Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos: September 10

Three new featured igloos have been published on the Club Penguin Blog. (whatever happened to featured fashions!?) Here they are!

Catie 88 said: “You have to see my bff Sparkly0806. Her iggy is AWESOME!”

Hannahmonta3 said: “Check out Sliparychil’s igloo! It’s an epic stranded island!”

Goldscott777 said: “Happy77, my brother worked really hard to make a tropical igloo! You should really check his out! His penguin name is Fred95921.”

Which of the three new featured igloos do you like the most?

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23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos: September 10

  1. Trainman, we could talk of 2 things and make-up discussions,

    The first thing is abut EPF, well we talked about this earlier but maybe you might recognize an episode of Regular Show, the Night Owl episode, maybe CP is doing similar to that, maybe there making it last forever just so they get POPULAR AND FAMOUS and make old people to keep playing club penguin to see what would happen and how it would end the EPF Story, might be the same with the stuff it might come soon which are unreleased, but it might never even come, which they might just do that to become more famous and popular which it might even mark part of the Universe’s history.

    2nd thing is about UK getting all and CP, CP has started to bring MANY stuff in the UK, and they promised to bring it soon to other countries, but this is about what i’m talking, maybe CP is becoming racist, i mean, UK gets ALL the credit! Innocent Smoothies, the Yearbook cards, Magazines (Comparing to the Brasilian one, the UK one has MORE stuff), special offers, Sticker Albums, etc. And yet they have MANY stuff! In my country we DON’T EVEN HAVE WALMART! And maybe CP is just doing that to show respect to the UK, the Queen Isabel, and since (According to my old Geography book, it said UK is the country with more stuff, more chance to live, etc.) And which the UK is part of the realness, they might make fun of many people which they STILL don’t have many stuff, even the poor people (I am not saying all of the UK would be mean to others but some might be since there part of the realness) Remember Coins for Change? I bet CP isn’t ACTUALLY HELPING THE POOR COUNTRIES, instead, I BET THERE HELPING THE COUNTRY WHICH HAS IT ALL! I MEAN, I SEE THE SAME THING, AFRICA IS GETTING WORSE THAN EVER, COMPARING TO UK, IT IS GETTING BETTER THAN EVER, AND THEY YET JUST USE THE MONEY TO MAKE THE MERCHANDISE AND STUFF INSTEAD OF HELPING OTHERS, so, does that proves that CP is being racist? And with the video of Coins for Change, i bet they just used Green Screen, make-up people and how can you make virtual money into REAL MONEY? So what do you think Trainman?

    • I think you’ll find we get just as much as you. True we have the magazine but you have loads more merchandise (puffle/penguin plushes). It’s really annoying when people say the UK have more, because if anything, we don’t.

      • Thats exactly true! I watched a video going shopping and they had Herberts Drill and other cool figures and they got a plush puffle instead!! They should be thankful for their coolness. All we have are puffles in UK and Ireland!

    • I really agree with that second one. But Brazil is starting to get stuff we
      Americans don’t. (Not that I live there.) Ex: Cp Magazines, Sticker album, Cp Trading cards)

    • USA get cool CP toys like Herberts Drill and UK only get smoothies, magazines and puffles!!!! USA get everything, come across the Atlantic and see! And of course Coins For Change is real, CP are nice, kind and giving and it was racist of you to think that. I’m very disappointed with this behaviour young man.

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