Club Penguin New Room Design Sneak Peeks and New Stamps Coming Soon


Polo Field posted two sneak peeks on the German Club Penguin Blog. They’re of the Gift Shop and Pizza Parlour. You can see a bit more of the room than what was shown in the video.

Sneak peeks from the video:

Here are all of the updated room design sneak peek at the end of Club Penguin’s new video… wow!! I may be wrong, however I think these new room designs will be released on November 1st. Here are all the rooms shown in the video – I think the whole island (aside from recently redecorated rooms) is being redone.

The Beach:

The Gift Shop:

The Dock:

The Snow Forts:

The Pizza Parlour:

The Plaza:

The Town:

Other stuff – it’s hard to see.

In addition to rocking some bikinis, Billybob also had 328 stamps. Currently there are 322 you can unlock on Club Penguin. Thanks @nico_gamerxd!

110 thoughts on “Club Penguin New Room Design Sneak Peeks and New Stamps Coming Soon

  1. Oh my gosh those rooms are sweet! The snowforts are fit for a battle! and the pizza parlor is super cool I am glad they put in more seating areas. Used to most people would end up sitting on the floor.

  2. I think the rooms have something to do with Operation Blackout. Maybe Herbert destroys the whole island and they rebuild it? That’s what i think, could be wrong though. – Vector

  3. Wow, bravo Club Penguin. I am loving these new styled rooms. I may be a penguin from 2007, but I actually welcome these changes. The pizza parlor with more tables is exactly what I wanted. The booths are great for some fun Pizza parlor roleplay ;)

  4. I am glad they are changing the Night Club name to Dance club, “Night” club really wasn’t a good thing for the children IMO. I will say, it sure is a tease/troll to see the Beta hat and Red lei on display in the shop…if it was me, I wouldn’t have designed it that way, best to leave those items in the past (Since they haven’t come back since, the item before ladder never coming back), instead of giving them cameos that give newer penguins the impression they might dress up in those items someday.

    • oh please, calling a night club a night club is not going to make 9 year olds start partying and going out and drinking. When I joined, I didn’t even know what a night club was.

      • The Definition of “Night Club” still stands as what it is today in reality, and it isn’t a children appropriate place, true fact. I never said it would make them start partying and go out drinking, I just didn’t think it was a good name for the club. Also, not everyone who joins CP, joins it like you (Not even knowing what a night club is).

  5. in the pictures I see the new lighthouse, and the rest of them are operation blackout. the ones about the guys arm is the town, blacked out. then there’s Herbert’s lair he’s pointing too… I are ski village with a path leading north as seen on the the guys waist there’s the EPF headquarters and below that is the place where you become an agent completely destroyed and in ruins an flames.. back to the town notice how each picture is getting progressively darker… weird. that giant drawing looks like the blueprints on too.. I think this island rehaul will be done after the blackout since all of these rooms are the current ones… the new stamps are obviously bits and bolts.. and does anybody else notice the use of the mountains is the BG? in every room you see mountains.. :) CJSnow & CJShadow? hope they’re here before we know it! sorry for this essay long comment everyone!

    • I enjoyed reading it so no need for a sorry! CJ Shadow is not coming, it was just the team’s fan art when they were bored..

    • Ewww Fantage.
      They copied Club penguin… Star Cafe? Basicly
      Coffee Shop. I stopped playing that
      dumb game years ago. It sucks. Copied many games…
      They’re LAZY too. The people have boards instead
      of normal feet? Fantage Creators are just lazy. MAKE

      • yeah, you’ve got a point there. But I think by gift shop they mean like a souvenir shop or a boutique. Like those little shops and stands in where they sell hats and clothes and scarves and whatnot. And if they want to make it clear they are selling clothing, why not call it something like CP Outfitters or even just have a sign that says CLOTHES

  6. These new rooms are so amazing! I love the new more complex shading they did. Also the new 3d effects are pretty sweet! I think Club Penguin did wonderful with these new designs!

  7. It might be just me, but does anyone think that the room from the Awesome Official Guide will fit right in now? With exactly the same paths and stuff? I hope so!

  8. Train just wondering but did you notice that above the chairs with the hair dryers there appears to be a picture of dot. Well at least her clothing what do you think

  9. Hey trainman I really think those pictures on that wall are for the “Operation Blackout” event BECAUSE on the picture of the Ski hill u can see the Sun and stuff and the ski lodge is dark, the town is dark and more :D so i think those pics are ALL of Operation Blackout ! :D il try to get bigger images

    • Nah it’s perfectly fine how it is, as long as my name or website is mentioned somewhere (which it is) I’m okay with it. :)

  10. Trainman, do you see the 2nd picture at the very top (the man pointing to the new rooms) Well, zoom in a few times and that is the SNOW DOJO! Proof: See in the top left corner of that room? It is the Fire Water Snow picture. Well, that is what I think is the snow dojo!

  11. Hi Trainman1405

    I looked at the post you made about the 40+ unreleased items and I think the picture at the bottom (the one with the gazebo) will finally be released soon. The picture came from one of the Official Guides of Club Penguin. If you take a look at the photo of the dock (the one from the documentary video) just below the coffee shop there is a bit of a clearing. I bet the new room will be accessed from there!

    (I will send you an e-mail with a wider view of the new room.)





  13. Overall, I love these rooms – they give me a ‘modern’ feel.. It’s hard to explain the difference, but we all notice the difference in the 2006 items and the items from last year. Same with the rooms. Although I hate the fact that the Gift Shop is called the Clothes Shop, the rooms look cool. It’d be epic if they kept one room the same for memories, but that just wouldn’t look right… maybe they could make a new room, like the Memory room? With all the old graphics and stuff? Yes, no, maybe so? Lol.. I am really looking forward to some more Club Penguin apps… Maybe they could make some of their games just app-version? That would be really nice, I’d play all of them! Haha.. I think that Herbert will destory most of the buildings on CP during Operation: Blackout, and there’s the excuse to update most of the rooms, if not all.

  14. Look at the outside of the Night ( Dance ) Club. It has a jukebox by it’s sign and flowing tubes like you see in 60’s restraunts or whatever. I think the Night Club is turning into a 60’s Dance Club!

  15. Hi Trainman1405 is the Pizza Parlor inside being decorated before the other rooms because The pizza parlor and gift shop were in a poll of which room should be updated next? and all the outside/main rooms will be decorated after operation blackout because operation blackout may be a snow storm which may damage the island so we have to rebuild and clear it up

  16. Umm its Spelled “Pizza Parlor” Not Parlour… AND NOOOOOOOO! NOT THE PIZZA PARLOR! IM QUITTING CP! I HATE CP!!!!! <:(

  17. Finally CP is making sense to these drawings, I mean, it;s kinda weird and a bit stupid because of the free space, now they are adding more decorations and chairs, one thing I hate about this is they changed the name ” Gift Shop ” into ” Clothes Shop ” but overall, I love CP more now and one thing that does NOT annoy me is there is less snow, I like less snow :D

    – Lance Jin

  18. Well I like snow but not snow in CP, the ” it;s ” in my last comment was supposed to be ” it’s ” and what I meant of free space was empty space :D

    – Lance Jin

  19. Still no tables like the ones in the Dance Lounge during the Puffle Party… you know the ones which turn up pizza or coffee depending on your apron you’re dancing on? =/ That THAT would be an awesome permanent addition.

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