On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 21

Updates on the 21st of December have only occurred on one year so far! That year is 2007. There were two updates on the 21st of December in 2007. For starters there was a new pin, the Wreath Pin. It was hidden on the right side of the room next to the rocking horse. The Wreath Pin was the 49th pin on Club Penguin. The second and final update on this day in 2007 was that year’s Christmas Party. It was the third one. Unlike the past two it had more of a formal design to it.


Free items at the party were Reindeer Antlers at the Dock, the Santa Hat at the Snow Forts, the Bell at the Plaza for Coins For Change, and the Christmas Scarf at the Ski Village that was released several days into the party. (although Club Penguin accidentally released it early then pulled it) The Santa Hat and Christmas Scarf were not new items – they first appeared on Club Penguin at the 2005 Christmas Party and the Santa Hat returned at the 2006 Christmas Party.

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  1. Wow I remember when parties used to make sense and you could actually recognize the rooms, it was more realistic then because they did stuff that people would actually put up in real life. Seriously, what do snowball fights have to do with the Beach? Why is there a BAKERY in the Forts with no Snowforts while there are Snowforts in the Beach?

    :S Confused.

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