I just don’t watch Star Wars because I cannot even understand what’s going on because they speak in some foreign language if your watching the TV show. I think after this Star Wars takeover, they need to stop the takeovers, they are literally over-doing it with the takeovers. With Club Penguin parties, I would be on Cp all day 24/7, but with the takeovers, I have noticed a difference, instead of going on 24/7, I have just been making sure I get the party items, talking with my friends, feeding my puffles, getting the new pin, and checking out the new Stage Play. I’m not very interested in what they have to offer at these ”takeovers”

  44. Half of CP dosent like this party, and the other half does. This may be the first party that Half of CP players dont like a CP party

  45. I SERIOUSLY prefer Minecraft cuz there’s no dumb “sponsors” and stuff… Will this soon become Club Disney?? LOOK AT TEEN BEACH! The name “teen beach” LOOK WHAT DISNEY HAS STOOPED DOWN TO! Stupid Disney… Walt Disney would cry at this. :(

  46. Okay, guys… everyone does have to admit, the Cinematic looks pretty.. EPIC, AND AWESOME. But, all the haters know it’s going to be just like the other Disney parties. I’m not a fan of the new Club Penguin- but I am loving the new room designs, they can’t just stay the same design forever, it would be like- This was Club Penguin in the beginning , when it started, (Shows first official Town model) this is Club Penguin, um, 80 years later (Shows same model) See? It just, can’t stay the same forever. That’s why you should enjoy everything now, it’s gonna change. For example, Apple makes new iPhone’s, in other words, they IMPROVE the original model, wouldn’t you rather have the new and IMPROVED iPhone 5 then the first iPhone? It’s the same for Club Penguin, would you rather have some sloppy Town or an awesome, modern, very much detailed, Town? Now lets move on to the Disney parties, like Monster’s University, Marvel, Temple of Fruit, and Star Wars. I do get the haters side on this one. I mean, everyone loves the Holiday Party, when they improve it, everyone still loves it. Everyone loves the Fall Fair, when they improve it, they still love it, it’s better, possibly new Fair games, etc. But with the Disney parties, it’s like- regular Club Penguin parties, and then all of the sudden, Disney parties pop up. In other words, let’s take this to a different thing. Let’s just say regular Club Penguin with no Disney parties is the iPhone. Disney parties is the iPhone 5 but a bit different. So you got your iPhone, awesome apps, everything is perfect, everyone is happy with their iPhone, and they can’t wait for the new updates, like iOS updates. Now instead of iPhone 5, let’s make it iOS 7. Everyone is happy with their iPhone, first iOS, when suddenly, Apple comes out with iOS 7 (lets pretend all the other iOS’s never existed) Everyone that owns an iPhone downloads iOS 7. Let’s pretend Club Penguin Disney party haters are the iOS 7 haters. iOS 7 haters miss the old iPhone, let’s just say the iOS 7 changed the iPhone into iPhone 5. iOS 7 haters miss the old iPhone, don’t like the changes, don’t like anything. Basically what I’m saying Club Penguin is changing too quickly, they need to slow down and make the changes so everyone is happy.

  47. Club Penguin is being too Disney related. 4 Takeovers in 1 year? Jesus. Can’t CP be about CP again? Where’s the April Fools Party, where’s the Music Jam, Where’s the ORIGINAL parties? It seems like the only non-Disney related parties that will come back are the Holiday and Halloween ones. Club Penguin is becoming a huge advertisement for Disney.

  48. I just wish it wasn’t more fighting.
    I am a boy but i don’t like to fight all the time
    i want to explore!

  49. GUYS. THIS IS ALL ORIGINAL. And yes, im being serious. Look at other multiplayer games – have you ever seen Sulley, Thor, Rocky, Cece, Spiderman, Darth Vader, in ANY other Virtual Game, with special costumes? No other game has these privileges. Club Penguin is partnered with a great, famous company, and you guys are just complaining? You think they ain’t listening at your words. THEY ARE. Polo Field CLEARLY said on the Star Wars Takeover post that we were asking for this. That could even be why Disney bought Lucasfilm. Now, please don’t complain. Theres over 1,000,000 kids jealous cause of our privileges. Please shut up, and be happy we have this special game. No other person has ever thought of this!


    • True.. it’s very hard to explain because everyone has different sides on this. It is great that Club Penguin is partnered with Disney. I wonder about how many people asked for a Star Wars party, probably a lot. I mean, just looking at the cinematic trailer, it looks awesome. I mean, wouldn’t everyone like to stop Darth Herbert, be a Jedi or whatever it’s called, fly spaceships, get costumes, explore Club Penguin like it’s Star Wars land, get those light sabers that light up and are really cool? I mean, for crying out loud, we are going to be flying ships in space!

  50. Hahaha fizzpop alot of girls do like star wars I’m a teenage girl and I am a super duper star wars and star trek fan!

  51. Recently Disney, abuse of his products and movies, making partys on CP acclimated of this. It’s not bad but, it’s not good, thanks of the news partys that opened between 2012-present, represent the lack of originality, for part of disney making this partys…. .
    But, for to other part until now the the only thing that can be said, it’s: will have to wait for more news, and it’s moment, all can makes more precise our opinion of this party, and the others futures partys.. .
    It’s all folks, bye!
    PS: Sorry of I have one error of ortographic but, I not good on English :S

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