New Club Penguin Video Coming This Sunday (now released)

Yesterday Disney uploaded a video to their main YouTube channel. You can watch the full thing above, but skip to 1:33 in it. It’s a Club Penguin clip! Is that penguin wearing Arctic White or Grey?

Now skip to the end of the video. Starting at 2:20 in the bottom right there is a link to a Club Penguin Short. When you hover over it, however, it says it’s not out yet. I guess we’re getting a new Club Penguin video this Sunday!

Thanks Azeemsky, Boba126, and A11766!

18 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Video Coming This Sunday (now released)

  1. How do you know it’s coming on Sunday? It looks grey but it’s probably Arctic White since the dance floor is making it look darker.

    • Em… I don’t think so. Because in codes it says that it is “Exclusive” Item not “unlockable” item :(

    • They said you can unlock it in a new experiance. Either you can unlock Arctic White if they make this a ‘Pick your Path’ video, if it exists, or it is something else. But it looks good!

  2. I’m so sick of hearing people say “We want old cp back” MOST OF THEM JUST STARTED CP AND HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT IT WAS LIKE -_- sorry for the random comment xD

  3. Trainman! In the video “Party starts now” on 1:30 this penguin that was wearing White or grey colour is now wearing green! Strange :F

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