Meteor To Be Reason For Superhero Party?

At the Lighthouse there is a giant telescope that lets you look into the sky. Is that a meteor coming towards Club Penguin? Could this be related to the saving the city next month at the Super Hero Party? Because if so, that’d totally make sense – a space object threatening the safety of Club Penguin and then the heroes have to save the day by destroying ┬áit!

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Meteor To Be Reason For Superhero Party?

  1. Hey train, what happena in the movie of the avengers ? Maybe cp is is bringing a part of the movie to cp ?

    • Thor’s brother, Loki wants to be ruler of all the 9 worlds so Loki sets monsters on Earth then Black Widow, Hulk, Iron man, Captain America and Thor have to defeat the monsters and save the earth! :D. It’s really really funny!

    • Maybe cp is going to do the same thing, maybe there are some monsters on that meteor, annyway it would be allot of fun if they would bring some of the movie to the island =D

  2. I have seen all Avenger costumes for the super hero party, and one thing to say… NO GIRLS ITEMS?!? There is like… only one. ;) (PS I am the same Amy 19987, just this is my new computer)

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