Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2013 – Master The Elements!

Club Penguin’s 2013 Card-Jitsu Party is now here! You can view my other post for Card-Jitsu Snow game stuff.

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The island has been broken into three different areas – snow, fire, and water. Each element takes up 1/3 of the island. From the Mountain to the Ski Village is the Snow area.

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From the Dock to the Snow Forts is the fire area.

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From the Plaza to the Cove is the water area.

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Each of the three rooms pictured (Mountain, Dock, and Forest) has a special entrance to the party’s elements room. Stand on the fire area and throw hot sauce. Stand on the snow area to throw extra large snowballs. Stand on the water area to throw water balloons. Simply go to throw a snowball and it’ll be that object!

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At the Stadium you can play Card-Jitsu as a battle. Gather as a group and waddle onto the element you want to play. Try to beat the other side!

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There is no longer a Dojo Hideout. As a result the Martial Artworks catalogue has been moved to the Dojo. You can read more about the catalogue here.

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Here is the new Dojo:

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When you login you’ll see a popup. Be sure to get your snow battling gear! There is a headband and armour if you’re a member.

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In many of the Club Penguin rooms there’s an icon for the party’s special catalogue with a wide variety of items. For once the party doesn’t require us to do a task to get the free items!

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Miscellaneous Things

There are three limited edition emotes. A fortune cookie, chopsticks, and a teapot kettle! UPDATE: Press E+C on your keyboard for a hidden cauldron emote. Thanks Jjoeyxx!

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Sensei’s playercard has been updated to accompany his recently updated buddy list icon that got changed a few weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.09.26 AM

Here’s his new background:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.23.30 AM

How are you liking the Card-Jitsu Party?

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  1. Trainman you need to put in the new poll called: are you a Snow Ninja yet? answers are:
    yea i am! No I`m Not! I`m almost done!

  2. Hey Trainman! I would like to let you know the cauldron emote is actually not a secret, it’s on the top right corner of the list. Club Penguin also removed the coffee cup emote and replaced it with the cauldron, I don’t know if that’s permanent or will come back when the party is over.

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