More Twitter Bits – Club Penguin Show Called Waddle On and Disney’s Teen Beach Movie In August?

Continuing my post from yesterday, here are two more bits from Spike Hike.

First off, there’s a new YouTube channel video series they’re starting up called Waddle On. I wonder what it’s about?

Second of all, Spike Hike was at a filming for a Club Penguin Game On commercial yesterday. Hallie, the girl from Game On, tweeted this and Spike Hike retweeted it. You can see part of the Club Penguin logo and some of the game’s graphics behind the people…is the guy who plays Austin in Disney’s TV show Austin & Ally coming to Club Penguin in August?


115 thoughts on “More Twitter Bits – Club Penguin Show Called Waddle On and Disney’s Teen Beach Movie In August?

  1. Depending on the Spike, all parties of the CP Will be publicity! How boring!

  2. Please don’t do this club penguin ;~;
    So many promotion parties.
    Monsters U.
    Stars wars
    Now this.

    I have a great idea for a party :)
    I just wish they didn’t advertise everything though

  3. My predictions for parties for the rest of the year:
    June: Monsters University party.
    July: Star wars Takeover
    August: A combination of the Summer party and Music jam.
    September: The fair
    October: Halloween party
    November: Medieval party
    December: Christmas Party
    No more Adventure party?

  4. Yus. I have been waiting for this. Train, if this were to happen, do you think it’s a great idea? I mean, Austin + Ally mascots in CP… oooo!

  5. No, don’t you see? It’s Teen Beach Movie…. Like Spike Hike said “Summer Party and Music Jam” mixed in. And that describes Teen Beach Movie.

  6. No, don’t you see? It’s Teen Beach Movie…. Like Spike Hike said “Summer Party and Music Jam” mixed in. And that describes Teen Beach Movie..

  7. It’s not Austin and Ally. It’s Teen Beach Movie. Both Ross Lynch and that girl are in that movie. You can also see waves and a palm tree. The movie involves surfing and music. Could this be August’s party?

  8. sigh
    I try not to gripe but –
    Does this mean Disney channel will ‘Takeover’ Club Penguin again?
    I like some of them, but one after another is sad.
    We have our own penguin parties, I would like to see some like the Water Party from before I joined. The Takeovers take AWAY one of our penguin parties.
    Club Penguin is SPECIAL, we looked at lots of sites before we all agreed on Club Penguin.
    Maybe at least every other party could just be OURS?

  9. im dont have complaints about sonsored parties but the movie they couldpossibly advertise is TEEN beach movie, weird no?TEENAGE in CP? its weird from part of the game

  10. I know a lot of people will be going :O at the screen, but who the heck are Austin & Ally?! XD I’m guessing that they’re from a Disney show…

  11. Maybe it’s about Teen Beach Movie You Know Cuz Of The Beachy Back Round And Also Since “Austin’ Is In The Movie It Would Make Sense Also Doesn’t That Movie Come Out Soon?

  12. Come on, please just keep it a party and not an advertisement but i do like the star wars party coming out

  13. There is also rumored to be a Teen Beach Movie Party. I swear I really hope there are NOT promoting the Teen Beach Movie. If they are, they are going TOO Far because CP is a KIDS Game MAINLY. Not a TEENS Game MAINLY.

    Why can’t we have a Simple Summer Music Jam? I was ok with Marvel, good with Innocent Smoothies, fine with Monsters University, great with Shake It Up (Especially since Zendaya is so hot…really!), and amazed with Star Wars but a Teen Beach Movie Party JUST spoiled all the Sponsored/Ads Party FUN.

    • It’s not much “Teen” though. It’s just teens dancing…. in bathing suits. That’s all, it’s not that bad.

  14. Ohhh, it makes sense. Club Penguin is going to have the Summer Music Party everyone is talking about in August, and, to promote the new Teen Beach Movie on Disney Channel, Austin and Ally will come to Club Penguin. It all makes sense now.

  15. No!!!!! I just saw on twitter that she just finished doing a segment with TEEN BEACH stinkin’ MOVIE!!!! >:() thats the party! (Which makes sense) to get back to the girls for the two guy party. But why couldn’t be Austin and ally for the party and not teen beach movie? Ps.train can i get credit?

  16. well i only think they will be there to be mascots cuz last year it was supposed to be shake it up music jam but only turned out to be them there as mascots and it mainly focused on cadence and the penguin bands new song

  17. Not gonna be the best idea for a party but ClubPenguin is really good at slipping little ads in to promote 3rd parties :p

  18. It could be based off that or they are saying how teen beach movie can foreshadow this party plus it wouldnt make since to have a party two months after the movie thing

  19. Guys, who cares if its a teen beach move or an ad movie, we’ll still get a Summer Music Jam :D im happy for this :) Be happy, at least its not another “Takeover” :P

    • This Teen Beach movie is probably going to be the party. Think about it, in the movie all they do is sing, which could mean the Music Jam, and they’re at the beach so that’s part of the summer party.

  20. ANOTHER SNEAK PEEK! On Hallie’s twitter of course :P
    In the backround, you see… Purple, yellow and, A GOLDEN MICROPHONE!!!! Sneak peek for the “game on” :3

  21. I’m thinking of next years Earth Day Party (if we have one, we’re prob not.) with Bridgit Mendler. Just imagine – WEEE CANN WEE CAAN CHANGEE DAA WORLDDDD (a duet with cadence :P)

  22. I am a teen and even I think this is a stupid idea! In fact, I am quitting CP because it is nothing like it used to be when I played it as a little kid. I guess its time for a new game… Like Mech Mice! LOL

  23. NOO NO AUSTIN AND ALLY! I WANT A MUSIC JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Noooooooooo! Please club penguin! Stop with advertizing parties. When billybob was the “boss” of club penguin these parties didn’t exist. So why can’t you rest the originalyty of club penguin and make original parties like new missions, adventure party, or medieval party? Don’t understand me wrong cus like the show (just a little bit) but can you stop with these parties??

  25. Nooooooooooo!!! When billybob was the “boss” of club penguin these parties didn’t exist. Will they ever stop with these stupid and ugly advertizing parties?

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