My Thoughts On “The New Club Penguin”

Club Penguin unveiled the first part of their documentary on the game today, titled New Horizons – a very fitting title based on the game starting out at New Horizon Productions/New Horizon Interactive and also just how starting the game has led to so much.

In the video the founders and a few others (who might have been with the game since the start, I don’t know) talk about how Club Penguin started with such a simple idea, and over the years has just led to so so much. I’ll admit I’ve watched the video over three times. In four minutes the Club Penguin team talked and showed a lot.

In the last scene of the video, just like Club Penguin did with their end of 2011 video, they showed what the future holds – except in the 2011 video of the 2012 year sneak peek, they showed upcoming parties – this time it was all about the new room designs. Club Penguin lightly changed rooms already such as the Coffee Shop, Book Room, Pet Shop, and Dance Lounge, but as you can see in the last few seconds there is much more to come, most likely all at once. I think all the rooms are going to be updated – wouldn’t it look weird if some of the rooms looked extra modern while others looked as plain as they do now? If all the rooms are indeed redone, that means Stage plays would also be getting a facelift. That, and I hope pins become a bit harder to find again. It will also be interesting to see how different party rooms will be decorated once the new room designs are out in the future, too! Will everything including games and furniture be changed too to look a bit more modernised, or will those things remain the same? Will we get to test anything in the beta team? What about the new playercard design look that was in the beta team last year? Is that coming, or will it be staying the same? All of this we will find out in the future.

In my personal opinion with Happy77 and Billybob leaving, and then the new Club Penguin logo design, and now all these new rooms – I feel like yet another new generation of Club Penguin is coming. The first generation is debatable – it could be those from the beginning of the game until Disney purchased Club Penguin in August 2007, or it could be from the beginning up until now as others think.

I personally feel like generation three is upon us, with the first generation having been from the beginning of the game in 2005  until Disney purchased it in August 2007 or maybe even a little past that to around the middle of 2008, and then slowly the game started changing more and more, which is when generation two picked up Рand now that generation two has ended, generation three is warming up.

I think change is a good thing for the most part – maybe I’m just sticking to the past of Club Penguin a little bit where things were very simple and quiet which I like, but these new room designs are especially awesome, better than the room designs we’ve had so far. Remember, all of this is my opinion. Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to speak what they think. You might think differently than I do.

Everything starts small and then grows and grows. Club Penguin is still growing, working hard to accommodate their fans/userbase. They take their ideas into consideration and also implement what the employees come up with. The new rooms, new logo, and even Happy77 and Billybob leaving Club Penguin opens up a road to sooooo many new possibilities that we get to experience inside the game over time. Update after update each and every week. Club Penguin Memories has 1,225 pages and counting. Newspapers, parties, catalogues, rooms, games, and everything else you could think of. Look at something from 2005 or 2006, or even 2007. Compare it to what it looks like now and you’ll notice a big difference. Club Penguin has evolved greatly over time, all for the better. As technology advances so does the game. As they can hire more people more can be done in a shorter amount of time.

It’s going well for Club Penguin, and they have no intentions on stopping. So here’s to generation three, a brand new positive looking future of Club Penguin. I can’t wait to see what’s brewing inside the Disney Online Studios Canada building. :)

15 thoughts on “My Thoughts On “The New Club Penguin”

  1. Lol, everyones talking about generations ever since Lebron created it :) XD I totally agree with you, CP needs a change and its gotta be done sooner or later ~ but I’d rather Gary hurries up with his time machine so I can go back to this date and tell everybody about the future LOL! And I could revist generation 1 ~ that would be epic.

  2. Lol I guess I have been through two generations on cp then. I joined in May 2007 and I am still playing now. I still like old cp a little more, but the new stuff is ok too. I just hope that they keep at least one room for memories! I also dont like the new pizza parlor, I was hoping that they would never change it because it was my favorite :( And they should keep the cove, because it came out the day after I joined! (I found that out from this site XD) That room is special to me. I hope that the items stay the same though, because then mixing old and new items would look weird! I guess im kinda sticking to the past too.

  3. One word: WOW. Good post train! I really agree with u about making the pins harder to find, imagine every pin was like the ruby pin at the stage where u hav 2 actually hav a challenge to find the pin…..

  4. A very sad ending to this Club Penguin era–with Lane and Holly leaving–but I’m sure this new one will be better and more fun. Club Penguin will be very different. Countless things will change (rooms, games, parties…), but you can be sure that the fun and happy community will remain the same.

  5. :( its sad. But maybe the party Operatiin Blackout will make Clubpenguin get destroyed. Maybe the new CP era is coming… i hope the parties are good cause CP had a lazy start this year. The shake it up party was SOOOO BORING? Nothing was new…. The underwater expidition wasnt that good. The marvel was okay… the april fools… tht was one of the best parties. Puffle party…. was really boring… other than becoming a puffle! The Midevil Party was okay…. the fair… good… the Fruit Party… what DOES PENGUINS HAVE TO DO WITH FRUIT???????? anyway…. the halloween party better end with a bang. Something should happen with Gary’s uncle. Other than that Operation Blackout better make CP do something good since we had a sad few days. Happy77 and Billybob left! I bet it was planned for the Operation Blackout and will return for the Holiday Party…. the Holiday Party….. it better be AWESOME

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