Club Penguin Room Updates Coming In The Next Few Weeks

You may recall the new room design sneak peeks shown at the end of Club Penguin’s documentary video on the 24th of October. Since then the new room designs for the Gift Shop, Dance Club, and Pizza Parlour have been released, and in a blog post by Polo Field today we have been told that many more are on the way! Ones on the way include the Town and Plaza, which again have been posted on CP’s Blog. You can see the Ice Rink in the back of the Town and a notice board on the bottom left.

Again, with the Plaza you can see the Ice Rink:

What room updates are you looking forward to the most? Do you want the rooms to change?

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58 thoughts on “Club Penguin Room Updates Coming In The Next Few Weeks

  1. Hey Trainman! You know that sticker album post on the french blog? Here is a translation:

    Hi ice! Introducing a new lot of fans eagerly awaited: the Club Penguin stickers album was released in France, Belgium and Switzerland! I’m lucky to hold one between the fins. :-) I can tell you that it found all the main activities of sea ice images: ninjas, secret agents, the puffles, fashion, penguin and more. Of course, our favorite characters are waiting for you: DJ Cadence, the Penguin Band, Rockhopper, Sensei and Gary each have a special page! Here is an overview: There are over 200 stickers to collect or share with friends. And stickers in each package, there is a code to unlock virtual items or object Treasure Book. What do you say? Appointments in the comments with all your questions! soon on the blog … or on the island! ;-) Loustik005

  2. I don’t know if I’m sad or mad.
    I think it’s so pointless, they know everyone wants CP to be like it was back in 2007 so they decide to change everything left we have of the old days. But I know some people like these rooms so whatever :/

  3. Hey Train! I know this is, like, totally a different subject from the article sorta, but an awesome update would be the ability to trade items with other penguins, like you could send a trade request, and if it is accepted, something comes up where u show some of your items u might want to trade, and the other person does too, and then someone makes an offer, oh, and coins in to the deal as well? That would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! Don’t you think? ;) and BTW i know the first sentence is a run-on.

    • Ooh a trading system! But lets not make the game just for trading, a game *Animal Jam* you just walk into their main room and people start asking you “CAN I HAVE YOUR ____ FOR THIS?” Its pretty annoying, so I wouldnt say Club Penguin should bring a trading system. But a “Selling to other penguins” system could be fun. But your items wouldnt dissapear, you’d keep them and keep the extra coins! So no one gets their items gone! ALSO, I dont want a trading system so I cant get scammed. =D -Sly

  4. The notice board at the Town – anyone remember what it’s from? :) It’s from the “Notice Board” room from the 2010 Club Penguin guide (book), better known as the unreleased room. I wonder if it’s interactive! :D

  5. Hi Trainman1405,

    Remember me, how about the picture I sent you about a new room? Well, if you look at the Town there is a opening at the bottom, which means…the new room will be accessible there. Hopefully you know what I am talking about.


  6. Awesome. What CP is doing changing all the rooms, certainly a turn for the better. Whats sad though is that Club Penguin might be the only thing Disney Interactive is allowed to keep, seeing as its their most profitable game, as i have intell they have until 2014 to become profitable, or else ALL Disney games will shut down and their video game production will stop. But at least we will have CP for year and years to come.

  7. Remeber that new room that was supposed to be released in 2010? Maybe it is going to come out soon because below the town and plaza looks like it could be leading to another room.

  8. Yeah, I guess I like it. Although, they should have one week a year when Club Penguin puts all the old room designs back just for memories. :)

  9. Is it just me or is there a new tannish brick cobblestone bath between two trees in the bottom right corner of the new Plaza?

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