Club Penguin Scare Games Information

Today on the Club Penguin Blog Polo Field has posted some information about the Scare Games at this month’s party. Just like in the Monsters University you can join a scare team and compete to win a scary prize.


Roar Omega Roar: Are your scare abilities top notch? Are you the best of the best? Then ROR is where you want to be.

Jaws Theta Chi: JOX are natural born frighters, who love the scare of the game!

Python Nu Kappa: Do you hide your inner monster behind a scarismatic smile? PNK’s got the flair to scare!

Oozma Kappa: Don’t underestimate these determined underdogs – they’ve got plenty of heart to take it to the top!

Polo Field is planning to join Oozma Kappa. The other bloggers will reveal what team they’ll be on over the next few weeks. I personally have not decided yet!

The following page has been updated:

45 thoughts on “Club Penguin Scare Games Information

  1. Wow!:o That`s awesome Train! But I am nonmember at this moment! I really want all of those to be for nonmembers…we will have to wait… However good job to this site! You rock! Waddle on… ;) ~Raresboss4

      • I believe that for non-member you can get the Sully costume if you scare enough points…. I got this info form St Michael3 … ;) Ask him and he’ll have a picture of the email ~K 20 10 2

  2. I know I have said this before but Club Penguin is loosing what made it good. I personally don’t like the new art style. I think Screenhog was awesome.

  3. I’ll be in all of them to get all the prizes, or do you have to choose just one? If just one, then I’m an OK! :)

  4. I <3 pink but who will join me idk :P please tell me but i am a winner so i wanna see what team is the best :)

  5. OOZMA KAPPA FOR SURE! :D I LOVE THE COLOR GREEN, AND im not a fast runner. :p And I have that heart to cheer on people and do my best and NOT cheat!

  6. i hope we can quit and join different teams tho If I had to pick just one I would pick ok cause its the main team in the movie that I knnw of course

    I was on Club Penguin today in town and somebody threw a GIANT snowball at the screen!
    I took a screen capture.
    Have you seen any? It was about 3 inches high.

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