Spike Saturday At 4:00 PM PST (Now Over)

UPDATE: This meetup is now over. Click here or the image below to see pictures Pen50gi took!

Moose Monday, Field Friday, and now Spike Saturday! Spike Hike from the Club Penguin Team (he took over Lane Merrifield/Billybob’s role) just announced on Twitter that his meetup on Club Penguin will be today at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST) in the server Fog. As he said, be sure to wear your coolest spy costume!

Also, quick question – should I continue posting when Businesmoose, Polo Field, and Spike Hike have their meetups even if it is last minute? Comment below with your answer. Thanks!

Speaking of Field Friday, click here or the image below to view all the pictures Pen50gi took of yesterday’s Field Friday!

56 thoughts on “Spike Saturday At 4:00 PM PST (Now Over)

  1. Hey there, I really appreciate your saying when there will be meetups and other event and updates information and would like you to keep posting even if it is last minute or not. thanks! i love your site and look at all your new posts i get via email and just want to say thanks and that i love your site!
    BigBuny (club penguin penguins name)

  2. Keep posting the meetups as penguins like me who don’t have twitter yet don’t usually get the time to actually look at twitter as we don’t have it ourselves. This helps us even if it is last minute :)

  3. evryone its not full and train lets go on know so you can alk a pic of my penguin then you can send it to spike hike cuz he said wear your spy coustums and i may nort make it ill be on until like 4:00 so

  4. trainman can you tell spike hike to come to my igloo because i so sad i want to meet him. I will wait for her in the town and add him as my buddy. the server that i going to be ib is fog. tell her and i will be happy

    • Nope, you didn’t keep me from going. The meetup with was more important. :) As for the pic, it’s fake, actually. It definitely looks cool though!

  5. Hey Trainy! I was on my subs on youtube and I saw you liked a lot of your interviews people did with you. I was thinking maybe on Monday, we can do an interview. PS: When will you put our Penguin of the Weeeeeekkkkkk.
    I am really excited. I want to see the new one.

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