On This Day In Club Penguin History – February 16

Several different updates have occurred on the 16th of February in Club Penguin history. They happened in the years 2007 and 2012.


In 2007 there were three different updates. There were a new pin, a new furniture catalogue, and also a new igloo catalogue. Starting with the pin, it was the Ice Cube Pin. It could be found at the Iceberg. The Ice Cube Pin was Club Penguin’s 26th pin to be released in the game. The furniture catalogue featured a few medieval items such as the Knight Ice Sculpture and Wall Torch. The igloo catalogue on the other hand featured the all new (at the time) Ice Castle Igloo. When it was first released it cost 5,100 coins. Now it only costs 2,400 coins.



There were lots of updates in 2012. The most minor ones were a new field op, the postcards being updated, and a new login screen. The three more major updates included Rockhopper arriving and also both a new furniture and igloo catalogue like in 2007. The field op was Club Penguin’s 69th one. It was located at the Recycling Centre next to the computer. The minigame to finish it was the one where you use your arrow keys to bypass the system. When the postcards were updated, the featured postcards page now featured just three postcards. They were “Let’s Explore!”, “Rockhopper”, and “Actors Needed”. As mentioned the other minor update was a new login screen. It was one advertising Rockhopper’s Quest, that month’s party/event.

With Rockhopper’s arrival, you could not board it because it was busy being prepared for his big quest. However, you could still play Treasure Hunt at the Beach. The furniture catalogue featured fashion items and also some relating to Rockhopper’s Quest. The igloo catalogue on the other hand contained the Shipwreck Igloo.


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    I have a theory that Herbert is trying to capture the rainbow puffle because he’s hypnotizing them for some reason. Then, Operation:Puffle comes out! ;D

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