Good News: Club Penguin Operation Blackout Is Not Forgotten

Well, here is yet another update from Twitter. When asked about Operation Blackout, something we first heard about more than a year ago, Billybob (Lane Merrifield) said “Still top secret. Sorry.”

While it’s weird it’s taken this long for it to come out (I’m sure Club Penguin has their reasoning for it) it’s nice to see that it is not forgotten about.

You can check out this post for Club Penguin’s sneak peek on Operation Blackout. You can see this post for tons of exclusives and sneak peeks revolving around Club Penguin that have not been released so far.

13 thoughts on “Good News: Club Penguin Operation Blackout Is Not Forgotten

  1. Two things: One, thank you for featuring my video on how to get on the trampoline in balloon pop!
    And two, you might want to wear a clown wig while playing balloon pop…

  2. Well, that’s re-assuring. Hopefully they are taking so long because it will be extra good! We’ve known about it since December 2010, and I’m sure they’ve probably been putting lots of work into it.

  3. This year cp lied. They said tht card jitsu snow will be out. Also operation blackout. Ho to the pool. Look at the glass. You can see the water. Also the snow looks higher. Hmm. Seems card jitsu is mixing. Water fire and snow. And SHADOW herbert is white. Shadow is black. BlackOut. Hmm seems convincing

  4. ! IFIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!! Garys machines never work, or mess up. Maybe the time travel machine will make it so that it will cause a shortage of light! Then nobody can see and the EPF will have to stop herbert because the went in time and herbert ruled card jitsu

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