Daffodaily5 Shows Off Python Nu Kappa Monsters University Scare Team

The other day on the Club Penguin Blog Polo Field listed the Monsters University Scare Teams and also mentioned that in the future the other official game bloggers would be revealing which team they’re joining! Today Daffodaily5 revealed that she’ll be joining Python Nu Kappa, or PNK for short. Here’s a sneak peek of it:


Looks cool! I wonder why Daffodaily’s penguin name is so small in the image? Also…did anyone else notice in the top right corner they tried to hide the text saying “features shown require a paid membership” by making it a brown colour to match the picture and also making the text really small? Shame!

The following page has been updated:

16 thoughts on “Daffodaily5 Shows Off Python Nu Kappa Monsters University Scare Team

  1. Maybe it is because the room is close up and the furniture looks big, that the penguins have to be bigger to be seen!

  2. pnk reminds me of mh,might join ok or pnk depends on how many votes everybody votes on,its like club penguin’s kind of almost copying neopets on the altador cup
    scare games? altador cup? whats the trophy for the scare games called again? neopets trophy is the same name as the tournaments name
    – Shera54321

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