Quick Twitter Bits From Spike Hike

Here’s a few noteworthy tweets from Spike Hike. It’s also worth mentioning that Spike Saturday was not today but will be Spike Sunday tomorrow – and I will be there!

Is he hinting there might be a Medieval Party later this year?

Finally, there will be a Game On commercial on Disney Channel this August for what is most likely that Summer/Music party. I’m sure we’ll hear about that starting next month.

Also, speaking of Club Penguin on social media – Club Penguin’s YouTube channel recently hit 100,000 subscribers!

18 thoughts on “Quick Twitter Bits From Spike Hike

  1. Hey Train!
    I know the August party, Though another ad.. BUT WHO CARES! Remember when Spike tweeted there will be a party with music? and on the twitter @Hallie4GO has a picture of Austin from Austin and Ally In front of a BEACH! CLUB PENGUIN BEACH! AUSTIN AND ALLY PARTY!!! WHOO!

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