On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 3

Updates on the third of November in Club Penguin History have occurred on three different years – 2005, 2006, and most recently, 2011. In 2005 there was only a single update – the now nonexistent Sports Shop room was added to Club Penguin. At the time and up until September 2007 it featured the same clothing catalogue that was in the Clothes Shop/Gift Shop room.

In 2006 a new clothing catalogue was released. I actually remember this day – I rode the bus home with a friend to his house and we hung out for a while outside, and once I got home I logged on to check out the new clothing catalogue and get the items. I remember wondering all day as to what was added. Fun times! Back to the actual catalogue however, it featured Winter Wear items. New items at the time such as the Parka, Snowshoes, Ski Goggles, and Pink Duffle Coat were released. On a side note, before the catalogue was released some pictures of the new items were leaked online onto an unofficial Club Penguin forum.

In 2011 there were many updates. In the newspaper the Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest winners were announced. There as also a new field op, the 54th one. It was located at the Mine next to the Puffle Rescue game. The game at the end of the field op was to enter x and y coordinates. There was also a new pin, a new clothing catalogue, and the Pufflescape game was released inside the Pet Shop, being the third game inside the room! Starting with the new pin, it was a Hot Sauce Bottle and was located in the Cave Mine on the tube you throw snowballs into for power to light up the room. The clothing catalogue on the other hand contained many new Card-Jitsu/Ninja related items, as the party that month was the Card-Jitsu Party.

As for Pufflescape, as mentioned above it was the third game to be released inside the Pet Shop. It was released along with eleven stamps you can unlock, with four of them being members only.

A few other noteworthy updates on November 3rd in 2011 includes login screens for the Card-Jitsu Party, Pufflescape, and recent buddy list expansion from 100 friends to 500 friends. Club Penguin also released the German version of their game. Twelve different servers were released along with the launch.

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  1. In the first picture of the catalog in 2006, I have those goggles! But sadly I just unlocked them from Disney’s “Herbert’s Revenge” in 2011.

    • Me too! I forgot where they were from. I got them in 2010, when the game was actually released, I begged my mum to get me it from Tesco, she got it from there at night and hid it under my pillow.

      • I got it in 2010 for christmas. It’s a good game, but not as good as the original EPF game because most of it was just the same old missions from the PSA. I wish they would make a 3DS game!!!!

  2. when three years past penguin chat 5 is releasd but the new name is unknown if you need any other information come to me im the guy who knows everything about cp you can comment me on here and say what information you need i could email you in stuff since i just got my email!

  3. Who is our Penguin of this week! I hope it’s me! Today is the day I know you ( Trainman1405) Picks a Penguin of the week since it has been 1 week. I can’t wait to see our next one. I am really excited…

    • Why do you call him Trainy… that’s kinda strange if you ask me. And you are always demanding credit for things that are very obvious to Train. :D

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