Club Penguin Rookie EPF Message – August 23rd

By / August 23, 2012

Rookie has sent us a EPF message today.

He said:

Oh man! MORE strange stuff is happening! Giant volcano thing! Apples! Pineapples! Watermelon! Help!

Will anything that’s actually exciting happen to the EPF any time soon?

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Well, fruit and warm weather is what Herbert wanted, and what is happening in the island right now fits that description….;)



Well, warm weather and fruit is what Herbert wanted, and what is going on the island now fits that description…;)



True, but Herbert is very fat so I dont think he likes healthy food. But I think he has a passion for watermelons.



Sorry, didn’t mean for that to post twice. :S Anyways Train, I had an interesting blog topic if you wish to make it…

“Do You Like The Way The Current EPF Story Is Going?”

Well, my answer would be…no. And prepare for the longest post I’ve written on this site…lol..

Now don’t get me wrong, I liked how the EPF story was last year. I liked System Defender and how Herbert and Protobot teamed up, Battle of Doom, and the whole Operation: Hibernation mission. Then it seems like CP got bored of the story after Herbert went into hibernation, and gave us a bunch of pointless messages and field-ops in late 2011-to present 2012.

See, the problem with the current story is that it is too inconsistent. For the first 3 months in 2012, we were tracking down Herbert, and we still have no answer as to how he escaped. Well yeah we can assume that Klutzy broke him out, it’d be nice to see it explained in-game. But the investigation was dropped so shortly and abruptly. Then we just got more boring field-ops and pointless messages.

Well yeah, we did have Protobot return recently, it was only for a few Field-Ops. But where is Herbert? We haven’t seen a hide or hair of him since the breakout (minus the Puffle Trouble short). If you ask me, this is how they can make it more exciting..

1. Give us more messages instead of weekly ones – I felt the EPF communicated better when we had messages every 2-3 days.

2. Add more System Defender levels – we know CP is planning at least 2 more.

3. Bring Herbert back – he’s hidden long enough.

4. Launch Operation: Black Out – I don’t know what is up with it, but it’s been planned since at least…December 2010? Though something tells me the Shut Down in June 2011 delayed the Black Out..

But yeah, overall, I think this could make an interesting blog post. What do you think, Train?

The Random Guy said this crap

The Random Guy said this crap

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