Club Penguin Membership Bonuses For Prehistoric Party

Club Penguin is running a new membership deal for the Prehistoric Party. For a limited time you can purchase a 1 month membership for $1.99. (but it’ll auto renew at the regular price of $7.95 unless you cancel it) Not only that, but you’ll get plenty of bonus items and coins. Amongst the items you receive, one is the Triceratops Shield I posted about the other day. Here’s everything:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 7.21.47 PM

Special thanks to Caldog9 from Club Penguin CP for this information.

UPDATE: You may have received an email from Club Penguin about this.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.31.05 PM

As highlighted:

“Limited Time Offer. This offer is only available between January 18, 2013 at 00:00 EST and January 30, 2013 at24:00 EST. If you already have an active membership, you are not eligible for this promotion. If you pay with a recurring payment method (that is, with a credit card or PayPal), your membership bonus will be added to your account after payment is confirmed. If you already have the item(s), you will receive a different bonus instead. Bonus items are only accessible with an active membership. All membership paid with a recurring payment method will automatically renew at standard (non-discount rate) unless cancelled. Prices subject to change.

32 thoughts on “Club Penguin Membership Bonuses For Prehistoric Party

  1. Trainman, do you believe they are running out of members? During December, I bought the 12 month recurring member because of the deal: my member ends on July 2014. CURSE YOU CLUB PENGUIN

  2. I think I am going to get it. Sadly, I joined before they raised the prices (in 2010 I tink), so we only have to pay $5.95 a month, but if I get it, after that, it will be $7.95 :( I will have to convince my mom.

    • Yes, they raised it in 2011. Why? WEBKINZ! Try searching on the Wikipeida, IT CLEARLY says “As with one of its major rivals, Webkinz, Club Penguin has traditionally relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth advertising to increase the membership.” Hum? And if you dont know what Rival means, “A person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity.” or “Compete for superiority with; be or seem to be equal or comparable to.” Atleast im still paying 5.95 a month. :D

  3. I live in Portugal and I can`t see that promotion :(
    And congratulations for your website. To me is the most informative of the club penguin`s blogs/websites.

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