Trainman1405 In Real Life: Ask Me Anything (For The Third Time)

UPDATE: The answers have been posted! View them here.

Just like I did back in April and also in September you can comment on this post with your questions about me and I will answer them in a separate post. I’m going it the same way I had done it in the Spring:

Comment below with anything you want to know about me, and I’ll answer it.*

*As long as it’s nothing too personal or inappropriate. I reserve the right to not answer your question if I don’t want to.

Get commenting, and expect your answers in a new post in about a week! I don’t care if you asked a previously asked question, I will still answer it. Anything you want to know about me and my life, just ask it below! :)

162 thoughts on “Trainman1405 In Real Life: Ask Me Anything (For The Third Time)

        • Whats your fave animal?
          Whats your fave movie?
          Do you have GF?
          Do you have a pet?
          How old are you?
          Whats your real name? (I keep forgetting)
          Whats your fave passtime?
          What countries have you been in?
          Do you like me?
          Do you know im a big fan of you?
          Do you have any brothers or sisters?
          Do you like Mcdonalds?
          Out of a rating of 1 – 100 how do you like cp?
          Out of a rating of 1 – 100 how do you like my name?
          Out of a rating 1 – 100 how much do you like your cp name?
          How many questions have i asked so far?
          Three more questions, ok?
          What was your first party?
          Are you excited for beta testing CJ Snow and do you think well get a rare item?
          And last question, Ok? Im getting tired from typing
          What is your fave food?
          Did you answer all my questions?
          How many questions did i ask including this one?

  1. Hi Trainman1405 ! From where you find the sneak of the igloo like the prehistoric invisible igloo or can you give me the link from the Membership pack – Rockhopper ? Beacause I wanna be member ! thx

    • I’ll answer this one now so you don’t have to wait a week for a response: the igloo background sneak peek was on CP’s site. And the membership pack can be found on Club Penguin’s products page. :)

  2. Will you become Author of my blog and write just one post for a while .. :) That will be a great Honor for meh :)
    ~ Disneydimney

  3. Well, now its time to ask you all of those super random questions like I did in April & September!

    Q1: Can you take a picture of your room?
    Q2: What is your LEAST subject in school?
    Q3: If you had to work in a different job, besides working for CP, what would be your job and why?
    Q4: What is your least favorite party in CP and why?
    Q5: What is your most favorite party in CP and why?
    Q6: What is your least favorite item in CP and why?
    Q7: Would you buy the CP Album?
    Q8: What is your favorite song in CP and why?
    Q9: What is your least favorite song in CP & why?
    Q10: Would you continue your blog even when you are 18?
    Q11: Do you like peaches?
    Q12: What is your favorite color?
    Q13: What is your favorite song?
    Q14: What is your favorite movie?
    Q15: Do you like the snow?

    (More Questions coming soon)

  4. Where do you live? Please name the country. Also name the state and/or the city. Thank you for reading this comment.

  5. Do you think Cadence is hot? Do you have a girlfriend? How many Card-Jitsu cards have you got? (firstly, cadence is hot, secondly, no, i don’t. and I have 143 CJ Cards)

  6. I am approving everyone’s questions as I write down my answers in a separate post. A few I’ll answer now on here as you can see me doing. :)

  7. Hey Train,How Did You Met Club Penguin, And What Insipired You To Be A Blogger?

    :) And Whats The Most Interesting/Fun That Happened With You And Your Blog?

    Thanks For Readin

  8. Are your parents devorced? Is Graser 8 from CP Broadcast your brother? Do you have any pets? Are you single? Who is your favorite blogger aside of you? Your favorite singer? Favorite food? Favorite day of the week? How long did it take crouds on CP? Day or night? Sky or ground? Who is your favorite mascot? Did you meet him/her het? Can I get a picture of what your blog looked like when you first started posting? Am I annoying you? How many questions have I asked you so far? Do you like sand castles? Is your family aware that you run several blogs?

  9. Whats the rarest non-related CP thing you have in your possession, And whats your most rares CP related thing you have in your possession?

  10. 1) who is better, Mario or Sonic?
    2) have you ever played poptropica and/or Minecraft?
    3) Which food is better, Pizza or Pasta?
    4) Have you ever played with Legos?
    5) Which food is better, Omlet, Pancakes, Doughnuts, or Cinamon rolls?
    6) If you could say anything to the President, what would you say?
    7 (Last one!)) If you could invent one of these, which would you invent, a real-life Back to the Future Delorean time machine, a useless door (that takes you to someplace useless), or a wallet that holds all the world’s money in it?

  11. Whats your opinion on Samsung vs. Apple? I mean, Samsung clearly ripped Apple off :\
    What do you want to see in iOS 7?
    How big is your house? (square feet)?
    What is the meaning of life?

  12. what parties do you want to see on Club Penguin sometimes?
    Do you like sports? Which one?
    Who did you vote for to win the super bowl 49ers or ravens?
    Whats your most valuable thing on Club Penguin?

  13. 1) If you could change 1 thing about Club Penguin, what would it be?
    2) What is your least favourite thing that Club Penguin has changed over time? For example – huge pins
    3) What job do you want at Club Penguin (Artist, Support Rep, Coder, tester etc)

  14. 1)How much do you miss Billybob and Happy77 1-1,000?2)Whats your favorite Cp blog you ever read? (Saraapril in Club Penguin,Club Penguin Team Philippines,etc.) 3)Do you play Minecraft or any other game? If so, which one?4) Who’s your favorite person to watch on Youtube?

  15. – What does your workspace look like? What equipment do you use to create and manage your blog?
    – What post or story on this site are you most proud of?
    – If you weren’t writing about Club Penguin, what would you write about?

  16. When did you have a girlfriend? What have you been thinking of Saraapril lately? What would your job be in a few years? Do you like soccer, badminton and skateboarding? That’s all I need to know xD

  17. 1. Do you know Saraapril? Do you think she is WAY to kind? I mean, being nice is good, but that much just makes me puke.
    2. Is graser10 your brother?

  18. 1. Whats your favorite CP Party from 2012?
    2. What’s your least favorite CP Party from 2012?
    3. Best CP Party from 2013?
    4. Are you a Beta?
    5. What’s your fave CP Face item?
    6. Fave Room?
    7. Do you like trains?
    8. I met Billybob! Have you?
    9. What should I get – CP Album or Herberts Revenge?
    10. Am I asking too many questions?

  19. -Whats your favourite movie?
    -Whats your favourite Song?
    -Whos is your favourite Actor?
    -Who is your favourite actress?
    -Which singer is your favourite?
    -Whats your favourite Disney Channel show?
    -Whos your biggest fan?
    -Which acent do you like?
    -Latest movie you watched in Cinema?
    -Whats your favourite rage comics charecter?
    -Do you like me? :3 Oh sorry, its personal :p just kidding.

  20. 1) Could you take a picture of your breakfast?
    2) On a scale of 1 – 10 how much do you dislike Club Penguin CP? Forget Chrisdog93, what do you think of the actual site?
    3) How do you access Club Penguin pages earlier than you’re meant to, like the poll? You cannot not reveal your secrets to me. I’ve searched for a method of accessing the stuff early but it seems humanely impossible.
    4) In 52043 days, how old will you be?
    5 How many cousins do you have
    6) How many more years do you expect to blog about Club Penguin for?
    7) Do you make drafts for everything?
    8) What happens on the “In This Day in History” posts after 365 days have passed?
    9) Are you human? (1 + 1 = ?)
    10) What is your favorite Club Penguin blog excluding the Official one?
    11) How many sheep could you fit in a small car that already has two sausages and three woggies in it?
    12) How you ever tried wearing a wig?
    13) Does your ear ever itch?
    14) Can you lick your nose?
    15) How much money would you have to be offered monthly in order to work for Chrisdog93?

  21. 1. What Online school are you enrolled in?
    2. Would you say that your more of a coder or designer?
    3. What would you say graser has to be better at than you?
    4. If you suddenly found a wallet where would you take it after searching it and knowing that it has no id?
    5. Will you tweet @darkpanther9cp a picture of your room?

  22. 1)What’s your favorite game other than Club Penguin?
    2)Is Graser 10 your brother? (I’m not sure if that’s personal or not.Sorry if it is!)
    3)What else is your favorite Club Penguin blog other than yours?
    4)Who’s your best friend in Cp?
    That’s all I have to ask! Bye Train!

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  23. are you friends with saraapril(twitter or cp), what do you think of her and her website lately, do you know her in real life?

  24. You WILL answer this post.
    You WILL comment on this post saying poop.
    You WILL…help me out here I’m running out of You WILLS…
    What is your favorite food?
    Favorite Snack?
    Favorite TV Show?
    Favorite Game?
    -Hermey12 :)

  25. Q1: If you could learn any other language(s), what would they be?
    Q2: At what age do you think you might stop Club Penguin blogging?
    Q3: What’s your IQ?
    Q4: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Q5: In-N-Out or Five Guys?
    Q6: About how much money did you spend on Club Penguin codes?
    Q7: What occupation do you want to have?
    Q8: If you were single, which actress would you want to date?
    Q9: What is your favorite word?
    Q10: Do you like to spend time with your friends and fans?

    Thanks and have a good day. :)

  26. (Sorry this is so late)

    1: Whats your favourite type of puffle?
    2: What’s your favourite colour?
    3: Are you friends with any CP bloggers?
    4: How do you stalk club penguins every move, for eg: “someone at CP HQ googled how to make a pizza today”
    5: What is your favourite sport?
    6: How did u pick the name “Trainman”?

  27. 1) Do you like Lego. If so what kind
    2) Has there ever been a day where you’ve not been on the computer?
    3) Have you heard over Scouts, Explorers etc. If so, have you ever been in one of those.

    more soon…

  28. More Questions!

    3) Have you read or at least heard of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books?
    4) Have you heard of Animal Crossing?
    5) If you ever outgrew or lost interest in Club Penguin, would you consider letting new penguins take over the CP Memories?
    6) True of False: you would have added Spike Hike with the add any penguin cheat if you’d known at the time that he was going to be the CEO of Club Penguin?
    7) Who’s your favourite mascot?
    8) Do you have a girlfriend?
    9) If you got the offer, would you date Ella Henderson?
    10) What’s your favourite book?
    11) What generation is your I-Pod?
    12) What kind of computer do you have?
    13) How many computers do you have?
    14) Do you have any pets?
    15) Who’s your favourite smurf?
    16) Will you let someone replace Ducky908 on the blogroll since he has closed down his blog?
    17) What’s your favourite type of train?
    18) How many model trains do you have?
    19) Do you like my blog?
    20) What’s been your favourite year of CP?
    21) What’s been your favourite party of all time on CP?
    22) What’s your middle name (if you have one)

    That’s all (i think!)

  29. Hey Train! I have a few quick questions. First, how much money do you make a month off of your ads? Also, how did you learn all of your coding skills? Lastly, how does it feel to get schooling from home instead of going to public school like a lot of us? Do you ever get lonely? That’s all, have a nice day! :) -Waddle80457

  30. 1. How do you post before everyone? (i posted before you once)
    2. Do you have a job?
    3. Are you good at coding?
    4. Do you play Habbo?
    5. Are you married?

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