74 thoughts on “2013 Parties

  1. Get ready to be dressed up in fashion party starts February 14 you will also have a chance to meet me at the holly wood party good luck and waddle on

    • i think the next club penguin party should be marvel super hero one because i think if they do that party they might fix the EPF place where you do all the missions. i think there is gonna be a new mission go on riffy888 and it will tell you what will happen to the pizza place in club penguin

      • yea……. I agree in a way BUT its so cool and all the new costumes and all that are amazing and I wonder what is going to be for the furniture catalog

        I WOUNDER!!!

  2. I heard that the Marvel Superhero Takeover will be coming back – but in PENGUIN FORM (Penguin Superhero Takeover?) We will be able to defeat a robot Herbert and meet Reporter Arctic. I am not sure this is all true.

  3. Even though this isn’t considered a party but an event instead you should add red nose day where you can tell joke at the Coffee Shop.

  4. Hi my name is Icecream0024(this is my penguin name) and this morning I saw twice the add for the monster uni takeover. I never expected this to happen as I live in New Zealand and it does get much CP covergae

  5. MUAHAHAHA I am coming, penguins, and you wont see it coming, err, I think you wont, MUAHAHA!

  6. Did Gary fail a spell of did Herbert hack the site because the messy (Medieval) party isn’t there tho. Tillrill turned me into a penguin made out of cheese. I almost ate myself

  7. train do you want the picures of the halloween party, 8th annviersy, operation puffle and hoilday party for 2013

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