Club Penguin Memories Page Promotion: Club Penguin Facts (Plus We’re On Mashable!!)

Here’s something that totally caught me off guard today, as I didn’t expect it. It’s pretty cool to me, but probably not as much as you. Some of you might be familiar with the website Mashable – a popular website specialising in social media news.

From time to time they’ll post infographics, and yesterday they posted an infographic that briefly mentions Club Penguin. This is the section about Club Penguin: (click the image to view the post on Mashable containing the full infographic about social media companies)

Why exactly am I pointing this out, now? In the bottom of the infographic picture is the sources where they got the facts from…take a look at them and see if you recognise any of them. Maybe start your way at the bottom and work your way up? ;)

That’s right. MASHABLE GOT INFORMATION FOR IT FROM MY WEBSITE. This is literally so cool for me, and I’m geeking out over it. This is just a huge deal for me, since it’s the 178th most popular website in the United States and 256th most website in the world. (according to Alexa)

Soooo yeah. Now to the other main point of this post – check out the Club Penguin Facts page! There are nearly 50 different facts about Club Penguin most people don’t know. Chances are you’ll learn a lot.

Also yeah, I know just about all Club Penguin Bloggers mainly post cheats and act professional in their posts….not me! I like to have my own fun and post lots of other things as many of you have noticed. :P

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Page Promotion: Club Penguin Facts (Plus We’re On Mashable!!)

    • Nope that’s just a fake name I used for Mashable since I don’t want my real last name on the internet. :)

  1. Great job! :) I wonder why so many bloggers post cheats, do they enjoy posting cheats? I just like being fun as well! :) I was surprised at this weeks poll that Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peeks were the top 2, I don’t like spoilers to be honest.

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

    • I enjoy posting cheats (especially if you’re first, it gives you a big rush) but I enjoy posting other original stuff even more.

  2. Ooh ok! I don’t like posting cheats that much, so that’s why I changed the name of my blog, but rarely I post a few secrets from time to time. :)

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  3. Why are we designed in diapers there? :P It’s cool that Mashable considers Club Penguin as a successful social website.
    Congrats Train, you’ve been blogging about Club Penguin for a while now … like 2008!… and you’ve been the best of it! :)

  4. Internet known fact – you have the best CP blog around. You post exclusives from CP’s files that a lot of other blogs don’t post and you also post images from those items that you can find. Even better, you post random facts (like on this day in Club Penguin history) and stuff that you wouldn’t expect to see on other blogs.

    Now, I’ve got to go check out your Facts page because I think I’ll learn a lot.

  5. Well done.
    You are truly inspirational to everyone who owns a blog, I always come here first to find the latest! As a blog owner myself, I know how hard it is to maintain a blog and you do it in style. Best Club Penguin blog by a mile and a half.

  6. Hey Train! I have a blog (Totally forgot my password! XD), and I will post cheats, but not often. It’s hard because I have been going on moshi monsters all week! XD! Anyway… I just wanted to say hi! (I bet I sound like your mom when she sends you a voicemail to just say “hi”. XD! Or is it just my mom…)

    See ya!
    Amy 19987

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