Club Penguin Blog: July Month In Review

Similar to my “We’re Halfway Through 2013 – In Your Opinion, How’s Club Penguin Doing This Year With Updates?” post from the beginning of this month, Club Penguin has done their first ever month in review post as a part of their weekly Reviewed By You posts. Here is the full post by Polo Field:

We are going to try something new with Reviewed by You…at the end of each month we are going to do a Month in Review! As you know, we love getting feedback from our players so this will give you the chance to let us know your thoughts! We want to know what your highlights of the month were and what you would like to see in upcoming months!

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To refresh your memory here’s a list of some memorable moments in July:

  • School added to Club Penguin
  • Puffle Treasure Hunting Items
  • Furniture Catalog
  • #WaddleOn Series Begins
  • Penguin Style
  • Star Wars™ Takeover Begins and Tatooine Quest Launched

Looking forward to your feedback!

I’ve enjoyed every update this month! There’s nothing negative for me to say…

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5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: July Month In Review

  1. Eh, it’s alright. I have mixed feelings about Penguin Style, the furniture catalog’s cool, I don’t like the school at all, but the Star Wars Takeover and #WaddleOn are AWESOME.

  2. My review on July 2013
    ·School added to Club Penguin
    The new school was cool but they didn’t have to remove the Recycling Plant. I don’t realy care if the remove it but it would be better if it had stayed. I think the school should be put somewhere else because i think the mine and it’s garden was fun. They should put it at a totolly new place in a seperate area like its own seperate room on the map if you know what I mean because CP hasn’t but a new place on the map for years even the puffle hotel isn’t in a new place.
    ·Puffle Treasure Hunting Items
    The new puffle digging feature is good because CP hasn’t gave a major think for puffle for quite a while and you can have fun collecting items. There are even new stamps and you can get items. This is somthing I like but the only thing is that it isn’t good for people you arn’t members and you can’t get any items. Trainman1405 said that you can get items with non member penguins but I tried and I didn’t find anything. I don’t why it’s so hard to get items if your not a member but if you log into a member penguin it’s very easy to get items. Think about non members even if they don’t pay you money CP!
    ·Waddle on
    This is my favorite thing that happened in July. Keep it up and please don’t stop making it which might happen in a few years but please don’t make that true.
    ·Penguin Style
    This is the thing that you should never do again.It is the (i don’t want to be mean or anything) worst catalog ever released and the worst update in 2013. Come on only 2 outfits and 2 pages. Come on ! But i guess all the othor amazing updates kind of makes up for it. Are you busyy or somthing. Maybe the next catalog will have more clothes then usual to pay for only 2 pages.
    ·Star Wars
    The star wars party was one of the best parties in my opinion. I can’t wait for the next planets we will be able to visit. I liked the party game it was really fun. The last lleval was hard but I think was fun. I finshed it after trying hard. Its very addictive. I think the othor 2 games will be just as good. I think the games were the best thing of the party. I like the Jet Eye master training is fun too. It may have been funner if you gavr even more costumes you can get from winning of August 1st and 8th. But can you please start having parties from CP and can you please make a party were we can tranform into somthing. Oh, and darth herbert is actually a bit funny I like it. I didn’t meet him at the Blackout Party and I only need his stamp and then i would have got all mascote stamps. But it is a shame he with start cominh on August and not before

    I hope you liked me review it took me a bit of a time to write it. I am very sorry i have spelling mistakes as the device i am writing on does not have spell cheake and is really hard to type. And train man if you can please add me.

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