Recycling Center

The Recycling Center was added to Club Penguin on Earth Day in 2010. Here you can turn trash into different items with the push of a button in front of the machine.

15 thoughts on “Recycling Center

  1. It’s gone now! I asked Club Penguin why, and they said:

    We found that the Recycling Center wasn’t being used very much. What do we do when things arn’t being used? We recycle them! The Recycling Cntre has now been recycled into a school? That seems appropriate doesn’t it?

    Personally, I find that it’s not appropriate. The only small things that I can see in game that show we’re green are the smallest community garden ever, and a community tree. Perhaps even a recycling bin if I remember correctly. Your opinion Trainman???

  2. Trainman I also have some pictures and history of this room if you want! I also have some for the ninja hideout,clothes shop,coffee shop,book room,beach,captains quarters,cove,forest,dance club,hidden lake,command room,iceberg,attic,lodge,pizza polar,pet shop, arcade,town,plaza,snow forts,lighthouse,sports shop,!
    Always glad to help trainman! Just reply back saying you want the info, and I’ll comment it on each page that the info belongs! Like for the “Ninja Hideout” I would comment that on the “Ninja hideout” Page! And For all the other things I’d comment it on its page!

  3. my neighbor told me rumor: if u have all the epf gear, u go and see Herbert’s layer, by going through the recycling plant!

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