Is This Club Penguin Poll Related To This Past Exclusive?

Today Club Penguin updated the poll question on their website, and one of the answers struck my eye. Take a look at the third option in response to the question “If you could choose a theme for a party which would you choose?”

What is option three? Ancient Rome or Greece. Remember this sneak peek below? That surely looks to be Ancient Rome or Greece, no? It is concept artwork that is done for Club Penguin.

Could the poll option and the image be related?

38 thoughts on “Is This Club Penguin Poll Related To This Past Exclusive?

  1. Hello Trainman, I think that Club Penguin do artwork for each of the options and see how it looks. Then they decide which one is best by looking at the design of the homepage for that option. What do you think?

    • It was concept art someone did for Club Penguin. It’s not official, but it was something Club Penguin had initiated.

  2. Na pagina de Diversão do club penguin , no iglu da semana que tem a opção la , aparece uma foto de um igloo com o céu escurecido .Como pode ser possível se o Halloween nem chegou e da para ver que não é da Music Jam pois o céu estava como o pôr-do-sol
    Como pode ser possível ??

  3. *votes right away*

    Maybe they are holding something similar like the 2007 Party Vote? The winner might end up being the November party..maybe.

  4. Hmm that homepage seems strange, seeing that Puffle Launch came out in like 2011, why would they have it on the homepage now? The apps been out for a while now as well hasn’t it? Very strange….

  5. I think they should do a Surprise Party again! You vote a party in the newspaper and you won’t know what it is until it comes out! It’s fun. :)

  6. hmmm.. im not sure.. Because all icons (Fun stuff, Membership, toys ect…)have been changed, but anyway. Its just my opinion…

  7. I think the poll and the picture are related. Look in the picture. The feature article says “What’s New This Week: November 14”. Which probably means this might come next month! I hope so.

  8. I think it might be a Surprise Party just like 2007th one, but still i don’t know about Card-Jitsu Snow and Card-Jitsu Shadow and yet if there is a chance that Operation: Blackout launches in November…Perhaps all of these stuff would come though…

    I think I would vote for Space OR the Ancient Greece thingy (Funny fact that I requested Polo Field for a Space Expedition which it could be for January 2013) Which it might be related also, a Zoo party would be boring (I don’t want to hurt your feelings Saraapril, many of us have opinions), and I heard that the Penguin Play Awards MIGHT return like this year or next year by someone who got an e-mail from CP, and what about DJ Steven? (I don’t know if its real or fake anyways), would he appear on the Awards? And I was thinking of the other image from the Dock, I was thinking it would be something if there will be Rockhopper’s Quest 2013, who knows? Time will tell

    What do you think everybody?

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