Club Penguin Short By Icequix: eReader

Here is a short little Club Penguin video my friend Icequix made. In it Club Penguin updates, and bloggers such as me, Saraapril, and Monchocho are busy posting the updates on our laptops. Icequix, however, is much faster and posting with his eReader! (see the bottom of that post for an image of it, or look at the end of the video)

How did you like it?

21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Short By Icequix: eReader

  1. Hahaha Thanks for posting it is nice to see you get lots of comments, thanks everyone and am happy you liked it, i will do more in the future and it would be awesome if Train could post them here too :) So…waddle on and have fun! :D

  2. Comment:
    No! That is really sad that club penguin team has favorites penguins!
    They should not make movies like that because other bloggers may be sad!
    very disspointed!

  3. Train,cp made a room called ”My Penguin” in the cp files. Maybe the eReader is like a phone with apps,and maybe ”my penguin” is a app on that!

  4. you know what ?
    club penguin is not fun anymore! and club penguin make favorites penguins?? so I may be quit from club penguin!

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