Club Penguin Discussion: Old Rooms vs Newly Redesigned Rooms

The Elite Penguin Force discussion post I made seemed to be a hit with all of you, so it was suggested to me by Boba126 do one on on the new room designs vs old room designs. By the way, if you have any ideas on what else we can discuss, feel free to give me your suggestions and I’ll definitely consider them!

Moving on to our rooms discussion, Club Penguin has around 50 rooms as of writing this. Back in 2005 when Club Penguin started out there was just a few, such as the Town/Dock/Beach/Ski Village/Mountain and the rooms you could access inside of them. (although you could not access the Lighthouse from the Beach) Overtime, rooms were added such as the Mine (May 2006), Lighthouse (September 2006), Forest and Cove (May 2007), Ninja Hideout (November 2008), Recycling Plant (April 2010), and others. For the most part, up until recently, the rooms have been left at their original design excluding minor changes made.

However, starting last year, Club Penguin started to redo a few rooms. They’ve only done three to date. They are, in order from oldest change to most recent, the Dance Lounge, Book Room, and Coffee Shop.

The old Dance Lounge:

The current Dance Lounge:

The old Book Room: (this was before the Fan Art was added to the wall in October 2010)

The current Book Room:

And most recently, just over a week ago, the Coffee Shop was changed. The old Coffee Shop:

The current Coffee Shop:

I don’t mind the room changes, although I do hope Club Penguin keeps the simplicity of rooms and doesn’t make them all busy and crowded like the Dance Lounge, Book Room, and Coffee Shop (somewhat) are now. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing Club Penguin for over six years now and am used to the older and basic designs, I don’t know. Simple is nice, fun, and plenty of memories are made.

What rooms do you want Club Penguin to change? What rooms do you want Club Penguin to never change? If Club Penguin were to remove a room or multiple rooms, which would you want gone from the game? Which rooms would you add to the game? (why am I asking so many questions? :p)

Feel free to vote in the poll below and voice your opinion on it all and discuss it with others in the comments below. I look forward to reading your responses!

Old room designs or current room designs?

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83 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Old Rooms vs Newly Redesigned Rooms

  1. I don’t really see the diffrence because they are old history but people should live in the future and if you just red this you are a 0.0.


  2. Oh yeah, I think club penguin should add a new shop called the Furniture Shop. It would be just like the igloo catalog but have more items and different colors. It’s painted blue with light blue stripes. The catalog is updated every 2 months. That’s all I can think!

  3. I like the new dance lounge and the new coffee shop, but I dislike the new book room. I mean, it’s not even about books! Why would they have a newspaper office above a coffee shop?! Plus, they took away paint by letters with that room. I know the reason, but still, if they want to make it fair for players in different countries, start bringing magazines to the other countries, and innocent smoothies, and just about everything else that’s only in one or two countries. So I don’t want any new rooms unless they have a poll in the what’s new. Then depending on how good it looks, I’ll choose. Also, you should have a discussion on the Paint By Letters. I know you posted a post about it disappearing, but I don’t believe it was a discussion. Thanks for reading.

    • The original rooms were the Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Night Club, Dance Lounge, Gift Shop, Snow Forts (added half way through beta testing), Ice Rink, Dock, Ski Village, Ski Hill, Ski Lodge, Dojo, and Ice Berg. All of these rooms were open during beta testing and on launch date.

      P.S. I didn’t forget the Sport Shop, it could be seen in the Ski Village but it didn’t open until officially November 2005.

  4. Trianman your right the new rooms are too crowded like the book room all of manacla game boards is so close to each other -_-

  5. I really like the new room designs and I would really like if they redid the night club inside with the look from the ultimate jam in July.

  6. I like the new rooms, but I am relatively new (I joined June 2010) I espiacially like the new Coffee Shop. However I really hate the new book room D: . It looks horrible and it doesn’t even look like a publishing thingie! -King.

  7. Old rooms compared to these new ones look like 1939 works of art! These new rooms are way more modern and detailed instead of an old grandads tea party. (No offense to you if your grandad died because mine did yesterday :()

  8. I love these discussions! I loved the old rooms ~ the new decorated ones aren’t so bad but if Club Penguin had to change other rooms ~ It would be the outside ones for me. Why? The outside rooms are very basic such as the Dock, Beach, Village, Town, Forts and Plaza. They have barely anything in them and I’d like to see improvements and maybe a snowball game at the forts or something like that. Keep the inside rooms how they are at the moment.

    • The outside rooms can’t exactly be changed. The Snow Forts, yea maybe. But the Town, DEFINITELY NOT. The Town is the oldest room. It was in Penguin Chat 3!!! The rooms don’t have to be detailed and have a bunch of stuff in them. They are just supposed to be relaxing and fun to hang out in. Everyone I know hangs out at the Dock. :P

  9. I think the new rooms are better and i agree with @Echo006 because the outside rooms do need more things but the pizza parlor, gift shop, ski lodge, pool, and all the mine areas should be updated the shak the mine and everything else related to the mine, and the boiler room

  10. Trainman you made a mistake when you were saying what rooms have been changed you said the dance club not the dance lounge
    here is what u said:They are, in order from oldest change to most recent, the DANCE CLUB, Book Room, and Coffee Shop.

  11. Although I miss the old designs, I don’t really mind the new ones, either. I kind of like the new Dance Lounge, but the Coffee Shop and Book Room redesigns seemed a bit strange.

  12. Some of you may not agree with me but I really like the new coffee shop better than the old onealso you could do one about the old looking puffle and the new looking puffle

  13. I just wonder how they are going to decorate the coffe shop for the anniversary’s now..hmm…
    anyway Im always with old becasue I play cp for like 5 years and I have TONS of memories from when I was young..

  14. What about the Pet Shop? :P Anyhow, I miss the old rooms and such, but I can’t complain, because the new Dance Lounge looks neat with the “party pad” theme.

  15. I think a cool room renovation would be where all the shores are at, you would be able to Ice Fish, and in the different locations would be different types of fish.

  16. What rooms do you want Club Penguin to change? – Well I wouldn’t change any rooms on Club Penguin as of now.

    What rooms do you want Club Penguin to never change? – I would never want them to change the Lighthouse (even though they did a minor change while adding the catalog), Lodge Attic, Town, Plaza, and the Boiler Room. I REALLY didn’t want them to change the Coffee Shop, but oh well.

    If Club Penguin were to remove a room or multiple rooms, which would you want gone from the game? – I think they should get rid of the Mine Cave and the Underwater Room. I never see anybody down there, even on the most crowded servers. Maybe like 1 or 2 penguins are usually down there, but that’s it. But they should still keep the Hidden Lake because that place is usually popular on crowded servers.

    Which rooms would you add to the game? – I can’t really think of any ideas right now.


  17. The new redesigns are quite nice but there are a lot of memories on the old designs. I personally think Club Penguin doesn’t need to redesign the rooms. They should focus on other stuff like parties, items, missions, Card-Jitsu Snow, Arctic White, etc. they promised lots of stuff a long time ago and until now they didn’t make them.

  18. I don’t like the new designs because, as many said already, I have lots of memories with the old ones. I have to admit sometimes it’s good to change, but yeah, people kinda miss old designs.
    I love the designs, but I don’t like them to be used, you know what I mean? I like the drawings, but it’s sad that they had to replace our old designs.
    Some things I hate about the new designs:
    -Dance Lounge: The neon lights on the wall and the circle lights on the floor.
    -Coffee Shop: The Smoothie Smash area. The design would be BEAUTIFUL if that area wasn’t there. It’s a Hawaiian-style hut inside of a coffee shop!!
    -Book Room: nothing. I just miss the old design.
    -Pet Shop: nothing. I just miss the old design.
    -Dojo: I prefer the old design, when there was nothing in there and it was just a hidden place to hang out. Now the CJ mats and the music disturb that.

    Club Penguin, please never change the Town, the Dock, the Beach, Ski Village, Mountain, and NEVER EVER EVER EVER change the Ski Lodge. NEVER. PLEASE.
    I would like it if Club Penguin made more stuff to do at the Recycling Center. It’s boring and no one goes in there.
    I would like them to add a mall with small different stores you can go in or maybe just a convenience store. That’d be cool.

  19. Its obvious, OLD ROOMS!! the new rooms are way to crowded, the old book room and coffee shop were great. and the dance lounge. i saw a cheat website and they are changing the gift shop, town, and plaza. I’m sad

  20. RIP Club Penguin :(
    Why does disney need to change everything! Hardly anything from when CP started exists anymore! This is the last straw. I’m abandoning my account that I had since 2006.

  21. i really wish they can make a room for pookies because i hate it so much when i go into the pet shop and i see pookies everywhere and it gets crowded. im here to buy a puffle and spend some time with it.
    and my opinion i really love the old club penguin because it has memories. and when i see videos and images of the old club penguin, it hurts and stings. but i guess we move on :(

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