Two New Unlockable Items: Triceratops Shield and Popcorn

Club Penguin added two all new unlockable items to their files last night. How they are unlocked I don’t know. One of the unlockable items, the Triceratops Shield, is brand new. It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 2.11.46 AM

The second unlockable item is an old item but now has a cloned version that is unlockable. It is the Popcorn item.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 2.11.53 AM

24 thoughts on “Two New Unlockable Items: Triceratops Shield and Popcorn

  1. The popcorn is probably for the hollywood party next month, popcorn is perfect while watching a scene or movie so it might be for a magazine or a unlock code from cp party promotion video

  2. Actually, the shield is an unlockable MEMBER item according to the JSON files. I don’t know how that’s possible though…

    • Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that! I don’t know, it’s just unreleased. I posted it and credited you for reminding me. :)

  3. Hey Train i think the popcorn is for the party next month im just guessing and i also think its something everyone can get so yeah. PLZ REPLY if u can. :)

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