On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 22

On the 22nd of March there were several updates in 2012. The first one penguins noticed upon logging in – there was a brand new login screen advertising that year’s April Fools Day Party, which started on March 29th and ended the 3rd of April. The postcards were also updated, with the Quest for the Golden Puffle, Puffle Performance, and Happy Puffles postcards returning.


There was also the 74th field op, located at the Hidden Lake. The ending game was to power up the chipset by guiding the micro battery. The orders from G for this small mission were:

Dot has a plan. We are going to plant some EPF technology out the open, and see if Herbert steals it. There’s a broken Aqua Grabber somewhere Underground. Find it and power up its computer core. Let’s see if it goes missing.

Finally, a new pin, the Cake Pin, was hidden at the Book Room.


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11 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 22

  1. Hey train i got some meet up times for PH if you would like to add them you are welcome to.

    Thursday March 21    10:00am    ArcticThursday March 21    11:30am    Northern LightsThursday March 21    1:00pm    AlaskaThursday March 21    5:30pm    RainbowFriday March 22    8:30am    CozyFriday March 22    5:00pm    BlizzardSaturday March 23    10:00am    Jack FrostSaturday March 23    2:00pm    BergSaturday March 23    6:30pm    ArcticSunday March 24    9:00am    FogSunday March 24    11:30am    Wool SocksSunday March 24    2:00pm    RainbowSunday March 24    5:00pm    CrystalMonday March 25    8:30am    Jack FrostMonday March 25    11:30am    CloudyMonday March 25    12:00pm    Big FootMonday March 25    2:00pm    BlizzardMonday March 25    5:00pm    MammothTuesday March 26    8:30am    FogTuesday March 26    10:00am    ZiplineTuesday March 26    11:30am    Mammoth

    All times are in penguin time PST

    Have fun!

    1 Director

  2. that party was great! feel luky for can say sometime of that time,I was there LOL only a week?mm.bad that no wiil return,poor rockie and i want to see him too,lol

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