Club Penguin Has Not Updated Yet (But the new Igloo Features are supposedly coming!)

For those of you checking Club Penguin Memories for a rundown of the new updates – they aren’t here yet!

However, in addition to the newspaper and field ops coming out, Polo Field says the new igloo features might be out tonight.

However, just 6 days ago on the Club Penguin Blog Billybob had said they would be out “in the next few weeks”, not next week.

“In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a brand new igloo experience that will make it easier than ever to decorate your home!”

What do you think? Will the new igloo features be released sometime this week or at a later date?

35 thoughts on “Club Penguin Has Not Updated Yet (But the new Igloo Features are supposedly coming!)

  1. Guys I Wouldnt Get too Excited, Because I Was Also SOOO Excited For Server Jumping AND ITS STILL NOT OUT! So idk! Dont get me wrong I really HOPE its Coming Tonight Or Tomorrow But idk.

  2. Guys, i just know for sure that cp is going to release something new tonight because why would they not update clubpenguin with a new issue of the cp times and a new field op ( a easy update :P ) on thursday or was the field ops not ready to release ? xd lol polo field is right about his tweet, there is something new coming tonight, maybe the new igloo feature or maybe sometinge else like a new free party item ( remember the new mask+bandana item u guys found :D ) .

    Sometinge new is going to be released to clubpenguin tonight, i just know that for sure.

    Waddle on everyone

    • You have a point. Why would they not update Club Penguin with one of the easiest updates ever? (I only remember something this easy once before) Plus, it looks like they got a good amount of it done. Remember the vid? It seemed like it was bug free and working. So I hope it comes! :D

  3. Happy Birthday Trainman ! I hope u will post new clubpenguin related exclusives for many ( manny or how do u spell that word :P ) or lots of posts cuz this blog is the BEST Blog on the internet :D

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