Operation Blackout Sneak Peek: Underground Base

Spike Hike has tweeted a new Operation Blackout sneak peek!

Club Penguin Operation Blackout

It appears the EPF has a hidden underground base even though the Everyday Phoning Facility was burnt down. There are computers and polar bear targets! This looks rather promising in my opinion.

Update: This has been posted on the Club Penguin Blog.

The following page has been updated:

14 thoughts on “Operation Blackout Sneak Peek: Underground Base

  1. THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME! But I hope thatthe ”members only” thing at this party is only for clothing this time becasue it really looks awesome.

  2. The EPF Command Room is “underground”. It appears to be the same room just edited, because the Command Room isn’t blown up – it’s underground.

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