Club Penguin Facts

There is lots of hidden information that many people don’t know about Club Penguin. Here is some very cool facts about Club Penguin that most people don’t know!

  • Club Penguin has close to 1,000 employees
  • Screenhog was Club Penguin’s first artist
  • Happy77 was Club Penguin’s first writer
  • 10% of Club Penguin Membership profits are donated to charity
  • The old newspaper design took over 100 hours to make
  • Club Penguin launched incomplete
  • Club Penguin started with around 10 employees and quickly expanded
  • Club Penguin was originally scheduled to launch in 2010
  • Club Penguin was redone several times
  • Word about Club Penguin quickly spread. They didn’t advertise at all
  • Screenhog’s last day at Club Penguin was October 29, 2010
  • Rsnail’s favorite part about working at Club Penguin was going out for lunch
  • Club Penguin started with a little under 10 employees, but by the end of 2006 had almost 100
  • The original penguin in Experimental Penguins was created using a program named Ray Dream, a simply 3D program
  • Club Penguin was designed to add and update rooms forever
  • Disney loves Club Penguin – they are adding penguins to their theme parks
  • Rsnail’s first game made in flash was Ballistic Biscuit, created in 1999
  • Gary The Gadget Guy, also known as G, was named after James Bond’s gadget guy “Q”
  • All Club Penguin staff members must login from one of the offices around the world for their penguin to work
  • Rsnail and Screenhog no longer work for Club Penguin
  • Rsnail created all the smilies on Club Penguin
  • The Skull Emote was removed due to thousands of kids writing in asking for it to be removed
  • In 2005 there was a bug on Club Penguin that allowed you to walk on walls
  • When Rsnail was 12 he created a small game with his brother called Orbit Zoids. This was his first game ever
  • Rsnail created Hydro Hopper, Sled Racing, Mancala, Find Four, and Puffle Roundup
  • Rsnail came up with the idea for Club Penguin while watching the news in 2004
  • Even though he no longer works for Club Penguin, Rsnail still keeps in touch with some of the employees
  • The Club Penguin Times has a readership of over 1.7 million penguins
  • Rsnail had other names for Club Penguin, but the domain names were taken
  • 200 different employees respond to Club Penguin’s emails
  • Club Penguin has over 150 million registered users
  • Club Penguin receives 40,000 emails in a week
  • Over 21,000 penguins log into Club Penguin daily
  • Screenhog created the Thin Ice theme song
  • Since Club Penguin released Puffle Launch for mobile devices more than 100,000 coins have been uploaded via the app
  • More than half of children own a toy based on a virtual world like Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin
  • Billybob is a multi-millionaire
  • The Club Penguin Team must send a personal reply to every email received from a parent or child
  • The guy who made the cover art for both Club Penguin Nintendo DS games also directed and storyboarded the Puffle Launch app trailer
  • In 2010, more than 3.4 million kids donated more than 12 billion virtual coins to charity
  • Club Penguin has more employees than Twitter does
  • Club Penguin’s revenue is estimated to be over $50 Million ($50,000,000)
  • Lane Merrifield (Billybob) did not excel in post-secondary school
  • Lane Merrifield was a C-average student
  • Puffle were originally meant to not have mouths when Screenhog designed them, but Billybob and Rsnail convinced him to include them
  • When there is a silly or fun bug, Club Penguin calls it a blooper
  • Club Penguin was once going to have a cooking themed stage play but it never saw the light of day
  • Club Penguin’s domain name accidentally expired in 2011

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Facts

  1. A C- average student takes it to being a multimillionaire. That’s amazing. Me *being the ‘nerd’ expert I am at CP* didn’t know some of these.

  2. YAY!!! You included moshi monsters! (Some day, I bet I will win award for “Moshi Maniac!!!” XD) I really want to be one of those people with the toys… I have club penguin, but not Moshi Monsters!

    See ya!
    Amy 19987

  3. Club penguin is doing really well but it done even better before like am hopping that we can add more shops do new partys and make the under ground pool more better with music we hopping to add islands on to club penguin and add two schools one for bottom and one for the top of club penguin so children that live in club penguin can just walk to school am hopping there will be a school for my child butterfly I like the way they put music into the new gift shop my sister like it we like the new pizza parer as well club penguin is getting better better I hope you like the comment from buttercup 795

  4. I’m such a nerd when it comes to club penguin lol but I only knew half of these facts
    I joined 2005 and I also have the beta hat :D
    Cool facts guys ;)
    Waddle on,

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