Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats

Operation Blackout has been released!

Your spy phone will be blinking but it says ATTENTION! Field-Ops are offline. That’s because the Everyday Phoning Facility is destroyed.

This is the Everyday Phoning Facility:

When you log in you’ll get a popup with your mission orders, or you can click the folder icon in the top right next to the Moderator Badge icon. The briefing is:

  1. November 8 – Gary Kidnapped
  2. November 15 – EPF Command Destroyed
  3. November 15 – Herbert Activated Solar Laser

Your orders:

  • Infiltrate Herbert’s Base and shut it down!

The first chapter of Operation: Blackout has begun! If you are a nonmember you can get the Klutzy Disguise. Members can get the Klutzy Disguise and the Herbert Disguise.

Red alert! Herbert has taken over Club Penguin, and is stealing its sunlight for himself. Without it, we’ll all freeze. (isn’t that a good thing? we’re penguins…)

Here are your orders: infiltrate Herbert’s Base, find Security Terminal 1, and take it down. Use these disguises to slip past his defense.

Chapter 1.1: Equip one of these disguises

Chapter 1.2: Slip past Central Lock Down through the vent system

Chapter 1.3: Find Security Terminal 1, and shut it down!

We are also given a map:

Go to the Ski Village and go to the Forest-y looking area and you’ll have a nice Spa with calming music.

Go through the doors in the Spa room for the next room. In the room you can go two places. Underground or in the vents. To get in the vents you need to be wearing a Herbert Disguise or Klutzy Disguise.

Go in through the doors on the left. You’ll wind up in the Spa Room vents.

Once you go through the vents you’ll be in a new room. Walk up to the computer.

Click yes when it says “Access Security Terminal?”

You’ll get a screen look like this. It says “Move the security blocks to get the pass-key to the lock.” Press ok. Then move the blocks around so you can move the key to the lock. This is like the Ice Jam game on the Beta Team, which will be coming to Club Penguin in the near future.

Once you do that it will say access has been granted. Upgrading Security Clearance to Level: 1.

The Herbert Security Clearance 1 will then be added to your inventory. That’s all for now!

There is a special catalogue in the special Herbert Area, at the Dock, and in the Lighthouse, which has been converted into a hospital. Wear the Capture Equipment and press the Snowball Icon to throw nets. The items are:

Capture Equipment for 350 coins. (Special move is only available November 15 – December 4)

Puffle Care Cap for 100 coins, Scrubs for 300 coins, and Puffle Care Sash for 100 coins.

First Aid Kit for 150 coins, Snowboard Helmet for 400 coins, and Ski Patrol Jacket for 600 coins.

Click the bottom two holes in the paper (top left of the catalogue sheet of paper, bottom right holes) for the Rappelling Gear. Thanks Dolphins19!

This is the underground if you choose to not go in the vents. Go to the right of the room to access the next room.

This is the secret underground base. You can throw snowballs at the Herbert targets, access the special catalogue, or even teleport to some rooms!

Future tasks are unavailable. This operation is still classified. Return November 16 for further orders.

This operation is still classified. Return November 18 for further orders.

This operation is still classified. Return November 20 for further orders.

This operation is still classified. Return November 22 for further orders.

This operation is still classified. Return November 24 for further orders.

Throw a snowball and the penguin becomes a huge clump of snow!

That wraps up the party guide! There are new safe chat messages and jokes for the party and Herbert is walking. He has a new background See this page for a tracker.

During this event you can earn four  stamps. (to my knowledge, I could be wrong about some)

  • Herbert – Be in the same room as Herbert
  • Explorer (members only, earned by visiting all the decorated party rooms)
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room
  • Target Champion – Hit 50 targets in a task at a party

How do you like the party overall? I’d love to know!

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  1. HEY TRAIN! Those lifts you take to go down into the base? We’ve known about them for ages! Theyre on the video that plays when everyone sits in the chairs in the Command Room! XD

  2. Pretty awesome so far, I am definitely pleased. Of course, there isn’t much to do as of right now, but as time goes along, it’ll get more exciting.

  3. Some rooms already have a lot of snow, like the Mine Shack and the Dock. I mean, not like severely covered, but a pretty big amount.

  4. Hey Train, I was wondering are you hiring any more tracker penguins? ‘Cause I’m really good at tracking, I found Herbert 7 times yesterday!


  5. its now february and movie star is the theme and the only problem is that the base and field opps is still down and my question is when will it return or will it ever return

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