Polo Field Now Has His Own Blog

By now we all know who Polo Field is (hopefully…) so I’m just going to skip saying who he is other than the fact that he is a popular Club Penguin staff member. Today he announced his own blog. Naturally, I figured I would pass it along to all the Club Penguin Memories viewers. The address is PoloField.net. He said he figured he would create a blog dedicated to all the amazing Club Penguin fan blogs out there, and so he went ahead and made his own. Check it out. There isn’t much there at this moment, but I’m sure more awesome stuff will be added in the future.


10 thoughts on “Polo Field Now Has His Own Blog

  1. oh and Train, I have a code that works for everyone. I’m not sure where it is from so I don’t know if you will post it (being as moral as you are:)
    Here’s the code:

  2. The only problem I have with his blog is that I can’t post comments since I’m not a blogger sadly! I know it’s meant for bloggers bla bla bla. But I would like to interrogate him for Operation Blackout info. He already cracked saying the 9:11 on the sneak peek does not involve the depressing day 9/11! I think if we overwhelme him with these coments he will crack!

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