On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 10

On this day in 2008 there were three updates. Starting with the most minor update, Rockhopper was spotted coming to Club Penguin in the telescope. Second of all, a new pin was hidden. The pin was the Microscope Pin and was hidden in the Sports Shop, which was located where the Everyday Phoning Facility is located now. (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, before the EPF there was the PSA, or Penguin Secret Agency. In mission 11 Herbert destroyed the Sports Shop with popcorn. The Everyday Phoning Facility was built in its spot shortly after) The Microscope Pin was the 74th pin to be on Club Penguin.

Finally, Space Adventure: Planet Y was released at the Stage for this first time. This is the same stage play that is on Club Penguin right now as of writing this. It is the sequel stage play to Space Adventure, which was first released on Club Penguin in November 2007. New items for the stage play were the Alien Thinking Cap, Blue Alien Mask, Blue Alien Costume, and Planet Y Background. Re-released items for this stage play were theĀ Purple Space Suit, Orange Space Suit, Space Helmet, Alien Mask, Alien Suit, Robot Helmet, and Robot Suit.

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