New Club Penguin Music Video “The Party Starts Now”, Coming Soon to iTunes

As you might recall, the other day I mentioned Club Penguin was going to release a new video. This video is now out, and you can watch it above.

This video is more of a music video. It’s a song by Cadence, and it’s coming to iTunes (paid probably) soon. I’ll either update this post or make a new post when it’s up for grabs.

One thing I wonder though, is if this song will be playable as a free track in Tap Tap Revenge, a game Disney acquired exactly two years ago on July 1, 2010 when the company purchased Tapulous. I wouldn’t be surprised if this The Party Starts Now song is actually added to TTR (Tap Tap Revenge) since recently the Where’s My Water song was given out as a free track to play, and now currently there is a Perry The Platypus song up for grabs to play in TTR, too. This is the game for those of you that are not familiar with Tap Tap Revenge:

So how do you like the song? And do you think it’ll be given out in Tap Tap Revenge to play?

Also…did you see Herbert in the video?

31 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Music Video “The Party Starts Now”, Coming Soon to iTunes

  1. This should reach No. 1! Lyrics:

    Get up party penguins
    C’mon havent you heard,
    I get alot of distance
    When my music is heard!
    I’m a, crown queen of this,
    (I dont know this line?)
    With my stylin diva puffle
    And my ice cold beats!
    Can I get a what what!
    Can I get a who where!
    Ive the coolest puffle out!

    Cause the party starts now!
    When I waddle in,
    Turn the music up loud
    For an epic win!
    DJ Cadence in the house!
    Are you ready to move?
    You can boogie down,
    cause I’m spinning my tunes!
    The party starts nowwww!
    The party starts nowwwww!
    Let’s begin the countdown,
    Let’s turn it up now!
    Come on, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
    The party starts now! (Herbert is in this scene!)

    Awww yeah!
    I got my boombox with me
    and I’m ready to spin!
    Turntables and a microphone,
    in case you wonderin’!
    The party starts and you still,
    asking around
    It doesnt start in 5 minutes!

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Cadence out!

    • its not happy 77 its just a penguin that has 2 old club penguin themes. look closer and youl see that she has no glasses

    • Youtube comments:

      Happy77, I saw you at 1:10

      Yeah, the animators added my penguin for fun. Good catch! ;) -Happy77

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