We’re Halfway Through 2013 – In Your Opinion, How’s Club Penguin Doing This Year With Updates?

It’s July 1st, meaning we are halfway through 2013. It also means Club Penguin has released half of their updates planned for this year. I’m curious – how do you think they’ve done so far this year? Is it better than past year? Let me know in the comments on if you think the Club Penguin team has done a good job so far, a bad job, an okay job, whatever you think! What’s been your favourite update? Least favourite update? Anything else? Speak your thoughts! Spike Hike did do a general reply to everyone below which you can read here.

Here’s a quick refresher on the highlights if you want some guidance before forming an opinion.



  • Mascots given new looks
  • Puffle Hotel released
  • Rainbow Puffle available
  • New Spy Phone, Spy Drills released
  • Club Penguin joins Instagram and Facebook
  • Mute all sounds button (small update but a big step)
  • My Penguin released
  • Card-Jitsu Snow
  • Puffle Digging
  • And more!

You can find a list of every Club Penguin update from 2005 to 2013 on this page.


It’s hard to believe we’re only halfway through 2013 because Club Penguin has continuously released major updates such as the ones highlighted above and they’re still not done! This is easily the most action packed year Club Penguin has had so far, having big advances such as new rooms, new looks, new games, new features, My Penguin, and the list just goes on and on. Aside from the usual bugs I can’t think of anything negative that would make 2013 a bad experience for Club Penguin players. Major props to the Club Penguin Team on a successful 2013 so far and I can’t wait to see what other surprises team has planned for the rest of this year and even 2014.

97 thoughts on “We’re Halfway Through 2013 – In Your Opinion, How’s Club Penguin Doing This Year With Updates?

  1. In my opinion, Club Penguin did an AMAZING job. Such a big step from when I first joined almost 4 years ago…

    • I agree with Mimi, in my opinion Club Penguin did not made an amazing job, but a fantastic job, i like the new Club Penguin, and i don’t care what others say about the new Club Penguin! It’s FANTASTIC, keep going on Club Penguin!

    • Its worse. You said that because you are lucky to have all those benefits and doesn’t know the real CP is!

      Disney just making a Parties which is not a original party. And the Penguin design are somewhat ugly than I expected. The Old CP was better. So many penguins love CP in the olden days . Only Noobs will say “In my opinion, Club Penguin did an AMAZING job.”
      OMG!. there’s nothing interesting with the CP nowadays.

      • I would like to personally thank you for insulting nearly everyone here by calling them noobs, me included. Great job. That’s very kind.

      • Well everyone has a different opinion Chubby and Your Chubby With An Attitude and like train said thanks for calling me a noob even though ive been around for 2-3 years!!!!

      • Hello Chubby,
        Just wanted to tell you that you just insulted two 2006 players (Train and me) and many more which like the New Club Penguin, please, before writing this type of comments, think a minute, people have feelings tho you think we haven’t.

      • Burn…
        In my opinion, Club Penguin was so AWESOME this year so far! Plus remember earlier this year/last year they said they’d release PRIVATE CHAT! OMG I can’t wait! There are so many things going on on Normal CP that I don’t even have time to be mad about the Advertise Parties!

        Chubby Pengy, If you just think that the new things are horrible and you are disagreeing with half the other penguins of the island, maybe your the NOOB! Sometimes Advertise parties are good, too! Like last year I got a orange hoodie from the code innocent fruits thing, and now everyone is asking me how I got it! It makes new penguins feel popular and fit in because they have the code! Oh and by the way, I think this is what you meant to say :@.
        Only Noobs will say “In my opinion, Club Penguin, its worse. Its worse. You said that because you are lucky to have all those benefits and doesn’t know the real CP is!

        Disney just making a Parties which is not a original party. And the Penguin design are somewhat ugly than I expected. The Old CP was better. So many penguins love CP in the olden days . Only Noobs will say “In my opinion, Club Penguin did an AMAZING job.”
        OMG!. there’s nothing interesting with the CP nowadays.

        So think of that before you call my favorite penguin in the whole world (Trainman1405) a noob. :@

      • wow you call us noobs was that rude well look what they put puffles finding coins and rainbow puffles i mean come on thats amazing

  2. Pro: I can easily tell they have been working hard at parties. Parties have been amazing, I have to admit. Great ideas and awesome new items. I loved the rainbow puffle and CJ Snow too. I liked the puffle digging addition, mostly because of the stamps (I love them) and the My Penguin app is outstanding. I loved the Spy Drills thing because I don’t have to do Field-Ops weekly, I can do them whenever I want. Operation Hot Sauce was EXCELLENT, I hope they do more like these in the future.

    Con: Parties are not island-wide and I don’t like that. Decorations usually never get to places like Dock, Beach, Ski Village and its buildings, Stadium, Forest, Cove, Iceberg, Mine, and Dojo Courtyard. Sorry if I’m too harsh, but I hate the new penguin and mascot designs, ESPECIALLY Gary’s.

    My rating for the first half of the year is 4.5 out of 5 stars. CP has been doing great. I loved the “old” CP for its simplicity but the new one has stuff that is way cooler.

    • Thank you for opinion, I agree with it completely. I dislike the new mascot designs too. To be honest, whenever there is a new background I am not that proud to have them like I used to, I am just not fond of the new styles. And Gary is my favorite mascot, and I agree…I completely dislike what they did with him…and slapping the new designed gary on an old background and calling it new, was lame.

    • I agree with you, Buddytoe. Puffle digging was a great idea and Card Jitsu Snow is awesome! But I definetely agree that Club Penguin should decorate more rooms for parties and I would love to have the old mascot looks back. I’m not too fond of this year’s Penguin Style catalogues either. And also, three words: TOO MUCH ADVERTISING!!!!
      Overall, I rate this year three out of five stars. It certainly isn’t the best year I’ve had on CP.

  3. I am highly disappointed with this years updates. For a start they are making way to many commercial parties. Then there is the new art style, I don’t like it. I prefer Screenhog. I liked it better when club penguin was more basic.

  4. In my opinion:

    2013 was an amazing year! Club Penguin started the year of with Gary brining us back in time. The Hollywood Party was good but if I was to choose, I won’t be taking 900 photos just for items.

    My Penguin and Card-Jitsu Snow was some good additons for Club Penguin as of 2013. The Fun at the Cove wasn’t as ‘fun’ but I liked ‘the story’ (Operation: Hot Sauce) behind it.

    Puffle Rainbow ‘smashed’ all myths and mysteries on it. It wasn’t as attractive as the ones seen in other clients.

    What do you say, Trainman?

  5. Club Penguin is doing a very good job this year, a huge improvement over last year. They made really fun new parties, brought Monsters U and Star Wars into CP, and lots of new rooms. But if they have a Teen Beach Movie party…

  6. in my opinion, this year CP did a great job, with the new rooms and party experiences (i dont complain of advertsing parties ) mascot new looks are my favorite, especialy Rockhopper, i have to say good work CP, every day a new step

  7. Club penguin did wonderful with updates this year. I just don’t like how the new room designs ruin the history of club penguin. Also, I am tired of club penguin having these takeovers. I want an original party!

  8. i really thought club penguin parties were going downhill compareing for the marvel party from 2012 and 2013 the 2012 one had mores rooms and fun things to do i hope that the star wars party has alteast fun things to do because it was new

  9. Pretty good so far. My only complaint is a lot of the parties this year feel cookie cutter (in other words, the same thing – like “Complete Game X to get these items” or “Come back every day to get these items”), but hopefully they can fix that in the second half of the year. None of the parties have really been horrible either, so that’s a plus. I’ll give Spike Hike and his crew hope that they can make 2013 an amazing year.

  10. Well, now that I think about it. I have realized that the clothes that are in the Penguin Style today, are drawn by the same artists back then, I mean things just can’t stay the same forever. Also, I think in my opinion, the new clothes look great, in the catalog, but when you wear them around Cp, not you player card, the clothes look bad, I think Cp could do a better job making the clothes look good around Cp. Also, I think a lot of new people from early 2012, late 2011 didn’t have a membership back then, but now they do, and like me I instantly wasn’t a member when I first joined Cp in December 2011, a couple of months later, I became a member, but I still didn’t know everything about Cp, didn’t know about secrets in catalogs, didn’t know about much. So I didn’t get any clothes when I was first a member that I would have liked, I think a lot of people really want the old clothes to come back, I think Cp should have a whole separate catalog with old clothes, and then the catalog with new clothes. But people that want old Cp back, usually don’t like Cp bringing back rare items. Anyways, Cp was in debt in the old days, and without Disney buying Cp, there would be no
    Cp, So people that hate the new Cp, think about what would happen if Disney hadn’t bought Cp while they were in debt, without Disney, there would be no Cp.

  11. I liked it for the most part.
    The parties are a little long (except the Prehistoric Party, that one could have stayed longer :) ) but I like that if you don’t like that party you can still find places that are normal to play in.

    I don’t like the artwork on the mascot backgrounds and in the catalogs, they are all stretched too tall and look less like penguins and more like generic teenagers, even Aunt Arctic and Gary who are supposed to be old.

    Even though I’m a member, I like that non-members are getting more stuff rather than just hats, and things that used to be members-only are now for everybody.
    The members-only stuff is still cool enough that I am glad to pull weeds to earn money for my membership.

  12. CP did pretty good with the updates this year i just don’t like the new penguin designs and all the sponsored parties.

  13. I generally think this year has been okay so far on CP, but the advertising and promotion parties aggravate me the most (I think the Monsters University Takeover is okay, though.) I want the “traditional” parties returned, such as the Music Jam, but at least they hosted two “traditional” parties: the Puffle Party and the Card-Jitsu (Snow) Party of this year. he reputation of CP’s popularity is high but its “fun” is becoming debunk (well, I’m still hoping it rises to the top). Besides the advertising and promotion parties, my least favourite update is the new looks for the mascots and penguins. My favourite updates include the official releases of Card-Jitsu Snow and the My Penguin app and the introduction of Puffle Digging. The new designs of most of the main rooms on CP is a good update as the Team did a fantastic job giving them a modern look, but it’s not my absolute favourite update.

    And I agree with Sparkly12’s comment — the ‘Penguin Style’ clothes are “nice” and “trendy” but they don’t look good on the player cards and in-game.

    I would give ‘Club Penguin’ in 2013 4 stars out of 5.

  14. I have actually been enjoying this year on Club Penguin. I really do enjoy some of the new Puffle things, how we can interact with them so more like real pets. Back then you could rarely do anything with them. I also like the new Penguin and mascot looks. I just kinda wish the beaks and feet stayed a bit smaller. Club Penguin has always had it’s advantages and disadvantages, but as for this year, I say that it’s only the start of bigger and better things ahead.

  15. 2005: Wish I Could Be There,But It Has Not Many Thigs Such As Puffle Digging Or The New Friend List!

    2006:Okay,Theres A Little More Interesting Things,Like It

    2007: Disney Bought CP? I Have No Problem With That,on that day disney didnt anunce parties on cp

    2008:¿perfect cp year?

    2009:okay im almost disapointed

    2010:good year

    2011:Weird And Extremely Detailed Party Design


    2013: ¿worst cp year?

  16. 2005: Wish I Could Be There,But It Has Not Many Thigs Such As Puffle Digging Or The New Friend List!

    2006:Okay,Theres A Little More Interesting Things,Like It

    2007: Disney Bought CP? I Have No Problem With That,on that day disney didnt anunce parties on cp

    2008:¿perfect cp year?

    2009:okay im almost disapointed

    2010:good year

    2011:Weird And Extremely Detailed Party Design


    2013: ¿worst cp year?

  17. i love new club penguin its really awesome also I have to say something to everyone if u hate new cp QUT CP THEN AND GO PLAY TOONTOWN INSTEAD OF MAKEING OLD CP WAR ITS NEVER COMING BACK SO puts black glasses on

  18. Trainman , I’m sorry for becoming rude a while ago , I’m not in the good mood and I just MAD of Disney disapointed me. Actually I’m the NOOB guy. I joined CP in 2012.

    I’m sorry , my bad :(

  19. Bad stuff: I wish they decorated more rooms for parties, instead of having so many special rooms like the courthouse thing at the MU takeover. I don’t like the sponsored parties. I just want a music jam, an adventure party, and another festival of flight. I was disappointed with card jitsu snow because I had hoped it would be more like card jitsu water and fire. The card jitsu party had a lot of old rooms, but I liked it anyway. I feel like puffle digging was just a gimmick to get people to walk their puffles.
    Good stuff: The prehistoric party and the hollywood party were really fun. The party rooms this year are very detailed and fancy-looking, and I like that. Nonmembers are getting a lot of stuff (which is good for nonmembers, but could turn out bad for cp because fewer people will buy memberships).

  20. Here’s my opinion,

    The first two Club Penguin parties were terible. Playing Dino dig and taking pics of members to earn items. It was difficult for me as I pay for limited internet.

    Puffle Party: it was good. Butg I disliked the daily tasks but the Rainbow puffle myth becoming true was the best part.

    Operation hot sauce: it was so amzing. First time we experienced in-game missions and it was fabulous.

    Superhero party: it was awesome too. I loved Penguin Bounce game specially earning superhero hoodie :D

    Card Jitsu party: it was just a game release. We have beta tested the game earlier so there wasn’t that much fun and we can play cj snow anytime now there wasn’t a amazing factor. In previous card jitsu party, non members were able to play cj fire and water which made the party amazing.

    MU takeover: I love the scare game and choosing a team. It was fun as we didn’t have to choose Team red or blue :P

    my party ratings:
    Prehistoric party : 0/5
    Hollywood party: 0/5
    Puffle party: 3/5
    Op: Hot Sauce: 5/5
    Superhero party: 4/5
    CJ snow rel party: 1/5

    apart from parties, other things I liked:
    EPF update
    My Penguin (I’ve not played it yet as I don’t have i device. I like geting snow balled :P)
    and club penguin geting more socialized :D

    -Azeemsky :-)

  21. I hate the new penguin looks with all that shading. I just think it looks bad. :P Other than that, CP has had a pretty amazing year so far!

  22. My least favorite update of this year was the penguin artwork. I think the only event I liked from this year was the Card-Jitsu party.

  23. 2013 is my least favorite year in Club Penguin so far. I joined Club Penguin in 2007 and I’ve seen Club Penguin grow a lot. Just because they grow doesn’t mean they are better. I personally like Club Penguin better when it was younger and was more simplistic and I think the older parties were better. Sure 2013 isn’t as bad as 2010 or 2012, but it’s been okay I guess. I miss the old room designs and I miss Billybob. I hope 2014 is better….

  24. I like all the updates of 2013. Even the new penguin looks. Their beaks were too round and weird, I like that they’re long now. Even though I sometimes miss the simple old cp, I think the redesigned rooms and new parties are very great and I see that the the cp designers have used a lot of time when making them. I like the new cp more than the old. :-)

    • The only negative thing about the new penguin looks is that I won’t be able to get the mascot backgrounds that had the old looks. I didn’t get all of them :/

  25. Everything is great with CP ever since I joined in 2010. Everything is grrat up until now. My only complaint is PH’s new look, very ugly. I’m not a noob I like CP still.

  26. Im not impressed prehistoric party bored me i like the hollywood party the puffle party was boring all it was was the puffle hotel release the marvel was just and advritisment for iron man 3 card jitsu party was just snow and snow is too slow paced game monsters university is an advritisment and so are the next 2 parties of the summer this was a bad year

  27. 2013 is the worst cp year ever! And i have played back in 2006 and this year is the worst for me. Last year was wayy better than this. And really a Star Wars takeover? Wow -.-

  28. my opinoin is #1 party was awesome #2 party was fantstic #3 awesome #4 it was ok #5 not how I predected it was going to be like # 6 boring it was ok at first but i been on diffrent stuff because it was so boring.! # 7 it is ok i like you can scare penguins i dont like the fashion outfitss in any catolgo and there are less picks ;(

  29. This year has been a year full of surprises following the mystery trail in 2012. We had brand new parties and new experiences never seen before! With many more additions making it a very nice game. Everything is just perfect for me.
    Overall, the parties have been fully changed. We experienced something new and unforgettable.
    I liked many parties this year. My opinions of the following parties are the following

    *Prehistoric Party: Not a really bad party but I felt it needed something else…also annoying Dino Dig
    *Hollywood Party: A new and really nice party. Penguin Play Awards and Fashion Show with a mix of Music Jam makes this party! I loved the costumes, the limo, and the Awards Show. I loved everything of this party! I also loved the sky during the party. It was really beautiful and I really love when the weather changes into ANYTHING on Club Penguin.
    *Puffle Party: Similar to 2012 but still, I think it needed something else to the party…overall, the Rainbow Puffles are awesome and I love tasting the rainbow! (Tee hee…Skittles…). I really loved the Puffle Hotel too and transforming once again into puffles.
    *Operation: Hot Sauce: This has revolutioned the PSA Missions. This was totally a different experience I had. Although I still loved Op. Blackout more than Op. Hot Sauce, I really loved this new trend of missions and so hope there will be missions like this in the future. I still wish Club Penguin made it more interesting, fascinating and more fun since it was really easy. We could do it over less than 10 minutes!
    *Marvel Super Hero Takeover: Probably the favorite party of 2012 for many penguins. It was really nice to see that it returned but yet more epic than 2012! MORE Marvel Costumes, MORE Decorated rooms, MORE Action…MOAR MOAR! XP The only thing I missed from 2012 which I loved than 2013 was some of the room designs, and also fighting with Destructobot. Even if it was 20 minutes of waiting to fight against it in over 2 minutes, it was still a really fun minigame. I also wished it was in June instead than April. It gives it the spirit of a Summer-Packed Action Fun (You know what I mean?)
    *Card-Jitsu Party: Even if it was very similar to 2011, this is one of my favorite parties of 2013. I loved playing CJ Snow so much, and seeing some of the old designs from the party. I loved playing in the Stadium the big Card-Jitsu Battle and I loved the new Snow Rooms. I also loved the Ninja Headquarters. But the Ninja Hideout removal was a big disappointment since it was one of my favorite rooms. The Snow Dojo repayed the Ninja Hideout so basically, we didn’t get another extra room.
    *Monsters University Takeover: I am very neutral of this party. I love the Scare Games, but for me (sorry Trainman and others), it was really boring also the fact that no mascot visits the party which makes it more boring. I like the costumes but most of them are really weird because to be honest, for me it seems more likely to a duck instead of a penguin lol. I wish there were more rooms decorated but I guess I understand…back in March 2012…fixing the CJ Snow Beta, Adding the rooms for MSHT 2013 and CJ Party 2013…but I guess they could have done something more…Also, I don’t say this party is unoriginal but I believe they could have done it better this party, or a better idea for another party. After all, Club Penguin always wished to work with Pixar so I don’t want to ruin their dreams…everyone has dreams don’t we?

    So my rating of these parties are…

    *Prehistoric Party: 8/10
    *Hollywood Party: 9/10
    *Puffle Party: 7.5./10
    *Operation: Hot Sauce: 8.5/10
    *Marvel Super Hero Takeover: 9.5/10
    *Card-Jitsu Party: 10/10
    *Monsters University Takeover: 6.5/10

    Personally, my top 3 favorite parties so far this year are:

    *Hollywood Party
    *Marvel Super Hero Takeover
    *Card-Jitsu Party

    Now to the new additions…they added MANY new things! Club Penguin has entered into a new era of the island. The “New Age”. Club Penguin have REVOLUTIONED. The rooms, the penguin artwork…EVERYTHING! To be honest, I really love EVERYTHING of these additions. Also the penguin artwork. To be honest I personally like better the penguin artwork…it makes them pretty somehow (Who saw Cadence with her clipboard during the Hollywood Party?). But I only dislike Gary’s design since he looks like a complete pysco now. One thing of the penguin artwork that also bothers me is that they make the penguins pregnant. I like when they make the penguins more tall and their butt somehow bigger (But I am reffering to the Female Penguin Artwork). But making penguins pregnant is just plain wrong.
    To the Mascot new looks…I personally love some of them better in their new outfit while to the others withou clothing. Now please don’t say to me that I am gross but technically…penguins are NAKED. Penguin DON’T Wear clothing so in that aspect, I am not gross. Even though some of them I like it better with AND without the clothing. Like Cadence and Sensei.
    Card-Jitsu Snow is really fun and overall, the best Card-Jitsu Series game for me ever
    Puffle Digging is a really nice addition. We interact more with our adorable puffles and treat them like real pets!
    My Penguin is a brand new thing that I really love. Even if I don’t have an iPad, it seems really fun and interesting the app. Better than Puffle Launch. I still don’t understand why you need to pay for Puffle Launch while My Penguin is free…
    Mute all sounds is one of the best things. I FINALLY won’t hear a random penguin farting or using a bell
    Instagram and Facebook? Really good they join other social networks and interact more with us.
    The Puffle Hotel is one of my favorites too. I really love the room. We interact yet MORE with puffles! Before like just nothing and done. Now there is a resort penguins and puffles can enjoy!
    The Rainbow Puffles are awesome
    And finally, the new Spy Phone seems pretty cool for me unlike last one. And Spy Drills its good that it returned since its the Field Ops we enjoyed in the past ;)

    Can’t believe they still made many new updates and they are NOT done yet. This year was really interesting, and a very NEW year for Club Penguin.

    Now I am sorry Trainman if I was gross and being inapp on this comment. Or if this comment was really long. But to make things more appropiate if it satifies to you, Cadence looks adorable, new and old artwork. Sensei looks epic and awesome. Aunt Arctic seems more young and nicer while kind at the same time. And Gary…a total maniac O_O

    And one more noteworthy update you probably didn’t notice was the new sounds on the rooms like the waves in the Beach or the birds singing in the Town. I really love those sounds since it makes it more amazing, making it into a reality. Virtual Reality ;)

    My favorite year is really hard to choose since I loved ALL of these years (Except 2010) on Club Penguin. And I can’t decide because I simply love the game and I enjoy it. I may be older now but I don’t really mind that. Like you Trainman, you are 18 and you still play CP. That is being younger inside of us and feel like kids everytime…instead of being boring unhappy adults ;)

    Phineas99: April 19, 2008 – July 2, 2013

    • I’m pretty sure you submitted the longest comment on Club Penguin Memories to date. Great job. :P

    • I noticed the room sounds and I love them also I cant wait until they make the rest of the rooms updated and then the games :D

    • I read the whole thing I agree with every thing but I think the puffle party should have got a better rating ( in my opinion )

    • Gary…The total maniac…LOL! I loved this comment. It helps me relate to other penguins, knowing others are being like me sometimes. :) The last sentence pretty much summed up my parents. Everyday I like to show them something I do or make in my igloo, and then they kick me off for the day. I have learned that my parents are enemies of the snowy island I wish I could call home.

      Joshua64885: July 15, 2006-July 6, 2013

  30. Thanks guys for the comments! I appreciate them all, even the ones that are critical. We all love CP and work really hard to keep bringing great things to it. We do in fact have even more awesome tricks up our sleeve for the rest of the year and CP is only going to get better and BIGGER.

    On the Takeover parties, we hear you. For the record, we don’t do them for advertising purposes, we do them because we think they are awesome and will be a lot of fun and it would sort of be criminal to have access to awesome things like Star Wars and not do something with it. A large part of the audience really enjoys them and they are some of our most successful events on the last few years. Only 4 of our parties out of 12 this year have a Disney tie-in. We know that you guys love Medieval and Music Jam and you’ve also been asking for a Summer Party. We are listening and love those parties too. All I can say is the year is not over and we have a lot of great things coming. I think we have learned that we need to space these Takeover events out more and not cluster them up so much and we will definitely do that if we do Takeovers next year.

    What makes CP great is a passionate community like you guys that care. Not everyone agrees, but we all love Club Penguin. Thanks for the comments. We will keep listening and continue to do our best.

    Waddle on,
    Spike Hike

    • I’m so glad to see you are posting comments on other blogs! That is very inspirational for other bloggers like myself! About everything you said, I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication being put into all of these parties but there’s still one aspect I think a lot of players can’t stress enough to you: the parties need to be island wide! Don’t get me wrong, parties are still a good time, but parties where only part of the island is decorated make them get… rather uninteresting very quickly.

      I loved when the island was completely decked out for parties because the different rooms led to different interactions between players, which allowed our imaginations to go beyond much more than they do at today’s parties. Plus, it can promote a lot of creativity in the office as well, I know based off of the CP Summit that your offices can’t stress creativity enough. By decorating every room at parties, you are challenging your team to come up with new ideas and themes for the rooms not previously decorated! I just see it as a win-win for everyone, and I hope you take that into consideration, since you love getting feedback from our community.

      My personal favorite party this year has been the Hollywood Party, it was really creative. The MU Takeover is awesome, but I do have one suggestion: perhaps it would be better in the future if you added more interactive things at the parties, or at least did better with the animation. What I mean by this is, for example, in one of the MU houses, there is a fireplace but it doesn’t even move. In another house, there is a grandfather clock that doesn’t move. I think you’d be surprised how much players like myself enjoy the little things. One other thing too that I thought was bizarre was that in a few of the MU houses there were stairs that you could not climb. Those stairs tricked me into thinking that there was another room.

      All in all though, I really like this party, and I must say, it has been quite the successful year at Club Penguin. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next six months. Waddle on!


      • I do agree with your comment completely – I really like the small extra details. The Halloween Party has a lot of hidden little things for example. I know it’s a bigger party, but nevertheless I’d love to see small little detail additions at each party, some hidden and some not.

        • Hahahaha really happy that everyone liked the Cp party!
          the cp team worked really hard and we re still working on the Star Wars party so the bugs can go. Thanks to trainman1405 who has a really cool blog!
          So everyone visit his blog!
          You re really working hard like the cp team~
          All the CP team is happy to see your great job!
          So continue!
          ~polo field

    • Honestly … The Billybob would become the CP even better this year, shame he is not there, then the most possible is that I hope you improve, as do more original parties, do sequences of film festivals, a month after another , leaving the Penguins rounded so that animations, mini-games, from the front, they stay in the right angle. And also you need to wow the game, creating original stories for club penguin as: Herbert if it joins the machines and becomes a cyberborg together to his friend Klutzy … And could also you make surprises, as an unexpected attack Herbert, for example … : P I’d appreciate a lot if you give your best!

    • No offence dude, but I think you are a fake Spike Hike. Spike Hike would proofread his comments before sending them. Note this:
      “and it would sort of be criminal to have access to awesome things like Star Wars and not do something with it.”
      Notice how he/faker says criminal, not crime. Secondly, he says Takeover way too many times. Every time he means to say “party” he says “takeover”
      Third, I emailed CP and they said they wouldn’t comment on things like this.

      So the question is, are you Spike Hike, or a really good imposter, because wouldn’t SH have a Gravatar?

      -Obi Josh Kenobi

      BTW, here is my opinion (for Trainman1405):

      I think Club Penguin has been divided into half. Not only with Original Parties and Takeovers, but bringing back rare items or keeping them rare. Also, some players would like to keep some secrets, well, secret! I would like if Disney didn’t release a Cinematic Trailer, then 4 or 5 pictures, then a In-Game Trailer. I wish it was like Old Club Penguin (note that I am not on that side, I just want this one thing) , where you would only release 1 or 2 pictures, and those were sketch drawings. Remember last year during the Medieval Party you could see the asteroid coming through the telescope, or during the Halloween Party you could see the Time Trekker flying across the sky in the Observatory? Those were my favorite affects. It left mysteries going through CP for months! Like we had the Halloween Party in October, and then didn’t find out what the time machine thingy (that’s what we called it) until JANUARY! That’s 2 months of mystery! Also, release little videos with tidbits in them. Like when you showed the Dubstep Puffle, there was a small frame with someone working on a sketch drawing labeled Operation: Blackout. That was in Febuary, and the mystery went on for 8 MONTHS!!! That was awesome!! So there is my opinion. I hope this can affect the island somehow, and I hope to make a change. I always donating over 10,000 coins at a time to CFC, hoping it would make a CP difference. Maybe you should have this: If you donate a certain amount then you get an item! One item is one that was rumored, but not true. A CFC Puffle Hat! Anyway,

      Waddle On.

  31. Personally, I think there are too many licensed parties. What I think they should have done is do a somewhat related type party (ex: Marvel Takeover =Superhero Party, MU Party = School/University Party). They’re still advertising Disney Movies, but still being original (I’m a huge supporter of compromises BTW ;p). I think the new appearances aren’t so good, the old(er) ones were more kid friendly, which is about half the population of CP anyway :p.

    I also think the CJ Snow party and the game went wrong somewhere. The entire party should have been on SNOW, not all the elements. The game never really did focus on the entire basis of CJ, which is how the elements beat one another. It shouldn’t have even been called CJ at all!

    Everything else is fine.

  32. Thats a good idea of what the Cp Team is doing with the Partys,Spike Hike! But… I think,you guys should add more Items for Non Members in #MyPenguin!

  33. I think that Club Penguin did a great job this year. I’m pretty upset that they changed the rooms like the Town, Dojo, and the Plaza. I have to say I would like them to bring back the old parties such as the Summer Kick Off and the Music Jam. Also I’m thinking that CP is running out of ideas for parties. I’m not a big fan of Star Wars or Super Heroes. In my opinion about the new penguin design I think that the old one was better because the new design look kind of bad with the shading. But what CP did really great this year was making My Penguin and planning out the Holiday Party. I thought it was a huge success. I hope next year would be awesome! Keep up the good work Club Penguin!

  34. I must say,in my opinion I haven’t liked this year,I liked the classic parties like music jam,The Fair,adventure party,but now they’ve just killed the old and classic parties,they replaced them with Ad. parties,and I HATE ad parties,nowdays they don’t pay attention to some rooms,and I liked the old clothing,and furniture,what happened? It clearly seems it’s too different and nothing basic,anymore,I want to make a nice house,not a SUPER AWSOME CITY,the furniture isn’t even to make an igloo anymore,just to make a SUPER AWSOME thing,and the furniture is TOO big,I wish they brought back the old furniture and clothing,and parties too,though I’m still not SCREAMING at Cp,I still have a hope old furniture will be back someday,also clothing,though Cp hasn’t been doing that bad.

  35. Now this year is one of the best CP years ever aside form last year and this year is EVEN better! I love all the room updates and new puffle stuff! At first I didnt like the enw penguin design but its grown on me :) alsoId appreciate it if all games and rooms were updated to modern looks and also I love the parties! I wish Rockhopper would visit and so would the Band

  36. I like most of the new updates, parties I would gladly have the ninja hideout back and less advertised parties. Even though they are cool I would like to see some original parties from CP. Im very happy that they gave out a lots of items for non members.

  37. Pros: New room designs, Card-Jitsu Snow, Puffle Digging, CP University, Puffle Hotel, Rainbow Puffle, and the new EPF updates.
    Cons: The takeover parties. Stop with the takeover parties, Disney or whoever’s in charge now! Let CP be CP, with creative and original parties. Not promotion parties. Another con: the new penguin designs. I don’t hate them, but in my opinion, the old penguin designs were better.

  38. Joining in 2006, 2013 has made a big change.

    I think now Club Penguin is trying to co-operate with people who play the game. With updating the Recycling Plant with the new school, it allows users known as ‘preps’ to have more fun in the game. Same goes with the Pet Shop.

    The Take Overs sure are fun, especially this Star Wars one, but some of us penguins do want some new original parties instead of them promoting a special Disney event . Puffle digging was released and made some users mad how they returned old items, but new penguins happy as they now have the chance to get them.

    They can’t make everyone happy, but the community is generally happy ; which is great.

  39. This is the worse medieval party i have seen and so far the worse year in cp history, please bring back our old classical party without changes, we disagree and hate those ridiculous takeovers and those stupid changes, i just cant seen to understand why cp team is ruining this game, make me think twice about quitting, cause seriously keep in mind how far you got this year and how shameless this is! We cant handle it anymore, and we wont! Plz people complain with cp team bring back 2012, a time when they respected the parties structure and made some inovations too that stayed cool, this year from other side was just a ruin to cp and we cant let disney keep ruining this amazing game, please ppl help complain it dont stay quiet, share this in other places lets get back to our classical parties we reject those takeovers and all of the changes on our parties!

  40. I agree, this is my second year of CP and It is quite fun since I joined in 2011. Luckily Cp almost died on me and I could escape. What I mean is that 2005-2011. Were good all days. Free items. More mascot apperances. Everything. All the rooms decorated. AND NO TAKEOVERS. Now its the EXACT oppisite. Logging in for an item is pain. Waking up having to go to school and doing HW back at home and at 10:56 you finish and get in bed. Instead back then you could login any day and still get and item! 2005-2011 :D 2012-now [:| so today we need better rooms and decorations! More mascot appearnces and not having to wait 6 hours for a mascot! ( but in meetup times) 2005-2011 we neec back. Hopefully 2014 is 2007,2008,2005,2006,2009,2010,2011. WE NEED BACK!

  41. I think CP is getting a little lazy and violent in the MARVEL party, even people killed each other in that party!

    Also CP tore down the Recycle Plant with a SCHOOL! And they brought preps! Also nature is awesome!

    Also did you guys notice almost everything in CP is for members ONLY? The Non-Members are having a terrible time! Yeah, i know the parties are for everyone but Membership IS TOO HIGH!!!

    Ugh! I HATE it when Disney to these ad parties. What’s worse is that they ADVERTISE they’re stuff on this game! Disney YOU HAVE GAMES A LAND A WORLD TV SHOWS AND MORE!!! You really need more?!

    So you think like me?

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